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Jun 18, 2002, 10:36 AM
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Problem with Acrylic paints

Well I assumed something and you guessed it I shouldnt have. I have been using Model Masters water based ACRYL paint in my Badger brush and it has always worked great on foam. The only thing I dont like is the small amounts you get in the little bottles. I mean 1/2 of an ounce is not enough to cover lets say a Foxbat. And of course this paint isnt cheap. So I thought I would try some water based Acrylic house paint. Well after I thinned it down with water to many different viscosities it still will not cover foam very good it will not cover the small valleys in the foam and it goes on semi transparent. Is there another option than what I have tried to get get large quantities at a reasonable price?
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Jun 18, 2002, 12:57 PM
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You might want to try thinning with Floetrol instead of water. I've done that before with good results.

Also, the little vials (about the size of a roll of quarters) of "craft" acrylic paints are dirt cheap -- usally about $1-$2 per vial. Huge assortment of colors.

I just finished some pretty radical reconstruction of a fiberglass sailplane fuselage, and painted it with a red metallic craft acrylic paint, and it looks pretty good, particularly for the approximately $0.10 in paint it took to spray it!

Jun 18, 2002, 08:34 PM
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The best results I've achieved are with alcohol based acrylics, namely Tamiya and Gunze Sanjo. The Tamiya paint is thinned either with their thinner, (expensive) Iso-propypl alcohol, (better) or Methylated Spirits (dirt cheap) you can thin it 'til its more like a wash than a paint and it still covers perfectly. (though thin, of course!) The best results are with the consistancy of milk, and a couple of coats will do it. (Depending on the colour and what your painting over) They are only smallish containers, 13ml I seem too remember, but will cover a large area. (One to do a GWS tiger moth all-over in yellow, with two good coats, then another later when I decided to change to an aluminium finish. Three tins sky, dark earth and green for a 48" spitfire, etc.) Good range of colours, and that's where I go to Gunze if Tamiya don't have it, 'cause here they are a bit more expensive.
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Jun 18, 2002, 10:27 PM
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I painted an anti glare panel ( flat black ) on a jet like model with the Acrylic Latex house paint, thinned just enough to let the airbrush spray it, and it worked great. It was applied on top of Ultracoat heat shrink covering, and the spinner and was still stuck tight to both after the crash. Spinner was shattered but all pieces were still nicely painted!

Bad flight, good paint adhesion.

The Formula U enamel works great on foam and is cheap. My TM with a OD/tan camoflage paint job used about 1/4" out of the the 4 oz jars!!

Does take a couple of days to dry though.