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May 06, 2006, 09:05 AM
Registered User
Wingspar is glued. Next is the nose. No matter what if I am building light or not, I always put tape over the spar. You can see that in the pic.
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May 06, 2006, 09:45 AM
Registered User
Nose's glued and ailerons taped. Next is fuselage, but I have to take my boy out. It's beautiful outside today. I think I may get a couple of flights, too.
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May 06, 2006, 02:24 PM
PB #2212
looks good

May 06, 2006, 04:39 PM
Registered User
Thanx, bro.

The frame is almost all done. I've glued the vstab/x-section joint before the fuselage joints to keep it straight. Also, make sure you draw a center line for everything. I didn't and it just slowed me down, since I had to work with rulers and squares to get it done straight. Next is the LG.
May 06, 2006, 05:30 PM
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LG is done. Now it's ready for the eletronics.
May 07, 2006, 04:58 AM
PB #2212
loooks great bro

is the LG heavy i donno if it is me but i thought it loooked a bit bulky ?

May 07, 2006, 09:58 AM
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Nah, it's just 2 CF rods with 4 pieces of foam. That square piece that looks like ply, it's just foam.
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May 07, 2006, 02:03 PM
PB #2212
oki doki are the wheels real or just foam aswell ?

May 07, 2006, 04:14 PM
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May 08, 2006, 01:37 AM
Mister UHU's Avatar
Originally Posted by Malves
The goal is to keep it very light,
so I decided to make a plan where most of the parts are already integrated.

We have been used to building planes out of many parts
because that's how the manufacturers have to pack and ship it
- as small as possible.

But since this is just a plan, then why not just cut one big piece?
A nice piece of lateral thinking.

Less glue = lighter plane.

Also fewer pieces means less "building".
And I think some sort of "user assembly"
is preferred by manufacturers and customers.

I don't know how "grainy" your Depron is.

If it is too flexible in one direction,
you could re-design or stiffen it,
with the usual carbon, wire bracing etc.
May 08, 2006, 12:54 PM
Pro Bro #495
fwilly's Avatar
Putting the grain in the right direction is more about durability than flexibility. If you cut a shockflyer with the grain of the horizintal fuse perpendicular to the fuse, then it will break off behind the wing in a mild crash. If you fix the mistake by adding carbon, then you have added more weight than a glue joint to glue two smaller pieces of depron together.
May 08, 2006, 10:26 PM
Registered User
I've put 9 flights on it already. I've been playing with the CG and I think I found my spot. I'll be doing some modifications to the plans soon. The wings need a spar on the TE, so that part will need to be cut. I will also modify the wing a lil bit to add more wing area and bigger ailerons.
I've used very little glue to put it apart, and assembly was quick. I have had a couple of dumb thumbs while doing torque rolls, but only the wing tip cracked. I was surprised to see that it is stronger than my Schocky Edge.
After I modify the plans, I will post them to anyone that wants to give it a go on the second prototype.
Even thou I'm having a few issues with stifness when doing maneuvers like rolling harriers, I still like the way it flies. I've been having a blast with it for the past 2 days.
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May 09, 2006, 06:25 AM
Registered User
malves...congrats on the successful build! ....looking forward to V2
May 09, 2006, 09:17 AM
Registered User
Thanx, bro.

I have just added the foam stiffeners along the fuselage from nose to tail. It holds the tail a lot better than bracing and it makes the whole plane a lot stiffer. I took it outside for a quick test flight and the maneuvers are a lot more solid. Specialy snap rolls and rolling harriers where I could see the plane hesitating sometimes and I had to correct it with control inputs. Now the plane rolls on its own, without the need of any correction. Next step is to add CF to the TE.
I may work on the plans tonite.
May 10, 2006, 10:47 PM
Registered User
I am almost done with the plans and I'll upload them tomorrow night. This should be the final plans for it.

Now, I wanna share with you guys a 30sec vid of mine that the wife just took a few minutes ago. I live in an apartment so the space is kinda limited. The vid is just my lil Yak hovering in the living room. About 9 months ago when I opened the box of my first plane ever, that was a Flatout CAP, I put it together and tried to hover it in the same room. Yes, stupid and I paid the price for it with a cut on my stomach. Now, here I am hovering my own design in the same living room.

I started flying 9 months ago, but I had to take a compulsory brake of 3 months after I've lost my job during the winter. So, I basicaly have 6 months of stick time. I am really happy how much I've learned and improved. But even happier for having you guys here so I could learn and improve. Guys like Jurgen, Jeff P., Devin, papasmurf, Dr.Kiwi, John Glezellis, fwilli, Tim H., Tim from e-foamies, blucorbasher, mexico, to name a few. There are so many.

The vid is kinda crappy because it was taken with a crappy digicam, but you get the idea of how rcgroups transformed a stupid pilot in a good pilot - after all I can do more than just hover inside my living room afraid to cut the new curtain the wife just bought, with her shooting the vid.

Thanx for all the help, guys.

Last edited by Malves; May 11, 2006 at 11:15 PM.

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