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Jun 30, 2002, 08:45 PM
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good setup for GWS zero?

Two of my car racing friends arrived at my field this afternoon with a new GWS zero they assembled yesterday. Nice little airplane!

I flew four test flights on it for them today and am wondering what is a good setup for this airplane.

We used the supplied 10/8 prop and eight cells and saw very low flight times. Didn't time them actually but they were not what I'm used to with my own park flyers.

Changed to a GWS 9/7 for the final flight of the day and it appeared more agressive with a longer flight time.

It is also a bit tailheavy and requires quite a bit of down trim to fly without climbing. We removed the wheels after the first flight.

I believe the supplied gearbox is 3:1. It is using the flight pack recommended and supplied separately by GWS which has much larger servos than the pico ones I use....kind of strange recomendation for this airplane as the builders had to cut out the servo holes to make room for the larger servos. The GWS flight pack also had a 6 cell pack which in my opinion would be hard pressed to fly this airplane???

It is definately not as agressive on eight cells as my personal park flyers which weigh almost exactly the same and use a GWS EPS DX "B" gearbox on eight cells and 8/6 prop. I get much more flight time and a much livelier flight.

It rolled ok but wouldn't loop very well. It looked great on a low close in fly by though.

so what are people using in the GWS zero? and what do they generally weigh?
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