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Apr 27, 2006, 11:24 PM
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Which Motor - Brushed Brushless InRunner Outrunner

Developing a small intrest in RC Airplanes.........Life gets more confusing

On one hand - RC has never been easier with the intro of ARF's and ParkFlyiers......But

On the other hand........The techonolgy and choices are overwhelming

Prices of GWS Outrunners rival the cost of regular brushled motors.........

Eskkay 400XT from Hobby Lobby, under $20

Brushless Controllers, servos, Lipo Batteries.....lower and lower cost.....

Brushed or Brushless........Does it really make a huge difference?
Old Endoplasma motors had tons of thrust.......But heavy

Trying to pick the right motor (Inrunner) for a geared system
Which KV.......? I just want to fly

Instead of a geared system......use an outrunner with a lower KV?
How much lower.........I dont know - Just want to fly

My ESC is rated for 25 AMP....the motor only draws 20 AMPs.............
How many servos can I ( safily )use on my Full House Glider.....4? 5? 6?
How do I know - I just want to fly

ESC BEC Programing Nicads Lipos CG location
Coverings Monocote, Ultracote, Sheeting, Glassing, its endless........

Fortunaily.......Individuals such as yourself, take the time to post many great ideas helping the newbe and uneducated like myself...
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Apr 28, 2006, 03:03 AM
Registered Lipo Abuser
You first have to decide what plane you plan to use. Brushless is the way to go because it is more effecient, lighter, and puts out more power.
Apr 28, 2006, 07:25 AM
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I don't mean to be rude, but you'll get a lot more information if you look for it rather than asking. These questions have been answered a bunch of times, many of them you just need to look at the product info. Some of it's just opinion and preference. If it's overwhelming, start with the simple stuff.

Good Luck!
May 03, 2006, 12:28 AM
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Beaverdam - you are not being rude.....you post has great advise.

I still maintain - all of the choices we have are a little overwhelming

Hundreds of Brushless motors.......Outrunners - Geared Inrunners

Kits - Arf's - Coverings - Sheetings - Glassing - aerodynamics.....
Gliders / Hotliners / Pattern / Scale / Trainers / Parkflyiers

With a great form like RC Groups and posters like yourself
Newbies have a chance at success
May 05, 2006, 11:53 AM
Senior Gravity Checker
Life is full of unlimited possibilities...until you decide which direction to head.

First decide what plane you want to fly. A slowstick or a hotliner.

Next decide your budget...be honest.

Deciding your battery type will help...interested in nicads/ nimh or lipoly.

Then do a search as to what others have used successfully in that plane.

Usually a good designer will tell you what works with his model. May I suggest you start stock as a newbie and branch out to the exotic as your skills grow.

Once you have your parts list down it's ok to ask on rcgroups for help. But as you have seen until you do part of the job it's impossible for the best of intentioned member to help you.

As a final note may I suggest you to buy quality the first tiime so you do not have to repurchase items. A computer radio is a good first step. As is a quality charger.

Ps- you will never go wrong with products from:
Models : mountainmodels
ESC's/Receivers: castlecreations
Batteries: Thunderpower
Radios...you choose all are good
motors...you choose but go brushless

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