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Apr 25, 2006, 10:17 AM
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**NEW** Great Planes ElectriFly Rimfire Out-Runner Brushless Motors

The brushless advantage for out-runner design motors!

Just as Ammo™ motors have revolutionized brushless in-runner technology, Rimfire motors have done the same for out-runners! The combination of superior performance and a competitive price makes these power plants a great value. Plus, the wide selection means there’s a Rimfire motor that’s ideal for whatever the application, including brushed-to-brushless upgrades as well as glow-to-electric conversions. Equip your airplane with a Rimfire, and watch it reach new heights!

• Engineered for explosive acceleration and maximum torque.
• The lightened aluminum motor can houses high-torque, “rare-earth” Neodymium magnets.Better cooling means 50% more power than many others out-runners of similar size.
• Dependable and virtually maintenance-free; no comms or brushes to worry about, and bearings are double-shielded.
• Ready to install, with prop adapter, motor mount, hardware — and gold-plated connectors compatible with all ElectriFly brushless ESCs.
• Great Planes 2-Year Quality Guarantee

GPMG4505 28-22-1380kV
GPMG4525 28-26-1000kV
GPMG4530 28-26-1300kV
GPMG4535 28-26-1600kV
GPMG4555 28-30-750kV
GPMG4560 28-30-950kV
GPMG4565 28-30-1250kV
GPMG4570 28-30-1450kV
GPMG4590 35-30-950kV
GPMG4595 35-30-1250kV
GPMG4600 35-30-1450kV
GPMG4615 35-36-1000kV
GPMG4620 35-36-1200kV
GPMG4625 35-36-1500kV
GPMG4635 35-48-700kV
GPMG4640 35-48-850kV
GPMG4645 35-48-1000kV
GPMG4650 35-48-1300kV
GPMG4655 35-48-1600kV
GPMG4670 42-40-800kV
GPMG4675 42-40-1000kV
GPMG4695 42-50-600kV
GPMG4700 42-50-800kV
GPMG4705 42-50-1000kV
GPMG4720 42-60-600kV
GPMG4725 42-60-800kV
GPMG4740 50-55-500kV
GPMG4745 50-55-650kV
GPMG4765 50-65-300kV
GPMG4770 50-65-450kV
GPMG4795 63-62-250kV

For more information visit

DUE IN-STOCK early Jun
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May 16, 2006, 05:27 AM
Registered User
Are there any more specs available? I'm building an Electricub, and it would be nice to know if I should wait for these new motors to come out or go ahead and pull the trigger to buy an AXI 2814/12.

- Tom Shugart
Pozzuoli, Italy
Jul 30, 2006, 10:01 PM
Balsa to the Wall
Chuck's Avatar
OK, Jim, are these available? I want to try a GPMG4565 of a Lil Banchee I just built.

Nov 30, 2006, 06:59 AM
Fly, Read E-Zone, Sleep

The Big1

I have a 63-62-250 installed on a 27% cap 232
Got this plane @ Joe Nall event

On 9 cell 3200 lipo it fly's "ok"
with a 18x10 prop 46 amps static
no real power to spare
I am sure it would do better proped to 55 amps
IMHO this motor will ROCKET a 10lb plane AUW
Installing on my Goldberg Wild stick 120
next week
pics and video will follow
If you need or want my findings on this motor
PM me
Nov 30, 2006, 07:11 AM
Fly, Read E-Zone, Sleep

a picture

GP 27%CAP232
PHX 110
9 cell 3200 Lipo
Fut pcm 8ch
All dig Fut servos
in a word "Rails"
Dec 19, 2006, 01:16 AM
"RC ADDICT" in Toronto!
wollins's Avatar

Looking for a big motor for my 74" Yak 54. (12 lbs AUW) My goal is to run 10S packs at about 70amps to get 2600+ watts or 200+ watts per pound ... so I'm back and forth between the big Hyperions and the rimfire 63-62-250. I've noticed that the specs on the rimfire 63-62-250 almost seem too good to be true for its price and spec out at more than 2600+ watts!

What's been your experience? Have you pushed this motor any more than the 1500+ watts that you described earlier? If so how'd it do?

Dec 19, 2006, 02:38 AM
Fly, Read E-Zone, Sleep
The most I have run is 55amps @ 44v (12s)
the motor did NOT like the extra volts
but it did run and it did NOT over heat @2450w
2600w is not a stretch for this motor
but to get 70amp draw you will need a 20-22"prop
make sure you have room to swing a prop that size
Yes it will work, but you will be at the TOP of its limits.
Dec 19, 2006, 07:14 AM
"RC ADDICT" in Toronto!
wollins's Avatar
Originally Posted by Bubba
The most I have run is 55amps @ 44v (12s)
the motor did NOT like the extra volts
When you say it "did NOT like the extra volts", what do you mean? How did it behave for you to come to that conclusion? I'm actually impressed that it even worked at 12S since it's specs below show a 10S limit!

GPMG4795 63-62-250kV 22.4 oz. (635 g) 18x6W - 20x8E - 29.6-37 volts

Would be interesting to see how it would hold up at higher amp draws though since that's more of the heat producer/motor killer! ) It's really surprising to me that there is not more real world feedback of this motor by now snce I think they were available since November. One would think that a lot more people would be using them because of their supposed value. I mean, on paper, that's a LOT of motor for $139, ESPECIALLY since it includes the prop adapter, motor mount, hardware, and connectors!

Hey ... what about the actual physical charateristics of the motor? How does it compare in terms of structural integrity to some of the other "names" out there? I'd read a comment somewhere that it looked "flimsy" (I think that was the word ) or not as "rugged" as one would expect a motor of this size to be. What do you think?

In any event, thanks for your feedback so far. If you (or anyone else reading this. ) ever run it with higher amps in an application (say 10S X 70 plus amps! ) I'd really appreciate the feedback then as well since that will be my application.

Dec 19, 2006, 08:12 AM
Fly, Read E-Zone, Sleep
1: Extra volts
When I ran @ 12s It was tripping the PH110HV's over current cutoff
Even though it was only 55 amps, also in a hover it failed to spool up
Seemed to loose its timing and made a horrible screeching sound
Lucky I was @ 100ft
@ 9s it had none of these problems.

2: Structure is fine, well built and I have no fear of it breaking.
I haven’t compared it to the "others" but I would bet its lighter.

3: 70 amps is a MAX. Constant current on this motor is 45amps
I run mine @ 55 maybe 60amps in a tail drop hover punch-out
and then only for 5-10 sec.

Keep in mind after landing the motor has NEVER been more than room temp

last thing is use only the best power connectors Astros 0-Loss or equivalent
hope this helps
Sep 05, 2007, 05:41 PM
Suspended Account
I can't speak for the larger Rimfire motors but any that have the built in propsaver are going to spit the motor shaft out if you run them in the reverse (not using the propsaver) configuration. If this happens to you it's a crapshoot as to weather or not GP will honor the warranty. I

had this happen to me and they traeted me like low scum because I asked for a new motor. The one that failed only had five flights and no crashes on it. Think hard, there are better motors that don't need pictures of flames and words like "EXPLOSIVE" and "EXTREME" on the package to get you to buy it.

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