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Apr 02, 2006, 02:13 PM
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I'm a bit perplexed about adding a smoke system, can someone educate me?

Well, I decide to go gas on my 25% Edge 540. I'm going to be using a US Engines 35cc gasser with an 18X10 prop.

Now this will be my first experience with a large gasser. I've been deep in glow for years but never had a something like this before.

I want to install a smoke system on my Edge and I can't seem to find any how-to's or install guides to learn how they work. It seems that some systems are plumbed into the exhaust and some have electric smoke pumps.

I'm wondering what my options are and how the different types of systems work. Do they use a tank with special smoke liquid?

Are there different systems for gas engines and glow engines?

Can I choose for the smoke to exit anywhere on the plane or does it come out the exhaust pipe? Can I have 2 exits for the smoke from the wings?

Any help would be great. I'm completely in the dark with this and still installing radio gear into the plane so I want to plan the system before I get too far ahead of myself.
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Apr 02, 2006, 03:15 PM
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Chad: Here is some basic information concerning smoke systems...

You can install a seperate tank for the smoke oil. You then have a line going from the tank, to a pump. The pump is obviously what pumps the smoke from the tank to the muffler. If you are using a muffler that is already plumbed for smoke, all you would do then is attach another line from the pump to the nipple on the muffler. Then you have a servo that activates the pump...Lots of people mix it in with their throttle, so as you increase throttle it activates the smoke.

The way a smoke system works is that the smoke oil gets heated enough in the muffler that it begins to burn, which makes the smoke. Their is a thread about a Hobby Lobby Senior telemaster build, where Thacher builds his own smoke system that you may find helpful also.

Most smoke systems are made so that the smoke exits the muffler. The smoke coming from the wings you mention is usually created from canisters that are mounted on the wings, usually these are just things that you must light with a match before taking off, and generally only last a few minutes.
Apr 02, 2006, 08:00 PM
Fly it like you own it.
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Wow, great link!! I think that answered every one of my questions.

It's sort of how I figured it worked, but there were alot of little details I didn't know about.

Now to go shopping for a smoke pump.
Apr 05, 2006, 07:40 AM
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If you want smoke on the wings, you ned to buy smoke cartridges, these go on the ends of your wings and are lit by electric fuses. When alight they burn and emmit smoke. However these cartridges can be very dirty to your plane.

Also you don't have to use smoke oil, as it can be expensive. Alternatively you can use parrafin or diesel. Diesel works quite well providing it gets hot enough. Having smoke on planes is dirty so i would advise you to get a decent cleaner.

You can get smoke cartridges @: Hobby Lobby RC Smoke

Also check out the mounting kits and electric fuses on the RC Smoke website as you will need these should you want to wing tip smoke. For the best examples of wing tip smoke look up Sebatiano Silvestri and Roland Matt on Rocha N Roll

Hope this helps you
Let us know how you got on

Apr 05, 2006, 09:18 AM
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Try this out for a cheap way of doing it.
small "T" piece in your tank pressure line. take it to a small specially fitted fuel (in this case oil) tank. plumb the supply line from the tank to your muffler. drill a small hole in the muffler and tap it for a nipple to attach the line to. (as close to the head as you can get it, to take advantage of the heat).
Use silicone lines to resist the temps near the head.
for a metering unit/on off switch, use a small servo and attach a piece if steel tube to it with a 90' bend in it. position this against the line to squash the line against a hard surface for off and on. you may need to add something into the line to restrict the flow at the full open position ( a plug in the line with a tiny jet sized hole in it, or just solder the nipple directly to the muffler and drill the right sized hole through the fitting, into the muffler, or plug the screwed in nipple on the muffler with solder and drill hole through plug) . (don't forget to secure the line to be crushed closed, to the hard backing surface, or it might move and you will have smoke all the time).
Another tip for all you guys playing with smoke. go and see your local crop spraying contractor and grab a couple of ltrs of adjuvent oil. cost about $15 for a twenty litre drum. we use it in the real thing for checking drift and airshows an stuff.
you may have to add a little something to thin it a bit, but it will work well enough if you get your holes the right size. another oil that works well is the white oil used for making broad leafed indoor plants all shiney. its nice and thin and smokes up well and is readily available at most gardening and hardware stores at a reasonably cheap price.
Cheers, Wiz.
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