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Jul 05, 2002, 09:20 AM
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Sureflite 1/2a Cessna Conversion

First flight went very smoothly yesterday of the Sureflite 1/2a Cessna meant for cox motors.

I used:

MFA rocket 400 w 3/1 gearbox 9x7 apc e-prop
Radio Shack 1600 nimh
Aveox ESC 14a from my Zagi
4 servos ( elevator, rudder, and 2 for the ailerons/flaperons )
Standard airtronics receiver
AUW unknown at this point, estimated 24 oz.

The mods I did to the airframe were few: wing fibreglassed and mounted to the fuse 2-dowel style with rubber bands. I didn't use the stock firewall, i just drilled a hole through the foam for the motor to stick through then used balsa 1/4 x 1/2 stock to make an upside down U shape around the hole, then RTV siliconed the motor/gearbox assy to the balsa. Very easy installation and it fits under the cowl too! The fuselage was just sanded, and the tail pieces were monokoted ( they are balsa, not foam ) I also used oversized foam wheels for the crappy overgrown field i fly at.

How does it fly? Very nicely! Climbs out like nobody's business. The rudder authority is amazing. The ailerons are a bit weak, i'm going to lengthen them out a bit. I have not had a chance to fly with the flaps on yet, but it should be fun.

Yes I know 4 servos is pushing my luck on a Zagi ESC but I'm going for minimal cost here. The kit was 35 bucks, 6 bucks for the motor, 20 for the MPI gearbox, then add the cost of servos and battery and this is a nice little unit.

I'll try to add some pictures when I can, I don't have a digital camera so I have to wait for the film.

This setup flies as well as the glow version does on a 1/2a motor and with a much longer duration. The rocket400/ gearbox combo flies this plane at 1/2 throttle or less without the cheap batteries even getting warm. I also plan to try the Zagi X pack in there (1700AU) which I expect will have a little more punch but as it is it flies very scale.
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Jul 07, 2002, 04:17 PM
Tiger Moth World Tour
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2nd test flight today

flew cessna again today, this time with ailerons wing-length and rudder mixed with ailerons, much better. Easy to fly, very smooth and hands-off recovery. Next I will try 7x600AE cells as they are lighter and probably have as much punch as the RS1600NIMH.