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Horizon Hobby's E-Flite Brand P-47 Parkflyer ARF Review

J. David Johnson finds that the new E-Flite P-47 takes affordable electric parkflyer warbirds to a whole new level. This bird has an AMAZING level of detail you have to see to believe!

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Wing Area:260 sq. in.
Weight:24.5 oz.
Servos:4 - E-Flite 7.5g sub-micro
Transmitter:Futaba 9C
Receiver:GWS Naro
Battery:ThunderPower TP2100-3S
Motor:E-Flite 450 Brushless Outrunner 890 KV
ESC:E-Flite 20 amp Brushless ESC V2
Available From:Horizon Dealers Everywhere

I've been keeping an eye out for a sweet looking, great flying warbird to add to my e-hangar, and when the E-Flite P-47 was announced, I was quite attracted to it. A fairly large offering and a beautiful finish with promise of being well powered and flying well was all it took. I was anxious to get building.

Kit Contents

Opening the box of the P-47 revealed a beautifully painted and detailed foam airframe with completed canopy & pilot, two detailed bombs, lightweight foam mains and tailwheel, prop, spinner, brushed 400 motor & gearbox and manual. Also pictured is the E-Flite 450BL brushless outrunner upgrade with 20 amp ESC.


I must say that this is the MOST complete ARF I have ever come across. With only a few steps to follow, you can build this in as little as 2 hours.


I was simply amazed at how much detail and construction are included in this offering. Guns were installed as were decals on the fuse. Even the carbon fiber spar was pre-installed. For the wing, I simply installed the landing gear with two screws each and installed two aileron servos. The wing is grooved for the wire to lay in. It also came with "covers" that covered up the wire channel and gear mounts, but I found them to weigh about one ounce, so I left them off as I really didn't have a problem seeing the leads.


After attaching the tailwheel to the fuse, I elected to install the working rudder option. It is simply cut from the fuse, then beveled for adequate throw. The elevator is slid into position and glued square to the fuse and parallel to the wings.

I just can't believe the detail. The pilot and cockpit were pre-painted and the canopy installed. And what's more, it looks great!

Radio Installation

The P-47 is designed around a stick mount and even comes with an outrunner mount. The cowl I held on with a few small pieces of double sided tape. A person could set in a few small hardpoints and use screws if they wished. This is one complete offering that came with a prop and red spinner (if using stock brushed power option) and the outrunner came with this nice aluminum adapter.

Isn't it just a beauty! Again, I cannot strss how nice this ARF is. From the factory, there is some weathering added, detail rivets painted on the cowl, just many things that make this look really nice on the tarmack and in the air.


I placed the E-Flite P-47 on some newly installed asphalt and couldn't believe how nice it looked. I could not do as good a job if I had to start from white foam, and this is one attractive addition to my hangar.



As a warbird, the E-Flite P-47 can run the gamut of scale maneuvers. Rolls and large loops are no problem. The dual aileron servos give a crisper feel to the rolls as compared to a single servo/torque rod setup. Opting for the working rudder added stall turns and allowed for some nice slow rolls.

Taking Off and Landing

With a little adjustment of the gear, I got a nice rollout from a hard surface, and the added rudder control helped direct it down the runway. It took off in a a very little space, but required a bit more room to land. I found it liked to come in a little hot; when I tried to glide it in the drag could easily catch up with her and drop faster than expected. The plane can be built without gear and bombs and I suspect a slower glide could be established.

Hand launching with the 450BL option was a breeze as there was ample power to pull it into immediate flight. Just a gentle, level toss is all that is required.

Aerobatics/Special Flight Performance

As a warbird, you wouldn't normally expect any other types of maneuvers, but I will say that with a little effort and the working rudder, a decent knife edge can be executed. But more importantly, this plane looks awesome in the air, come in for a bombing/strafing pass and it just looks great!

Is This For a Beginner?

This would make an excellent first warbird as it flies very stable. Any pilot who has graduated beyond basic flight and trainer style aircraft should be able to enjoy this offering.

Flight Video/Photo Gallery



For less than $80, the E-Flite P-47 is perhaps the BEST warbird foamy available today. Excellent quality and detail, great warbird flight characteristics, dual aileron servos and the option of a working rudder make it flexible in it's flight envelope and varied power options make this a real winner. I can think of no downsides to this plane at all... it's just that good an offering.

