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Jun 17, 2002, 04:56 PM
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Ripmax Alienator Mini-review

Just got back from a successfull maiden flight - this baby does exactly what it's advertised to do - fully aerobatic yet unstallable.
see URL=][/URL]

I was attracted to this arft as unlike twin jet et al, it has a front motor so can use all the standard motor/prop setups AND avoids the annoying noise the rear drive ones make. I lifted a drive straight out of the estreak (10x cp1700, endo, 2.8:1 & Aeronaut 11x6.5) and after about 2 evenings of fitting wooden spars, radio gear and a weird but effective motor mounting it was ready. Its one piece with battery access, thro a screw down top hatch. It got off easily from hand launch, no trim required - and flew incredibly smoothly - Sort of cross between a conventional e-streak type aerobatic and a delta. It has more drag than the estreak and all up weight is 45oz - 5 oz heavier, so will not go straight up on this setup. Also as it has a fair bit more drag from all the 'starwars' fins and things - so is not as fast - but well fast enough (eg faster than the other 4 slimmers at the field tonight). Rolls are fairly axial, and its smoothness generally flattered my skills - eg I felt confident in doing long low fast passes on 1st flight. The shape is strange in the sky - but its nice to see something interesting looking that works well. After fast landing Hotliners and estreaks - landing was dead easy - it slows down nicely without stalling, it really doesnt stall just looses speed with a slightly nose up attitude (so spot landings are back on the agenda again for me ) for 44 its a must have.
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Jun 17, 2002, 06:51 PM
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This does look like a good home for an E'streak power train !
Thanks for the report.

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Jun 18, 2002, 07:07 PM
Tragic case
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I reckon this plane is well named as far as looks go

Seems to have some good reviews however
Jun 18, 2002, 08:02 PM
Name it, I've crashed it
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I see that Tower sells a lot of the RipMax stuff but not this model. Then I went and did a search on "Easy Street" and look what I found.

It was kit for $32.99. Looks like the same kind of thing that Great Planes did with the EStreak kit to ARF.

Any thoughts on who in the U.S. sells the ARF version?


Jun 27, 2002, 05:06 PM
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How did you fit 10x1700 cells in ?
I am rebuilding mine and need some ideas since this was one of the problems with my old layout (which had 8x2100).

I also had problems keeping the nose up on landings which sort of spoiled my hopes of very high angle of attack spot landings (and caused me to spend a long time finding a suitable folding prop), you obviously don't have this problem. Did you move the COG or something ?
Jun 28, 2002, 05:40 AM
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Mark Sanders's Avatar
Hi mitchellj
After assembling the ply inner structure I powerfiled out a 10mm high ply rib which seemed to right in the middle of the battery bay. This gives massive space for up to 10 x 3000Mah - I've only tried upto 2400's but prefer the cp1700's for lightness. The cofg I flike is 5mm back from the recommended posn. ie 90 mm in front of main spar.

I've recently switched props to aeronaut 10 x 10 (approx ie 10 x 7 + 5 degree angled yoke). This is alot faster with the endo and 2.8:1 gear, and although motor calc says the time sholiud be the same I seem to get much longer flights - maybe because I now have to back off to save the wings being pulled off. This plane really rocks - its so smooth and can turn so tight, but it does drop quite quickly once power is off (thats compaired to the more streamlined stuff I normally fly). and as speed comes off, so does elevator authority - I usually land with full up elevator, but only slightly nose up - part of its 'no-stall' characteristic. Avoid low speed, low height maneovers with the nose pointing down - I guess that applies to all except 3D machines

Additionally - the foam used is standard expanded Polystyrene EP, (cheapskate ripmax) not the better expanded polyproylene EPP, as Multiplex use for picos and twins. PS is more prone to hanger, car and landing rash. I've got round this by using clear wide self adhesive tape to reinforce vunerable areas.

Mark, Windsor UK
Feb 12, 2003, 06:53 PM
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ANYONE for the ALIENATOR as a Slope Soarer???

Feb 19, 2003, 01:23 AM
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How thick is the wing and how wide is the wing's chord?

