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Jul 02, 2002, 10:56 AM
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One more TM Post!

OK Guys. I finally built my Tiger Moth. It has been sitting on the shelf for several months but finally decided my kids were ready for it. Since I have been flying the zero, I really did not build it for myself. Took several nights to do it and finally decided to brave the rain we have been having in central texas and get a quick flight on it. I had some horrible experiences with lower powered 280 planes and really doubted that it would fly with any authority at all. With both kids at my side, we went to the neighborhood elementary field and unloaded. Radar showed that we had about 20 minutes before the next round of rain. I immediately made the decision that there was too much wind. Looked to be about 5 steady with some light gusts. Being that my twins are 8, I listened to light crying and heavy pleas of fly it dad!! It was dusk with maybe 15 minutes of light left. The pleas grew louder and louder from my children. Oh well, nothing on TV to watch that night so I guess rebuilding a crashed TM will give me something to do! With that thought in my head, I gradually turned the throttle to full and gingerly lofted it into the wind. WOW was I shocked!! The little plane attacked the wind and climbed with authority. I could not believe my eyes! I thought this thing was supposed to be a real slow flyer! I took it up to about 75 feet trimming it down a bit because it just wanted to climb. Dropped the throttle to half and just cruised around above. 10 minutes later, and I began to bring it in and it touched down nicely. I have to admit that this little plane really impressed me. I guess I am hooked! Some wing flex in the wind. In fact, a lot of wing flex. I will reinforce the wings and then watch my kids try to pry the transmitter from me on my next flight!!!!!!
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Jul 02, 2002, 11:54 AM
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Hi Steve, Congratulations and Welcome to the Tigermoth Squadron!

Some flying wires will eliminate that wing flex easily. I made mine from dental floss. Just drilled some tiny holes in the ends of the struts and made a hold down for the bottom wing wires out of scrap plastic from the wing doubler.

They work great, no wing flex from any manuever you can coax the moth into doing.

For some pics check out my Tigermoth pages

Keep 'em flying.

Jul 02, 2002, 12:12 PM
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Thanks BC. I will visit the site. I also feel that the landing gear needs some reinforcement. It looks like one might break a prop in a less than light landing due to the flex. I have been seeing all of the posts on this plane for a long time and knew I would get one. I just did not think I would have as much fun as I did!!!!
Jul 02, 2002, 05:30 PM
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What motor / battery are you using? On 6 cells, my tiger flies well, but doesnt climb very fast at all. I am adding 1 more cell this week when they arrive in the post!