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Jul 12, 2002, 10:38 AM
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My hangar now has 2 planes.

I bought a Firebird XL for my first plane, and have been enjoying it. I decided I wanted to get a 3 channel plane for some more learning experience, but I wasn't ready to buy a radio just yet. The LHS near my house had a used Megatech Merlin for sale with the radio and one battery pack. I figured for $50 it was worth it to me as another intro plane, so I bought it last night. I haven't flown it yet, but I was doing some taxing and amazed and the thrust it has. I was able to get it to take off and land right away (it was dark and no room to fly).

I have been reading different posts about this plane, and while ignoring the bad ones I am curious about ideas on modifying it. The wings seem a bit "bouncy" and was curious if I could help that by adding stringers of some sort. Any ideas?
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Jul 12, 2002, 10:47 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
Hope you have better luck with yours than I had with mine, it flew lousy. You can try strapping tape to try to beef up the wing, but it's so big, floppy and flimsy that nothing short of building a new wing is going to allow you to fly it in anything other than dead calm conditions. If yours is equipped with the Megatech gear as mine is, then it's a lot heavier than it should be. Some people have swapped to feather gear and gotten much better flights out of them.
Jul 13, 2002, 12:05 PM
Captain Carnage says......
AirWarriorBelgy's Avatar

megatech merlin

the plane kit / package is a good buy for first time flyers
its large, easy to rog, and looks good in the air as an historic looking plane

but as Tres says if it isn't dead calm don't even bother with it

in fact this was the first electric plane i had flown (buddy trying to get me back into the hobby after 24 year sebatical)

it worked!!!!
it will ....if executed properly.... stall loop... i did it to his 4 times in a row after he said it wouldn't do any acm at all (much to his surprise, chagrin, and embarrasment)

but the wings didn't like it too much and it dropped alot of alt before regaining lift

good 3 channel trainer though

he has since modified the wings with CF rods with no noticeble degradation to its flight characteristics.
Jul 18, 2002, 04:55 PM
Clu's Avatar
Hi Jeff,

I just taped a bamboo skewer across the top of the LE.

No wing flex.