(I may try my hand at coverting on for sloping, since they are selling for ~$30 on Tower Hobbies.)
Feb 19, 2003, 03:42 AM
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Mark Sanders's Avatar
WOW $30 ...... snap it up for e power or slope - thats under half the UK price... a fantastic price for a VERY underated model. Mine is still flying like new - on rails over a massive speed range - with now 100's of flights under its belt. Only mod was to increase elevator area (see pic below) to give it more authority at low speeds. Still found no vices what so ever, and even without rudder servo attached can do all I want (including wingovers - by entering at slight angle). I'm still on Endo + 2.8:1 gear & 10 x 10 but may try BL soon for more continuous out of sight verticals.

Measuring sizes just shows how 'different' this shape is; here are the sizes Dave; Root thickness (just before wing becomes surface that goes to rear of plane, measured in line of flight) 26mm with a cord of 240mm. This tapers to19mm and 180mm at tip (excluding cut off rear corner).

Slope or Powered it can carry an enormous load eg 10 x 2400's or even more - due to big areas ..... Mark
Feb 24, 2003, 06:49 AM
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oldpilot's Avatar

I have only just got my Alienator kit, so haven't started on it yet.

I am building it as a sloper but in a way that it can be converted to E flight later on if I want to.

Only changes will be
1. An EPP nose instead of the plastic cone.
2. Delete the centre fin and increase the area and aspect ratio of the other two so it looks more like an S37 Berkut FSW.

Since I make a habit of buying a new Futaba Attack 2ER set for each new sloper, ($78.89 AUD,--- cheaper than two new servos and an RX and RX/charger switch.) , I cant make use of the rudder anyway.

Should have less drag, and penetrate better.

Cheers. Patrick.
Feb 24, 2003, 11:02 AM
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Thanks for the info guys! Mine should be here today. I have several projects to work on first, but I hope to have mine flying soon. (Contrators working on my house broke two of my planes!)

I'm also going to make an EPP nose. I had considered setting it up so that it can be powered by electric power too, but I also thought about covering it with tape to toughen it up for the slope. If I add tape, I won't make it convertable, since the tape will add weight.
Feb 24, 2003, 03:28 PM
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Mark Sanders's Avatar
At $30 I'd buy 2; one for slope with tape (yes it is polystyrene foam so vunerable to scratches on rock or heather landings). And one for e-power.
Feb 24, 2003, 05:33 PM
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Originally posted by Mark Sanders
I'm still on Endo + 2.8:1 gear & 10 x 10 but may try BL soon for more continuous out of sight verticals.
That's on 10 cells, right? Have you measured the current?

I have an Endo geared 2.8:1 on only 8 cells (RC2400s); with an Aeronaut CAM 10x8 that pulls 45A static. I normally fly it with 10x6 blades which drops the current to 37A.

With a 10x10 and 2 more cells your Endo must be leading a hard life (but it obviously copes)!
Feb 25, 2003, 07:56 AM
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Mark Sanders's Avatar
Yes Bill 10 cells cp1700's & 2000's. Current (from memory was 45-48amps on fresh pack - and i ASSUMED it unwinds in the air ;-). The endo does get hot, so I never fly 'back to back' to let it cool. (I fly something else for 15mins). But with this setup it seems to be fine. I really like the 10x10 .. a great combination of thrust and speed. Mark
Feb 25, 2003, 08:47 AM
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Originally posted by Mark Sanders
Current (from memory was 45-48amps on fresh pack
That's weird, I was definitely getting about 45A with the 10x8 and 8 cells! Perhaps my timing isn't optimal though, I just turned the end-bell till the rather scary firework display from the brushes stopped!! I went back to the 10x6 blades in the end as I got much better duration with only a slight drop in performance .. that's in a fairly sleek 1.6M V-tail 'warmliner'. But your setup sounds excellent, the Alienator obviously benefits from that extra pitch!

Have you had to replace the brushes on the Endo? I remember the E3D threads saying at those currents they wore out pretty quickly.

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