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Jun 13, 2002, 03:51 PM
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What is more exciting and popular F5D or F5B in USA?

I will move from flying those quickies 500 (AMA 428) to High Speed Electric Planes.

What is more exciting and popular F5D or F5B in the USA?

I live in Mexico, so is easy for me to go to race in the USA because our countries are close.

I don't know anybody in Mexico flying F5D or F5B, so if I go into this I have to fly any of F5D or F5B having more contest in USA or Canada.

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Jun 13, 2002, 04:52 PM
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There's not a lot of either, but if I were to say most popular I'd have to say F5B. Seems like everybody is flying some sort of F5B plane, But, very few actually fly the F5B competition. Same goes for F5D or Electric pylon, but there aren't many F5D races held here. The team trials and scattered practices are the only times people are flying around pylons. It is still very much a European dominated sport. I'm sure some day there will be more competitions but the general electric community in the US is more about relaxed flying than competing. In San Diego we do have monthly F5B and pylon races, but it is not serious competition like Q500 racing. There aren't enough people to run a racing series.
As far as most exciting?? For spectators and pilot I'd say pylon is more exciting. F5B is very challenging and a lot of fun to fly. There are more aspects to doing the F5B course than pylon and each one has to be done well to win. For me it's like Golf: I love to play it (poorly )but the best players must be competing for me to watch it on TV.
Nice thing for me is that most of the F5B guys around here like to race pylon for fun.
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