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View Poll Results: Of running accessories off flight battery, have you -
Used secondary battery only? 4 36.36%
Used volt reg's off flight battery with NO problems? 4 36.36%
Used volt reg's off flight battery and been burned? 2 18.18%
Some other option than second batt or regulators. 1 9.09%
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Apr 01, 2006, 03:14 AM
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DiveBombDave's Avatar

Burned running xmitter/cam off flight battery?

I was just curious if running your 2.4 xmitter or camera itself off of voltage regulators-flight battery has turned out bad? I'm trying to justify the merit of adding a 2S lipo just for the accessories versus regulators.

Thank you for your input, in advance.

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Apr 01, 2006, 07:23 AM
Registered User
CarlosTheGreat's Avatar
Dave I have tried powering the video link via regulator on the main power battery.
I had dramas with RF noise entering the power for the downlink, I added filters without sucess. A 2 cell lipo will provid a good clean power supply. You will probably need only a 300mA pack. My blackwiddow 200mW with a CCD camera draws only 200mA .
Apr 01, 2006, 08:04 AM
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Tom Harper's Avatar

I have had interference problems just powering the still camera off of the flight battery. A couple of Lipos is a safe, isolated way to avoid problems.
Apr 01, 2006, 09:41 AM
American MoonMan
Joe Bennett's Avatar
I too have had my best operation with separate batteries for a video downlink. I am using an 800mah 3s1p LiPo driving a 12v regulator for the video bullet camera, and a 370mah 2s1p driving a 5v regulator to power the transmitter. Both give well over an hour of useful power, but care needs to be taken that you don't discharge the LiPo's below their lower voltage threshold or you WILL damage them. Good luck with your setup once you decide what you want to do. Later....

Apr 01, 2006, 09:50 AM
Hogster's Avatar
I'm using a 2-cell 1200mAh Kokam pack powering a my BWAV transmitter through a 5v regulator. Works superbly and gives very long run times (never bothered to measure it!).


Apr 01, 2006, 10:17 AM
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rmeflyerkid's Avatar
I have been very sucessful running my 12 volt Bw 2.4 Ghz 1000 mW transmitter off the main power battery in my Ap plane...Im using a large Axi for power so my batteries are those high discharge 2000mah 11.1 Volt Kokams and some 2100mah 11.1v maxx amp packs...absolutely no issues with this system...the transmitter works fine on 11 volts and it had no impact on flight time or draining the main flight pack..this way really saves on weight...but most downlinks arent 12V...thats why I bought the 1000mW system and modified it to be a downlink...Hope this helps..Dustin
Apr 01, 2006, 03:39 PM
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DiveBombDave's Avatar
It is sounding like (so far) that most ppl are using the sep lipo, for interference issues.

Here is the equip I have -

200mw bwav xmitter, 5v Dim Engr reg
Vizion OSD board, 6-13v input
Panasonic Lumix 8.4mp camera, 4.2v Dim Engr reg

Flight batt - 3Stp2100, secondary batt 2S1200 kokam

I have been running the xmitter (without the vizion) off of the flight battery for about 500 hours in the air without incident, tho under power I do get a little "shimmy" in my video downlink (but no dropouts). Since I've been shooting with power off, never bothered me. Now I'm doing some "loiter" missions and need to leave power on more.

My camera batt lasts for two flights, and take forever to charge. So I put in on a 4.2v reg and saved 15g, enough for the vizion OSD.

I have compared the setup with all three accessories (xmitter, OSD, cam) on 2S1200 (the OSD being driven directly w/o reg), versus everything off the flight battery. I get basically the same results as before - on sep bat it's perfect video, and on flight batt I get a little shimmy under throttle.

For the hassle of having to keep 2s1200's charged and swapped (they would last for 4-6 flights each), and having the 'extra weight,' I'm tempted to maiden with the OSD with everything off the flight batt.

BTW - The Vizion OSD worked exactly as indicated right out of the box, very clean instructions, very simple wiring.

Apr 01, 2006, 08:32 PM
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DiveBombDave's Avatar

Successful flight with new config

Welp - Just got home after a quick test flight. Before I was using the flight batt to power the 200mw xmitter through a simple 7805 bare volt reg, and it was notorius for glitching the rcvr if too close (and would cause some limited audible glitching at altitude, regardless of it's proximity to the rcvr).

Tonight the flight battery ran the xmitter off an upgraded DE 5v fixed reg, and ran the camera off a DE 4.2v fixed reg, and ran the OSD board directly. It worked like a charm! I could see only the slightest interference (I mean barely perceivable), and I shot a few movies with the camera and it acted very cleanly. This was under all throttle settings, very clean video.

This way I only have one battery to think about, charge, swap, etc. And the DE reg's really cleaned things up, noise-wise (better than before).

Thanks for the input, fellas. I've just got to finalize everything in the fuse tonight and I'm back to AP work for the contest(s).


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