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Jun 27, 2002, 07:45 AM
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wedgie good third plane

Hello would a wedgie be a good third plane? How hard is it? I have experence
1 sky-scooter pro 150+ flights 25 mph
2 wattage hawk 100+ flights 45+ mph
Am i ready for a wedgie at 60 to 90 mph?
I have a 7.2 sp400 or a sp280 to slow it down if needed. Or should i try another plane? please help
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Jun 28, 2002, 10:46 PM
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Yes...but let me qualify that.......for me, I boinked it about ten times on launch before I figured it out. You need to heave this plane at a pretty steep angle, then power on. At first, I never could get it going before I hit the ground. Then you need to trim it out, and again, for me..this was kind of hard, as it was all I could do to keep it flying. I get it up to a pretty good altitude, then trim it.....thats obvious, but sometimes hard at first.
Now the fun.....I have a Sunny Boy, Terry, TwinStar, learned on a Wingo, but the Wedgie is the one I go for most of the time. (I have 2 more Wedgies almost complete, and 1 more on order!) Its small, almost indestructable, and is a kick in the pants to fly. By no means have I mastered it, and it will keep me challenged for a good bit of time I suspect. I also know friends who I consider "expert" flyers, and they share the same positive feelings. I guess if you really get crazy, you can clip the wings a couple of inches!
I think this plane (because of it nearly being indestructable), allowed me to skip 1 to 2 planes in my learning process!
I Say,

Use a 6V speed 400, and the stock prop, or the Graupner 5x5 X 4.5