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Mar 04, 2006, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by maxer
When I have meetings with Samba, she is the person who makes sure we all understand each other, and has been SUPERIOR and PERFECT in helping our communication. By the way, the flight testing of the Perfect is going PERFECT!( spoke to Philip this A.M)

I wonder why GIANT didn't fit in into that sentence
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Mar 04, 2006, 05:05 PM
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Good point

Maybe he did not want to toy with the BRIO toys first but ended up with GIANT toys. Then again if you install a PLUS wing you will end up with a WR

Sorry I just had to play along
Mar 15, 2006, 02:46 PM
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Just got mine today. Yes I feel lucky to be one of the first to get one. On the other hand I will go to WC F3J, have helped a bit during development/release and will probably fly it too...

Havent got the time too look at all the details yet but joiner is huge, fuse is very stiff, elevator is rock solid and with double crank so you pull instead of pushing up elevator, moulds looks to be perfect and btw it is huge yet feels small when you pick it up... Kind of strange maybe...

Dont know why they took out room for a 15mm servo on elevator since there is Volz MM XP around ;-)

This year I will fly my Pike Giant as a windy plane or backup. I know I can do well in calm conditions with it too so if all goes bad I am confident.
Then I have my new Pike Perfect that I hope will do the floating part atleast and then maybe if it is what they hope it can take over the whole stuff.
But in WC one is allowed 3 models so I will hopefully get a Supra since that is the other model on the market that is made a lot of thought and calculations into. We know the bagged version was good so I am hoping that the moulded is even better. Normally a moulded version of a model is better. Would have been good to have it now as comparison but I have to wait for that model

Now to the point.
At 14:00 I opened the box and here are the pictures.
I will follow up with building and flying if all goes well during night and tomorrow. Eurotour in Istanbul is at the end of the month.

Hilsen (Regards) Jojo
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Mar 15, 2006, 04:15 PM
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OK fuse is finished.
Very little work to do actually...
Wires came ready made from Samba, drilled a few holes, made a nice carbon plate since the servo was smaller than the hole. The rods needs to be soldered to the threads. I made my own and did not use the supplied ones. I just took some small threaded wire and inserted inside the rods and the soldered (150w).
Best is probably to make a 2by2 Rx pack but I managed to squize in a normal one and a big but very good Mini IPD Rx. Should have had a JR770 or SMC14 but it was not available. Switch is the good old MPX with a 1,5/3V LED that blinks if the power is below 4,8v. Not for sale anymore sadly.
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Mar 15, 2006, 04:35 PM
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You sorry dog you!
Mar 15, 2006, 06:03 PM
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WHat's all that white stuff on the ground? Have you guys suffered some sort of natural disaster?
Mar 15, 2006, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Robglover
WHat's all that white stuff on the ground? Have you guys suffered some sort of natural disaster?
Nice and smooth stuff....
01:30 am now and I took a break before I do the final touch... Might have problems getting up for morning flights (too cold anyhow at that time!)

Hilsen (regards) Jojo
Mar 15, 2006, 08:54 PM
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What is the cost? Recommended radio gear & availability ? I would br interested.
Mar 15, 2006, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by gmony
What is the cost? Recommended radio gear & availability ? I would br interested.
Not available yet unless you are going to World Championship. But I think it will be available mid summer or something. They have not made a production schedule yet. For now they produce as much as they can before the WC. Recommended gear would have to be my personal view. JR, Graupner or Volz servos. Maybe some new Airtronics? (have no experience on those). For Rx I would recommend MPX IPD DS, JR 770 or Graupner SMC14.
Check with the dealers if they are making an orderlist.
Mar 15, 2006, 09:21 PM
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03:17 AM
OK I am now finished with the wing and all surfaces are dialed in at least as a start.
1) Grind of some of the carbon in the servo well so the epoxy can have a nice grip.
2) Connect all the servos to the wire harness that you either have made yourself or bought from the producer. I used the one from Samba but changed the connectors to suit VMS connectoring and MPX 3 pin beetween midsection and tips.
You should now set all the servos so that ailerons are neutral 90 degrees and flapservos so that they with full crow is nearly pointing straight back.
3) Glue in the servos with epoxy mixed with microballoons or something so the epoxy is thick. Make sure you use so much that it comes out on the side of the servos. Squize them down... I choose to have some clear plastic tape on the servos and rub them a bit. But one can also glue the servo straight in after rubbing the servo or even use some heat shrinking tube around the servo. Frames is also nice offcourse.
4) Use a Dremel to make the 9pin connector hole. Use some small screws. Dont glue (you might someday want to get in here). Goop is possible though.
5) Make some links in proper sizes. I like to use 2,5mm or 3mm
6) Screw in the horns on the surfaces. There are ready glued in nuts so you only need to screw them in and use a tiny drop of CA afterwards (or locktite)
7) Cut the servo covers. Colored covers comes with the model but I like the clear ones that you can get from Samba. Then I can see if something is loose. The covers is taped on or even better Goop'ed in place. Looks neat.
8) Glue the female connector beetween midsection and tips into the midsection and put some tape on it. Then put in the male connector with some glue around it. The hole in the tip should be made as perfect as possible. Join the tip/midsection and leave to cure. I used CA so it was a neat and fast job.
9) Put some tape on the end of the tip and midsection. The reason for this is that fresh paint can stick to tape when you dissasemble the model the first months. Some tape here will make your model last and is easy removable if needed.

