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Jul 08, 2002, 07:33 PM
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RC Groups forum rules

The R/C Groups discussion forums are a free resource for communication of R/C hobby information. We place as few rules as possible on our users, but years of experience has taught us that some rules are necessary for a successful community. Please read and obey the following rules while using our site.


1. This is a family friendly site. Users shall refrain from cursing, posting lewd or offensive pictures, text, or other media, or in any other way conducting themselves in a manner that would be uncomfortable for children or the parents of children who browse here.

2. We strive to be a place for courteous discussion. Users shall treat each other with respect at all times. There shall be no name-calling. Users shall not provoke one another. Please pause for a moment before sending your post and consider how you would view it if you were reading it as addressed towards you personally.

3. Each forum is governed by a moderator. The moderator is able to move and delete posts and threads. Inform the moderator of any problems you may have. If you consider that you have not been treated appropriately by the moderator you may inform an administrator.

4. Advertisements within avatars or user titles are not allowed, except in the case of site sponsors.

5. Signing posts with advertisements or links is not allowed, except in the case of site sponsors.

6. You are welcome to post advertisements in our forums, regardless of whether you are a site sponsor or not. However, advertisements may not be cross-posted to multiple forums or repeated more than once per week. Serious hobby businesses are better served with a cost-effective banner advertisement.

7. Vendors will refrain from commenting in threads relating exclusively to other vendors' products or services.
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