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Jun 23, 2002, 10:51 PM
EFlight=Fun,Big-T=BIG FUN

Great Day with Big-T: good and bad

Had fun with Big-T today. Long flights on his Phasor 15-4, MAT 3:1 belted GB, APC 14x7E and 12x2400, 3000 NIMH. Loops from level flight at 60% throttle, big slow rolls, immuelmans (spelling) and just plane fun crusing around in a big blue sky.
Only 1 broken prop and 1 tree adventure.
Not bad considering my flying "skills".

BTW, the noise beeper type locators do work. I found Big-T because of the beeper, the "undergrowth" was literally taller than I am out there. The weeds are big here in Texas. And NO, I am not kidding about this.

In the afternoon, it was around 100 with little or no wind (less than 10mph and variable in direction). HOT! We pack a cooler with drinks and frozen water before heading out. You either drink alot (water) or you wind up in the ER. San Anotnio has been named the "sweatiest city" for a reason.

Had a surprise on 1 flight. At take off, Big-T suddenly pitched up hard. Took all I could do with down to get him level. Turned him back towards the runway and cut power. Nose dropped as usual then he headed down like a home-sick lawn dart! Max up and he wacked the ground, wheels and prop first. Walking out I realised it had to be a CG issue but what??? Upon unplugging his flight pack, I discovered the velcro was on TOP, not on BOTTOM where it should be. ERK! No wonder his CG was all over the place - the 27oz battery was sliding all over in the battery bay.

Also, had a scare. Junior birdman went RIGHT, not LEFT, on final turn at the end of the runway - straight for the pits (CROWDED). I took it and slammed hard right - towards us - cut it and slammed him in clear of everyone but us. I had waited until all other pilots were down and clear before letting him have the sticks. No injuries or damage (except to my life expectancy!). We put Big-T up for a while and I sat down for a LONG cool drink - which I seriously needed right then (sitting down AND drinking).

Only left because the significant other (spoil sport!) called to remind us of junior birdman's self-defense class.
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