And last: Get out flying!!!!
I will if the weather permits
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Mar 15, 2006, 09:46 PM
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I hope it flies as good as it looks.
Mar 15, 2006, 10:19 PM
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Seems I have had a Perfect day!

My wife called and said there is a box from Samba Models.

Too bad I won't likely have time to build it for about a month with all my traveling, looks like from Myrtle Beach NC, I have to end up in Orlando, then maybe off to Aruba or some such.

Anyone else get a new plane this week?

Great job on the servo install's Jojo! What brand are those :-)

I was kind of surprised to see that you chose a MMX XP for the Elevator and rudder, be careful you don't pull them off the hinges, the torque and speed are a little excessive for that kind of plane.

Oh well I guess I'll have to wait to see what's in the box til I get home Friday nite.
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Mar 16, 2006, 05:26 AM
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Nice work Jojo! -Good luck on maiden.
Mar 16, 2006, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by jojoen
.....This year I will fly my Pike Giant as a windy plane or backup. I know I can do well in calm conditions with it too so if all goes bad I am confident.
Then I have my new Pike Giant that I hope will do the floating part atleast and then maybe if it is what they hope it can take over the whole stuff.
But in WC one is allowed 3 models so I will hopefully get a Supra since that is the other model on the market that is made a lot of thought and calculations into.....
Jojo, you mention 3 planes with in the middle "my new Pike Giant", i guess that must be "my new Pike Perfect", right?
So you'll end up with 3 full spectrum planes. Is Samba not becoming his own competitor now doing Superior,Giant and Perfect? Smells lik market domination
Mar 16, 2006, 03:54 PM
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Long one... But what the heck

OK here are the impressions of my first day of flying. I went up early since I could not sleep (new model?). Some coffee and I was ready on the ice 10:30. It was calm with 0-1m/s from the North and -12 celcius (4F). But the sun was up so with proper clothing I had a nice time. I started out with a CG a little bit ahead of what I had calculated as a neutral point (kind of a "non-tech personal" calculation but based a bit on Martin Hepperle's program). So 120-122mm was my starting point and after 10 flights I did not see any obvious reason to change yet. I will try some other CG's but I liked it here. It is probably way too much back for most pilots. Philip flies his on 107mm. My all up weight was 2210g and I know Samba have shaved of another 50g on the next model and will shave of another 30g on the HUGE joiners. My model is a Carbon 68 with normal spar. I could not see any bending in the wing in the calm conditions even though the winch almost stalled a couple of times. The winch I use is a Hollenbeck and today I had 300m 1,35 speedline on it (EMC-Vega). the battery is a F3B spec Banner 510EN (Very good battery supplied by T&K).
The first I noticed was that the model had a cruising speed that was not super fast but it was constant. The Superior sometimes needs to be pushed but the Perfect accelerates by itself and keeps the speed well in neutral. There was no "fall thru" on flap changes but with much camber I might need to take down the aileron camber a bit since it sometimes was a bit "windmill". This was not a problem with 0-3mm camber. The model flies now neutral even in launch mode. According to the logs I could not find much difference using 3 or 6mm camber but it looks like that in the air. This is an optical thing that is sometimes tricky to see. Anyhow when the air started moving during the day it was easy to see how much camber was maximum. I had it on a slider and adjusted until the tail came up mostly. The conditions were ok today but some downdraft on one side of the valley made me have to fly one side to get as equal conditions as possible. Could probably have flown slope on the other side again but that was not the task today. Seems like the Pike Perfect is doing well in calm conditions.
Mechanically I could have made 120degrees crow easily but I went for less possibility of slop and 70 degrees instead. This seems to be enough and the model drops into my hand when I catch it.
With my CG I needed a little bit of opposite aileron when turning but only once a while (this is CG deppendant). The model is turning on a dime and I have to say I am amazed how slow and tight it can turn around the landing mark. The rudder also grips well and makes it easy to take those last points. Might try a bit kickflap when turning but not sure.
After 10 flights I had no more time as I was going for a checkup 100km away. But I phoned my good friend and WC spotter Tor Midtlund and organized some flights on another lake before the sun went down. Here the conditions were completely different with 2-3m/s on the ground and probably 5-6m/s higher up. I had 4 flights and Tor borrowed the Perfect for 2 flights. It was clear that the model now stalled the winch completely if I just pulled slightly and I could now see slight bending but very equal along the whole wing. My logger was full from the morning flights otherwise I could have shown some great altitudes on the 150m to turnaround (300m total).
Conditions were turbulent behind a ridge but after that some nice wave lift and stable air further away from the ridge. Took some long rounds far away and low since one can land everywhere on the ice. I never had too.
So what can be done better?
- Offcourse I need to test different CG's and camber. This will take time but is luckily easier with a logger and testing against another model. We need to find settings that everybody can start with both safe and with good performance.
- I think Samba will work on getting the huge ailerons stiffer as they now have used very simple subspar and lots of micros. I guess this is usual until they have measured all heights and can finetune the parts that is glued in.
- The weight can come down much more as there seems to be plenty of micro balloons creeping of spars. Jaroslav think they can easily make super light for only calm conditions at 2000-2050g but I don't think anyone should buy this. One thermal in the launch and you will break it if you don't know how to handle it. A Perfect on 2150g is VERY light compared to the size.
All in all a super day and I am a very happy owner that can see a potential here. Thanks Samba and Philip for letting me experience and be a part of this. It is obvious that it is still the pilot but I like the tool ;-)

Hilsen (Regards) Jojo

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