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Jun 27, 2002, 01:54 PM
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How to tell if you should stay off the road

How to tell if you should stay off the road.
#1 you have never seen the sign that reads "Slower traffic keep right"
#2 Or the sign right after #1 that reads "Left lane for passing only"
#3 You pull into the passing lane until your perfectly aligned with the car next to you and match his speed exactly blocking both lanes as you pass the signs #1 and #2
#4 You drive the same freeway every day but wait until your 100 yards from your exit before trying to get across 5 lanes during rush hour.
#5 Your cell phone is attached to your accelerator pedal, when it rings it's impossible to step on it.
#6 Your more intrested in the fender bender on the other side of the freeway than the gasoline tanker 12" from your bumper.
#7 You have to look around your dog thats in your lap.
#8 12 of you car pool in a 4 passenger car.
#9 You fill up with oil and check the gas.
#10 The cars 4 lanes away brake and so do you.
#11 You need a bigger rear view mirror so you can do a better job on your makeup.
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