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Jul 10, 2002, 07:34 AM
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Kyosho Stratus 1600 - any advice

Just bought one of these planes. Still in the post. I notice there are no other threads regarding this aircraft. Has anyone had any experience with it. Any Pros and Cons?
I chose it because of its compact dimensions, light weight and I already have 2 mini servos for it. Also I have another power kyosho ARF and I am impressed with the build quality of their kits. They need to learn a bit more english tho!

I intend taking it on holiday with me - South Africa has many open areas with good thermal potential. Spur of the moment stuff. A big 2 meter plus airy would just be too big to put in the car along with the MTBs, windsurfers, hiking gear and ofcourse the wife!
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Jul 10, 2002, 11:45 PM
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Good plane!

Hi Pete

My buddy got one with the V tail/aileron/yellow color. A warmliner performances. Can fly fast, he did about 50-60 degree dive and pull a lo-pass. Its good consider that it can get away with a sp400. Because of the loading/weight, stock sp400 terrible for climbing. But if you can get a reduction 4.4:1 with 10 cell, it will pull 11x7 prop easily with less than 7amp. You can fly long on this power setup. But this plane is not very good for thermaling(in my area because it needed a much higher altitude for thermaling, by then it is too small to follow), so far. But if you can get a slope, that will be different.
Jul 11, 2002, 07:26 AM
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Thanks Magna,
The plane I bought is a rudder, elevator, ESC machine (no V tail). Here is a pic of the thing. Perhaps we are talking about 2 different aircraft?

Jul 11, 2002, 10:07 AM
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I dont think this will help much.....but maybe it will give you ideas

I have the older brother (Soarus Sport). It has the molded foam wing. I just finished a long weekend flying my 4 planes, and this plane simply was the most fun. The stock power-plant (8.4v 550) just did not cut it. I upgraded to a geared 020 and it is a different plane. Great climbs and level flight speed. Loops from level and decent roles (almost slow motion, but it goes) are not a problem. Speed passes are true and fast. It glides well to....I get several 30+ minute flights. From 300 feet or so I can dive 90-degrees and gentally pull out strait up and role about 4 times without power before it stalls.
My kit called for mini-servos (not included), but I went ahead and installed a full-size servo in the wing (ugly, but it works). I used small servos (smaller than mini) for the elevator/rudder. I think I'm going to pull the rudder flying style with this plane (warmliner vs sailplane) really does not make use of it.
Jul 11, 2002, 06:59 PM
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Its a same plane with diff config...

Hi Pete

Kyosho make 3 version of this plane.

Std tail like yours with polyhedral, no aileron
V tail with poly, no aileron
V tail, straight wing with minimal dihedral, aileron->This is the one

Since yours is the first one, it will be lighter as well with out the aileron setup and the poly will help in slow flight thermaling.
Jul 15, 2002, 02:26 AM
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The 1600 has a much smaller wingspan of 1600 mm as opposed to the 2m of the other 2. Also the wing construction is original rib and spar setup - probably a lot lighter than the plastic covered foam of the other 2. Incidentally the weight of the 1600 is less than half that of the other 2 planes (About 650 grams). It comes standard with a direct drive 380 motor, so it should have enough power right? It is actually more pricier than the other 2 - I assume because of the built up wing and perhaps better overall quality (SQS Series)
Aug 01, 2002, 01:34 AM
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Just a quick question; can the wing be transported as 2-piece, or must it be permanently bonded together? (similar question for the 2M Kyosho Stratus/Soarus)
Aug 01, 2002, 02:24 AM
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Still waiting for the thing to arrive in the south of deepest darkest Africa, where governments are corrupt and time is an illusion. I assume you could modify the wing to make it a 2 piece. I'll let you know when I get the box. It's span is only 1600mm, so fairly compact as opposed to the stratus and saurus.
Aug 02, 2002, 11:13 PM
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I found a Stratus 1600 in a LHS and was impressed with its quality, so I bought it. It is a nice sailplane that flys very. Having an unused Astro Brushless 020, I opted to install it right away. Climb is very good with the direct drive setup, but I found my batteries getting very warm. Wanting to unload the motor a bit and still get better climb, I installed a gearbox with an 11x7 folder. NOW it climbs very nicely and the battery load is lower too.

