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Jan 22, 2006, 04:21 PM
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Build log/review of the Charger CR-2 and 3D Hobby Shop's landing gear

I was graciously provided a kit of this aerobatic flat foamy as well as a set of 3D-Hobby Shop's new flat foam aluminum landing gear. I have built/flown many flat foam airplanes and even though I am a hardcore heli guy - I never ever get tired of flying these little foamies!

The Kit -

Seen one foamy, seen 'em all - right? That's what I thought but I was really surprised at the quality of this thing. All the foam is laser-cut, so everything lines up perfectly and take alot of work out of building it. The airplane has neat little cut-outs for servos that fit the E-Flight servos like a glove - I liked that alot! It came with a flat carbon spar that slipped right into a slot pre-cut in the wing and the servo pushrods are metal ( I used carbon, but I always do...) The motor mount is a thing of beauty, took all of 5 minutes to completely mount a generic outrunner on the nose and it holds up very well!

The instructions are very brief, but since the airplane is so incredibly simple and easy to build - they are more than enough. I did deviate a little from the factory manual - I used a simple strip of packing tape along the seam of the control surfaces with a bevel cut into them. The instructions say to build double-sided hinges out of tape, but that was to much effort and time as well as being way more complicated - it will work great either way. I also added fillets in the fuselage to give the landing gear area a little more rigitity, not essential, but will make everything a little more crash tolerant.

The landing gear -

Real simple, real strong. All I had to do is cut out a square in the fuse right in front of the wing and glue in the provided plywood square. I then ran packing tape on the sides down the fuse a way to re-enforce everything. After that, i drilled two holes and mounted everything up, took about 10 minutes. It sure is nice to have real landing grear on a flat foamy now, I really enjoy doing touch and goes with this thing! We beat the living crap out of this landing gear by doing vertical and hard landings and the most we had to do was straiten the legs out from time to time with our hands - it's tough!

Conclusion -

This is a good airplane, with a good landing gear system that is a cinch to put together. I am flying it almost every day and would buy another one in a heartbeat!
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