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Jan 23, 2006, 09:11 PM

assisted soaring,etc, tonite's observations along that topic

So I went out to get some Chinese take out, I managed to get there without
my Picolario and back, but not in time.

My two Catahoula's had managed to seek out a rubber maid container with
about 40 Cowboy cookies just made last nite and one of the best batches the
little lady had ever baked. (photos available..of the dogs not the cookies).

Between the two of them they ate every single cookie (Cowboy cookies were
chocolate chip with oatmeal)...

By the time I got home all that was left was crumbs on the floor.

Now I can't tell you if they would have felt less satisfied had they used a
Picolario to find that container versus just using their nose's to read the
air so I guess this isn't very definitive as to that topic, cuz they looked
pretty satisfied period....kind of like JB after a win with one....Picolario
that is, not Catahoula or Cowboy cookie.

However I can tell you that I would have very much preferred not to have
experienced the experiment at all.
The discussion continues...
and I am down to the shop building a club mate's Compulsion.

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