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Feb 13, 2006, 09:39 AM
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Evo 7 programming for a full house sailplane

Well I have done some playing with my Evo 7 and a 4 servo wing sailplane. The glider is my flapped Nemisis. I even went as far as setting it up for a 6 channel reciever. I am using a Polk Seeker 6 reciever. The Polk compliments the Synthesized Evo nicely and I can plug the battery into the set plug so I do not have to splice the battery into another plug. I have mine setup with the JR reciever layout but it should work with the others. I hope I do not bore the "experts" but I am writing this for the newbe. This is the process that I used:

In the MEMORY menu select NEW MODEL.
Select the GLIDER template.
I used the JR servo conf.
I set 1 as NORMAL, 2 as SPEED1 and 3 as LANDING.
In the MEMORY menu select PROPERTIES.
Enter the desired name. I add the channel number with the name as an easy way to keep track of it. If I change the channel then I will also update the name.
Set the SHIFT for the reciever that you use +or-.
(optional) In the EMIXER menu select V-TAIL and change to ON.
In the SERVO menu, select ASSIGNMENT and set 6 to SPOILER. Set channels 1 and 6 (spoilers) to 2P (2 point adjustment)

Reciever setup.
It is best to do this with the servos NOT hooked up to the control surfaces.
CH1 = right flap
CH2 = right aileron
CH3 = left v-tail or elevator
CH4 = right v-tail or rudder
CH5 = left aileron
CH6 = left flap

In the SERVO CALIBRATE menu I had to reverse channels 4,5&6 to get them to move the correct direction.

Adjust the servos horns on the tail servos and aileron servos so they are centered. Adjust the flap servo horns to about 30 deg from centered towards the leading edge. The left stick should be in the full foreward position. (foreward means fast, back means slow)
Hook up the servos to the control surfaces.

In the SERVO CALIBRATE menu we will now adjust the control throws.
Spoilers - Adjust P5 to give the desired amount of flap with left stick all the way down.
Ailerons and tail servos - Adjust P1 and P5 to give the max desired throw, equal up and down.

(note - some will want to adjust the servo center so the aileron servo horns are truly aligned. This can be a pain to do while not messing with the trims. Adjust P3 for the ailerons as necessary. To make sure both ailerons have the same throw, do the following. Take the P3 number that is the larger and subtract it from 100. Ignore for now if the P3 number is + or -. If the right aileron P3 = 4 and the left aileron P3 = -8 then the new number is 92. Now on both ailerons set the P1 and P5 values 92 away from the respective P3 number. For this case is would be the following:
R P1 = -88
R P3 = 4
R P5 = 96
L P1 = 84
L P3 = -8
L P5 = -100
This is the best way that I have found to setup the subtrim and max throw with the Evo 7.)

In the CONTROL menu set the TRVL to give you the desired max throws for the controls. You can set the D/R if you want but I just set a different TRVL for each flight mode. You can also set your EXPO in this menu.

I have the following settings
Trvl 1 = 100, 2 = 60, 3 = 100
Expo = -30
Trvl 1 = 80, 2 = 65, 3 = 80
Expo = -30
Trvl 1 = 100, 2 = 0, 3 = 100
Expo = -30

The glider should be ready to fly at this point.
Below are some additional things you can add.

In the EMIXER menu open the AIL.DIFF. menu. Set the MODE to ON and set the DIFF for each FLIGHT MODE. I started with -30 but will adjust after flight testing. You can set a different amount for each flight mode or have them all the same.

In the SETUP menu open the MIXER A/B menu and set as follows. The control will be the right slider. I am using the camber value of 10 and below will refer to it as CV.
SETUP menu
Controls Flap
Servo Spoiler
Switches -------
travel = -CV
V-tail (these will have to be adjusted after flight testing.)
Spoiler 20% 40%
Thr -Tr -10% -10%
Flap OFF 15%
Fixed value for flight modes 1 and 2 = -100.
The fixed value for flight mode 3 has to be OFF for the flaps to work on the left stick.
If you want to have trailing edge reflex as well as camber on the right slider then decrease the spoiler value for flight phase 1 and 2 to about 80. You will have to retrim the spoilers and when you switch to the landing flight phase the flaps will reflex a little. For trailing edge reflex on the ailerons then in the EMIXER menu, AILERON+, change the FLAP trvl^ from OFF to 10%.

CROW - Up ailerons when deploying the flaps
Spoiler 30% 60%

SNAP FLAPS - Down trailing edge with up elevator.
Setup menu
Controls Elevator
Servo Aileron+
Switches Mix1
travel+ = -35
travel- = OFF
Ele -Tr. OFF 6%

Comments are welcome.
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