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Jun 19, 2001, 01:32 AM
Festina Lente
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Nick Ziroli F-15 or others for twin project?

I saw this kit/plan mentioned here in passing:

I'm curious about this plane. What size is it besides under 70oz? Has anyone done it as a twin? What size ICDF was it designed for? Any information about procuring a set of plans or the kit would be appreciated.

I came across these also:

I thought maybe the F-15 was the same or a similar plane. The F-4 is also a plane I am considering.

I'm trying to locate a nice project for two MF480 fans with Plettenberg 200/25/4 motors and 16-20 cells (8-10 each). I know about the WB-57, but I think that might be too gliderlike for me.

I appreciate any comments you can give me about these or similar sized kits/plans for twin engined jets.
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Jun 19, 2001, 10:19 AM
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As far as I know Nick still has plans and canopys for sale. His jets were based upon the Kress RK20 or RK46, both a 4" fan with either an OS25 or 46. All (Viggen, F4, F15) were good fliers with the 25. The Wemotec 730 is a valid fan for these planes and will probably perform better than the 25 or the 46. The 46 ended up heavy for the added thrust and while it performed better, it wasn't that much better. My F3-H Demon weighed less as an electric than the RK20/OS25 version and with the 730 was a hell of a lot better flier.
Jun 19, 2001, 08:44 PM
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I have that plan. 2 HW609 will fit almost perfectly. Two Kyosho Endoplasms will generate almost 3 lbs of thrust on 16 cells ( motors in series ) Current should be 35-40 amps. Maybe the next generation of Panansonic 2000 Nimhs will handle that load.