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Jul 11, 2002, 09:43 AM
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Adventrua III Twin SeaPlane --- Long

Well, I have it 99% ready to go.

I have not the faintest idea how it will fly. It's 37oz ready to fly with an 8 cell Sanyo 1700 SCR battery pack. Twin Speed 400s, GWS 6 channel with Naro servos.

Building this was way more complex then one would think. The plans leave MUCH to be desired, there are NO written instructions and the fit of many parts was poor. The fuse is really a nice fiberglass work or art and could not be nicer. The wing assembly is complex and not well engineered. It's in three parts, and the motors being in the two outward parts require that the wiring be done and the wires run thru the wing and into the center section and out thru the bottom hole before you can join the three parts. Now with the wires sticking out the bottom of the wing center section you can't lay the wing on a flat surface to glue the three parts together and block up the wing angle. Not a very good solution as far as I'm concerned. This twin version of the Adventura II is just a modification of the original plane. Same wing but the added twin 400s and ailerons. The wing sponsons are not well engineered either as this version has ailerons and the sponsons are supposed to be rubber banded on in a real dumb fashion. That means you have to cut some sort of hole in the hinge line for the rubber band to go down thru to hook to something.... Not a good method for sure.

The pre cut hinge slot in the bottom part of the rudder is in the wrong place. The ailerons are an engineering after thought. The way they are created is: Before covering, the factory just cut a V groove in the bottom of the trailing edge. Not all the way through, then the wing was covered. You have to cut the covering, cut the rest of the way through the balsa and then sand to get the proper bevel and then you have to cover the exposed wood with the supplied little Oracoat scrap they supply.

I really think this could have been better engineered. After joining the wing three sections you can notice that they don't line up very well. But you can't change it because a wing dowel is used to strengthen the joint. The wing does not have struts so I hope it's strong enough to stand the forces of flight.

The method of securing the canopy is also an issue. In order to change the battery the canopy must be removed and then replaced. I guess scotch tape is the way I will have to go but it's going to take a good bit of time to remove the canopy, change the battery and then retape the canopy in place.

One good thing about this ARF is the room in the fuse. Lot's of it and that makes radio installation easy.

Am I unhappy with this offering from Hobby Lobby? Lets put it this way, I've built lots of RC models from plans, from scratch and many kits so I have a advantage, but someone with just a little building experience is going to have a tough time with this kit.

If this thing performs and flies nice - then I will be happy. If not, then I really have wasted a LOT of $ on it as the cost of the kit, the batteries etc., were not cheap.

I will report my test flight and let everyone know how it went.

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Jul 11, 2002, 12:58 PM
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Taxi test...

Just got back from the local pond.

Results of taxi test pretty bad. With the battery installed to balance the plane at the suggested 65mm back from leading edge the plane nose dives into the water upon power application. Moving the battery back as fas as possible, up against the step in side, it seems to do better but now the plane is pretty tail heavy. Not a good combination.

I don't know what to do now. I am using the suggested battery, the Sanyo 1700s. The plane sits such that the water rudder is also not in the water much so steering is not possible with rudder for taxi.

I guess the real cure for this is a smaller battery, lighter maybe and able to move it forward to get CG but not sink the hull so far into the water.

I'm at a loss.
Jul 13, 2002, 09:39 AM
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Test Flight

Test flight without sponsons and not from water. Hand launched and it flew like a dream. Needed NO trim adjustment, it has PLENTY of power, I flew mostly at 1/2 or less throttle. I slowed it down up at altitude and stalled it and it spun, recovery was pretty quick but it got in three or so turns.

Water testing according to HL requires full throttle and full up elevator to get onto the step. I have yet to try that. My previous test on the water used full up elevator but not full throttle as the pond was small and I was not wanting to get going too fast.

I must be the only one looking at this thread....
Jul 13, 2002, 12:21 PM
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Hey Uniquewon:

No you are not alone. I'm lurking out here since I've been wanting an ROW plane, but this doesn't sound like something I'm ready to tackle. Keep us posted if you will. Any pics of your adventure?

Jul 13, 2002, 02:30 PM
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Water testing sometime?

I don't mean to bash HL here at all. The plane really flies pretty well, my only concern now is the water handling. If this plane really keeps diving under water all the time then my reason for getting it is wasted $ and all. I may be surprised but I am not thinking all will go well. We shall see....
Jul 13, 2002, 04:37 PM
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I've got the Aventura II, and I did notice taxi troubles with sub C batteries. You really have to open the throttle up for her to get on plane, don't taxi slow.

It flys great when there's no wind, but bounces around quite badly in even a gentle breeze.
Aug 15, 2002, 09:07 PM
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Flight results off water!!!!

Well, I'm back for a day or so before returning to vacation. The Adventura III has flown from water with great success. Really have to poor the coal to it, it gets up on the step pretty fast, full up elevator and off you go. Very very realistic water performance. Flies most often at half throttle, shoots touch and goes real nice. It does not like wind, really wallows around a lot but on a calm evening it's just the ticket for some relaxed flying off water.

I think the wing is weak, I don't trust it under high stress things like loops and others. I will try to get some nice water pictures to post and maybe a movie to post also.

All and all it's a success. It has it's problems but it looks cool landing and taking off. Lots of people wanted to know what the heck it was flying around out there not making much noise at all.

I have three battery packs they for the plane and I seem to be getting about 8 or so mins with a pack, maybe a little longer. The taxi on water without being on the step sucks, the water rudder is NOT in the water. I think at rest the plane sits too nose down in the water. The fuse is beautiful workmanship, lots of water everywhere but I get non inside. I use some scotch tape to hold the canopy on and it seems to do the trick.

I am pretty happy with the results of the flying.

Aug 16, 2002, 01:49 AM
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FYI: I have the Aventura and found it to handle on the water well one on step. Thing is, like an Airboat, a sudden aplication of power without forward momentum will dig the nose in. The solution , is a slow application of power until the boat is on step.

Good luck