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Jun 29, 2002, 12:01 AM
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I flew EVERY DAY This Week, What did You FLY?

Hi All:

My Brother inlaw came in from CA, And he love's to fly also.
So I wanted him to enjoy his stay here sooooo ....

Out came the entire Fleet!

Saturday we flew the TwinViper, Projeti(I call it Flash)16/15/3.

Sunday we flew T33A, TwinViper,Projeti

Monday we flew Wattage Extra L-330,Champion,ViperTwin,Projeti.

Tuesday we flew Crazy8,Extra L-330,TwinViper,Projeti.

Wensday we flew Champion,TwinViper,And for a treat I took out
the Picolo Mini Heli in my Garge for some hovering and moving about the garge.

Thursday I took out the P51D(Bought from MEC),TwinViper.ProJeti
EAM-Viking S-3A ver 2.0,

Friday out came the FireCat,(DuctedFan Tipsy),Wingo(Old Reliable)

Recap of planes: FireCat 15/4 Jeti Phasor), Mustang P51D,Turbo 10-Plus) Kyosho T33-A, Wattage (Crazy-8 16/15/5), (Projeti # 1-LongCan Speed400) and also (ProJeti # 16//15/3Mega)
(Wattage 330-L, 16/15/4) (Wingo-Geared Motor)(Tipsy-Speed300DuctedFan) (Champion- Astro 10 MightyMight)
(TwinViper -2xspeed400 Stock) (EAM-S3-A Viking -Stock)
Ikurus Picolo Heli.

I think he was kept pretty busy all week long. And so there ya have it, I think I had a GREAT week of flying. ( VERY RARE for ME)

I'm goning to get a thumbnail size photo of each plane and post them here in this thread.

Hope everyone got in some good flying this past week, and maybe you can get in some this weekend. Good Luck...

James Lv2Fly
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Jun 29, 2002, 09:05 AM
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Weather here on the East was good too,...

Early in the week the front came though, and then the evenings were great for flying the Tiger Moth. Since I get home near 6:30 from work, a quick charge while I eat dinner and then I can fly for a while. I was able to drain three battery packs each night this week,.... so much fun.

This morning, I was able to get out a little bit with my Electric Hots and Playboy Old-Timer, just enough flights in before the big slimers showed up at the field. Being the only electric guy there, airspace is premium in the early morning.

Happy Flying,...
Jun 29, 2002, 10:54 AM
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All this week i got to fly my Twinstar. Right now that is the only plane i have that is in flying condition and isnt waiting on parts. I NEED to get one of my other planes fixed so i can do some acrobatics.
Jun 29, 2002, 11:34 AM
The One....
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Monday work
Tuesday - Flew the Herr Cub, Cub 400EP, and the Ezette
Wednesday work
Thursday - Cub 400EP, Herr Cub, my friends Raptor Heli.
Friday - Ezette
Today - shopping for Watt-age Reno racer or Switchback
Jun 29, 2002, 12:47 PM
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Yesterday I flew my Python and had the wonderful experience of being able to fly when a glow flyer with a MUCH bigger plane had to pack it in due to wind. The Python is so sleek and fast that it will fly in almost any wind whereas a big glow plane with a lot of frontal area can't.