What really helped the hot battery problem was to cut a large triangular hole out of the top of the fuselage immediately behind the wing. Prior to that, the only air exit was the small hole in the tail of the fuselage.

The kit has you cut two small oval holes in the sides of the fuselage in order to provide some airflow over the motor. I suspected that these holes were insufficient, but after opening up a good size exit hole, these inlet holes are adequate. Now the batteries come out warm, but never hot. The pack uses hot melt glue to hold the cells together (shrink wrapped too). It was a sickening fealing to remove a battery pack and have it droop in my hand as I hurried to set it down because of the intense heat. I have never gotten batteries that hot before. Do ad some air exit holes!

I never tried the stock motor, but think it will be pretty marginal in getting this plan to altitude. It should work okay, if you are patient... and the overall weight will be less and thermal performance should benefit too.

When I went with the gearbox, and larger prop I added 1.5 oz and I was concerned about that. I found very little change in the flying characteristics however. This sailplane is pretty smooth and it likes to fly faster than I'm used to with a thermal ship. I does hang in well, even at fairly high speed. I've gotten several nice thermal lifts and nearly always get 20 minutes flight time on a single 600AE 7 or 8 cell battery pack. Often the flight times are well over 30 minutes, an sometimes much longer. I'm sure I could do better, but I am a novice at thermal duration flying.

Good luck with the Stratus. It is a very nice airplane. Oh, it comes with a one piece center wing section and two separate wing tips. The instructions detail how to build it with removable wing tips, but I made it one piece. I regret doing this as this would be a very nice plane to travel with, but the 63 inch span is a bit much for the average car.

Aug 05, 2002, 10:21 AM
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Thanks Colin - I think I might go for the three piece wing, check out the standard motor for now and if it's a problem, I'll modify it based on your experience. Our rand is worth 'nothing' here in South Africa, so any upgrade has to be an informed one
The 1600 isn't sold in our shops here, so I had to get it at Tower and I will have to pay 17 percent VAT to the darn governmund when the thing arrives!
The other kyosho I have, is the skylane 182 ARF - brilliant finish to the fibreglass parts. It is still being built and will have a 52 4 stroke to haul it along. Far prefer electric planes tho - no hassle, oil, engine failure, bla bla!
Oct 01, 2014, 06:48 AM
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Last post from 2002

Found an "unbuilt in box" one and bought it quite cheap.

Already have a hotliner with much more than a 1:1 weight thrust ratio but find myself enjoying thermaling it more than using it for speedflying. Since I live close to the sea, thermal activitiy at our field is quite modest. Usually I can feel the uplift but just can't turn sharply enough to stay within the bubble without loosing altitude. Some days are ok but a lighter wingloading would make sense. This is where the stratus came in.

So. As light as possible, I dont need vertical take offs.

45gram turnigy outrunner
12gram 12A hobbywing flyfun esc
70gram 3cell 850mah battery
7.7gram Futaba A3114 servos X2

Ditched the included batterytray, and carved a new tray for the servos only. Right in front of the cg. This stiffens up the fuselage at the area you hold it when throwing. Rest of the things just attached with velcro, and tried to go easy on the glue amount used.

Unfortunately when done I realized I had to ad 30grams to the nose

Ended up with a flying weight of 560 grams.
In my world that's still ok for a 28sq dm wing.

cg at recommended 58mm from leading edge.

First flighttest was yesterday. Up and away, no trim needed.
When shutting of the motor the interesting part begins. It's by no means fast but still it flies faster than I expected it do do. First turn and I try not to loose to much altitude, it wants to dive out of the turn a little bit to much for my taste, I try compensating with elevator but then loose lots of speed and that makes it want to dive even more.

Once landed the conclusion after first flight is, it flies like a turd. I could glide better with my hotliner that has twice the wingloading and not even half the wing thickness.

Tried removing 5grams of the 30gram ballast I added for the next flight.
Much much better! Turning feels more floaty rather than a struggle. After a minute in the air it starts raining badly and I have to land.

If 5 grams less of noseweight could make such a difference I think there is hope to trim it out to be a great little thermal ship. Just need a sunny day.

Does anyone out there still fly this thing?
Jun 29, 2015, 04:00 PM
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I just got my stratus 1600. Found one for sale in Portugal and had to buy it. I am 31 ears old and remember this model in the 1997 Kyosho catalog.

Cant wait to get mine finished.

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