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Jul 06, 2002, 07:31 PM
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looking for some help with PDA's

I am thinking of buying one of these little critters to help me keep track of telephone numbers/addresses, appointments, memos etc. I have been looking on the web at Palm Pilots, and am unsure of how to compare brands etc. Anyone have any experience with they want to share? Price IS a big consideration. Thanks for all replies, Jim
Jul 06, 2002, 11:24 PM
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frankly, nothing beats a Day Runner. i used a "lower level" palm pilot...kinda neat, and to me it was more of a novelty. i already have everyday to-do lists...in 3 different places in case i lose one.

anyways, unless u need to be doing serious e-mail, office work, or whatever, i would stick to pen and paper.

p.s. and you don't have to worry about EMP attacks!
Jul 06, 2002, 11:38 PM
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If you are a PC user, seriously consider a Pocket PC PDA instead of a palm. Everything is Drag and drop, and you will find the OS to make a bit more sense then Palm. The Pocket PC 2002 OS isn't as useful as Palm OS(IMHO), but you won't need to re-learn anything either. You can pick up New, older model (3600, 3700 series) Compaq Ipaqs for pretty cheap on Ebay. Ipaqs have the most onboard memory(32 megs rom, 64 Ram)
If you Gotta have Palm OS and are a Mac user, stay away from the Sony Clies. Sony doesn't support hot sync with macintosh (at least they didn't) so you have to get third party software for Sonys. Sony's are the nicest built Palms, but you pay for it.
If you want A different OS than Palm OR Pocket PC 2002, I think your only choice is Unix based. Toshiba (I think) makes one (Very nice, Has a Qwerty keyboard hidden inside!)

If you want the least expensive, go with a monochrome display Palm IV or such. The older palms are also the smallest.

There are huge volumes of Freeware, shareware, and software available for either OS, which you can find online. I track my runs, use it as a photo album, play MP3s, games, whatever.
Jul 09, 2002, 10:30 PM
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Go for a refurbished handspring. I use the visor platinum. It has a dragonball processor which is 2x as fast as the comperable palm. It has an expansion slot so you can up the 8mb to 16mb. A plus is that it's only $120 (approx.).

If you drop it....and you eventually will ....your not out an arm and a leg. -Ken
Jul 09, 2002, 10:37 PM
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I've had my Palm for years. Its one of the first ones when they had a 'Professional' version and a not-professional version, mine being the latter. I never upgraded because the one I had did what I needed it to do... phone book, calendar (with alarms) and a note pad. It still interfaces with Outlook and Outlook Express so I can keep them in sync. I'm still on OS 2.05. I've come close to getting something better but then I realize this one is still doing what I need it for and I can spend the cash on a new plane instead!

I've always felt that these things are perfect for sales people but not all that great for anyone else.

Don't pay for the latest bells and whistle unless you figure you are or will be a power user. If you get a less expensive one today and it turns out you like it and want something more powerfull, while you were testing the one you got, a newer more powerful one hit the market anyway so be glad you waited!


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