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Feb 09, 2006, 11:25 AM
Motor Maniac
I've seen a few people fly this plane and it does fly well. My opinion on the esthetics is the panel lines are way too big and overhighlighted. I think it makes it look a bit cartoonish and not as scale as the Alfa P-47.
Feb 11, 2006, 10:25 PM
Registered User
E-Challenged's Avatar

Great Value

I agree on the overdone panel lines but it is a great flying model even on the stock geared 480, even a nice quiet gearbox. I would rig a steerable tail wheel for scale like taxi-out and taxi back maneuvers.
Feb 12, 2006, 01:21 AM
Hooper, full throttle!
Tommy D's Avatar
10 thumbs hit the nail on the head.

On mine I filled the pannel lines and repainted the model. That said this model flys so good I have considered selling my Alfa P-47. The e-Flite model takes a better beating and it's size makes it easier for me to see.

Looking at the changes Parkzone makde to the upcomming FW-190 it "fixed" a lot of troubles the PZ P-51 had. I would expect E-Flite to listen to the masses and do the same on there next warbird.

All in All this one is a winner!

Tommy D
Feb 19, 2006, 01:10 PM
Mini Obsessed
Shadrack's Avatar
One thing I find missing from most of the reviews on here are some basics facts such as run time on the recommended equipment.
Feb 19, 2006, 07:20 PM
kwhabq's Avatar

Gets my vote

This is by far the best priced and smoothest flying scale looking flyer I have seen anywhere. Hope eFlite can match it with their next offering.

Until you see the P-47 on a low slow flyby, you can't imagine how great it looks.

Feb 20, 2006, 12:47 PM
Rem The Wasp CV-7 9/15/42
SammyB's Avatar
I dont agree with it comming in hot.I think it comes in rather slow for a warbird. I have found it almost impossible to stall on a landing.
Mar 06, 2006, 09:30 PM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar
Good Review. For $80 you just can't beat the performance of this P-47. Works will with the stock motor and even better with a Brushless. Stalls nicely for grass landings. I Hope E-flight will make other planes just like this one......
Last edited by Crash9; Mar 09, 2006 at 03:37 PM.
Mar 08, 2006, 08:34 AM
"Have Glue - Will Travel"
dawnron1's Avatar
J. David,

Great review, and a very nice video too! I bought mine yesterday as a matter of fact After seeing your video, I can't wait to get mine up and flying!

Mar 08, 2006, 08:58 AM
of RC Guild
mordib's Avatar
Thanks for the comments guys... it really is a niceelectric warbird... Perhaps one of the best performing/values out there.

My CG may have been a little forward and that resulted in the hotter landings.

A little experimentation of moving it back 1/8" ata time will find the CG that's right for the individual.

Ronnie, enjoy your plane... you are gonna love it.
Mar 24, 2006, 12:22 PM
ProBro Eric in Jax
p0stal's Avatar
Hands down best electric bird going. Rigged with a outrunner 450 an 3cell lipo this one can't be beat
Apr 01, 2006, 05:33 AM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily

I love mine!

I love my E-Flite P-47. It's a "daily driver" for me, and it comes to the field with me as long as it's in good repair. My only real concerns are:
* Delicacy of the foam
* Structural weakness due to deep panel lines
* Difficulty removing the cowl without damaging it when taking it out of the box.
* Weak landing gear mounts. This appears to be a systemic problem with how this bird is glued at the factory, as the note in the box cautions about the weak motor mount and hinges.

I recently bought a new wing and elevator and glassed them before putting them on. This seems to make a huge difference in hangar rash and wing flex during pullouts. The plane flies really well even when it's really beaten up, but I like for my planes to look nice on fly-bys as well as fly nicely To their credit, the landing gear mounts don't feel like they are just going to fold when I give them a decent yank like a hard landing. I suspect E-Flite may have at least partially fixed the glue issues on this bird new.

I'm actually thinking of buying a second one and going with the elevator/aileron-only setup, no landing gear, and the stock brushed motor on 3S LiPo to see how it does. I enjoy the performance of the bird on the Park 450, but I've been watching videos of real P-47s in flight lately, and, well... my model is entirely too powerful and too fast!


My strongest recommendation for any new purchaser of this ARF is that it flies beautifully built exactly to plan, but it's not going to stay good-looking for long unless you find a way to cover/reinforce the weak spots in the foam:
* Tips and leading edges of wing and stabilizers
* The edges of the removable cockpit area. This gets a lot of handling for battery replacement, and the foam gets squished and scratched easily.
* The engine mount. This is going to get bunged out of alignment unless you pull and epoxy the mount stick.
* The hinges, if yours (like mine) didn't come fully glued.

It's a great flyer, and looks pretty good too. Maybe if I buy that second one, I'll feel better about trying the flaps, retracts, and smoker mods I've been considering...

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