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Jun 24, 2002, 11:45 AM

B-2 bomber by Chris Golds

Ok I will try and post this again I won a set of Chris Gold Plans of the B-2 Bomber. The previous owner had all of the parts laser cut and is including them in my purchase of the plans. So I am getting 36 sheets of balso and 4 sheets of plywood. The plane has a 96" wingspan and is 37" long with 11.1 sq ft of wing area. It was designed for 4 Wemotec Mini 480 fan units with four Pletternberg 200-20-6 motors ( should I stay with this set up?) 100AMP speed control and 2 10 cell RC 2000 Battery packs. The control suprfaces are combination drag rudders ( split ailerons) and inner and outer elevons. Mechanical retracts can aslo be installed and the planes is to weight about 10 lbs.

Has anyone flown, or seen one of these fly in model form? I was told that there had been a review of this plane in Electric Flight International ... did anyone read it?

Finally, is there anyone in the bay area that would like to help build this?
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Jun 24, 2002, 12:04 PM
EDF all the way!
bruff's Avatar

B-2 setup

I would go with 4 ESC/battery setups. One for each fan. This would bring the current level down. The plane is big enough to handle the extra weight. I read the article. It state the plane flew fine. Typical Chris Golds style. Good Luck!
Bob Ruff
Jun 24, 2002, 06:19 PM
Senior Member
Bob P's Avatar
Yes, I have seen Chris Golds fly his B-2 a couple of times. It flies just great. Chris has worked on control of these finless aircraft for many years, and has really cracked it.

Jun 24, 2002, 08:48 PM
I am very happy to hear this as I think this will be the new pride of my fleet. I hope to have it ready for the Winter Electrics meet in San Diego.

Did Chris have retracts on his? I have seen photos but they where taken on grass so I could not tell.
Jun 25, 2002, 01:12 AM
CMFC Secretary (UK)
BioHazard's Avatar
I was very honoured to meet Chris Golds a while back. As secretary of my local model club, I arranged the yearly 'Model Talk Evening', & Chris very kindly came along and talked about electric modelling, ammonia skinning & his B-2 project.

He also brought along his big B-2, amongst many other models.

In hind sight, I can not say for certain if the model did have retracts, but I can tell you the kit he did have in there was really crammed in. The cells seemed to be split around the central space, and arranged in two sets of long tubes. I beleive the original was two ESC's.

Unfortunately, this was the only picture of the airframe I took, although I do have this in 1024x768 size if you want a copy. ( The original size )
Jun 25, 2002, 03:47 AM
Senior Member
Bob P's Avatar
Chris fitted Springair retracts in his B-2

Jun 25, 2002, 06:34 AM
CMFC Secretary (UK)
BioHazard's Avatar
Steerable nosewheel to boot.

My memory must be coming back, as I remember it did have retracts now.

I was tempted to build one, but I have no way of getting the airframe to our airfield.
Jun 25, 2002, 06:09 PM
The Photo is great bio ... I always thought he had painted it black... I would have never guessed that it was blue. Is the airframe one big piece or is the central body detachable from the wing portion.
Jun 26, 2002, 12:27 AM
Hi guys it's me again... found this photo of Chris' B-2 on the web. Hope you enjoy.

Jun 26, 2002, 01:16 AM
CMFC Secretary (UK)
BioHazard's Avatar
He brought it in, in one big piece, so I beleive that it was built the same way.

I was hoping to see a real one this year at the RIAT @ Fairford, but despite all the posters depicting one, the website flight and aircraft schedule doesn't say one is attending. Shame, as it would have been an opportunity to get some additional scale features.

Guess I'll just have to build a F117 instead... at least that will fit in my car.
Jun 26, 2002, 05:48 PM
Picture it Your F117 and my B-2 doing a low in formation fly-by


So does anyone have the article on the Chris Gold's B-2 that they would like to share?
Jun 26, 2002, 06:44 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
I followed the build up pretty close, but it has been awhile.

We swapped an email or 2 and he really knows his stuff!

Chris seems to swear by Spring-Airs (which the B2 has) and I think the wing outer panels come off.
Jun 27, 2002, 04:19 AM
Senior Member
Bob P's Avatar
My best memory of Chris and the B-2 was flying in the same slot with him at a fly -in a couple of years ago. I flew the Horten IV which Chris also designed. As the commentator said "we didn't have a vertical tail between the two of us"!

You'll love the B-2

Jun 27, 2002, 04:24 AM
CMFC Secretary (UK)
BioHazard's Avatar
I have the copy of EFI ( June 1999 ), but I am not sure how Traplet publications ( or Chris ) would feel about me copying it.
Jun 27, 2002, 11:21 AM
The guy that I bought the plans from says that he has the EFI artical as well and that he would send it to me ... can't wait to read it. I do remeber follow is build of the B-52 great articles ... detailed and well written. According to UPS I should have all of the wood parts today can't wait to get home and rumage through my new balsa forest.

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