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Feb 16, 2006, 09:46 AM
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There are these days...

You know these days where you're just not meant to go flying don't you ?

Today was the first day in 2 weeks i had enough time to break out my Raptor 30 and fly for a bit... now i'm a lucky person i live on an airfield (no traffic in winter) so i don't have to go far to fly... anyhow i put the Raptor, the start box and my TX in the car to drive it out to the end of the field so i wouldn't bother anyone...

Well the car stopped about 50m from where i wanted to go... it's been bothering me since a while with some electrical malfunction, bt this time there was no way to get it back to start. Oh well i think at least i can go fly.. it's not that far.

So i set everything up and try to start up the Raptor.
Well... the start battery is empty after 1 short start attempt i don' have enough juice to crank the engine over.
No problem i think and carry the whole stuff back to the car... i'll just hook up the start box to the car battery.. i'll not need that anyways now.

Search the trunk and forgot the start cables!

dang... walk back to the hangar (where i live) retrieve the jumper cables and after a short walk i'm back in business!

At least so i thought.

Everything setup, i crank the TT39 up and it starts right away! Yea!
It's idling nicely, but i see a lot of air bubbles in the line to the carborator... I have a tank-valve between the header tank and the carb, and the line from the header has no bubbles... Seems the line from the valve to the carb has developed a leak and allows air to be sucked into the fuel line.
Well no problem i think i'll just bypass the valve and i'm good to go!
SO i think

Next start attempt... no light off.
Another.... no light off

what's up with this !!!

another start attempt .. no nothing... i note the Amps indication for my glow plug is low... AHA maybe the remote glow plug cable is loose. Quick look and it is.. retightened,

Another start attempt..... no light off!

I'm trying with a spare glow plug and can get not enough amps from the start panel to get it to glow... DANG !
Apparantly the start panel is ed and that sucked the start battery dry in the first place..

After that i gave up... maybe i wasn't supposed to fly afterall today

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Feb 16, 2006, 11:43 AM
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Hugequark's Avatar
Yeah, sucks when you make time to have some fun and the world conspires against you. Been there

There will be more days, I tell myself.
Feb 16, 2006, 11:55 AM
meatbomber's Avatar
well that day already got a good ending

Apparantly the electrical glitches were protecting me from flying with overcast skys and thus bad visuals (i crashed my T-Rex in these conditions twice due to loss of orientation)

As soon as my Start Battery was charged again, it cleared up and i got 1 tank of flying just before a beatiful sunset So i'm happy again

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