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Jan 17, 2006, 11:33 PM
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Williams Brothers Model Products are coming back!

Hello all, yes, the products are coming back! If the admin allows, I will give you a short version of the press release, as seen in some of the magazines of late, and some background. Williams Bros, Inc closed their doors in December of 2004. The late Grainger's wife was no longer able to keep it running. I aquired the assets of the company, along with the name and rights, in March, and incorporated a new company in April of 2005 and created Williams Brothers Model Products (to preserve the name brand), under the corporation of Brett Industries, Inc in the state of Texas (There were too many Williams Brothers names in use in Texas- landscape, stores, etc). I quit a 12+ year career in semiconductor equipment manufacturing to do this, because it needed doin'. I am a modeler myself, and used their products quite a bit. So, I have spent the rest of 2005 moving all the equipment, and about 1000 boxes I packed, on 3 semi's to Taylor, Texas; then, setting up the factory, putting in infrastructure, and prepping the business to run. Production, and my learning curve, started in August. I never injected plastic before, but I figure semi equipment has about - no kidding- 10,000+ constants to tune the machine, and these plastic machines have about 50 knobs, so I can figure it out. So, after a couple of months of practice, reading, talking, we started really making parts, and actually starting to improve the products a bit. Every mold is a surprise waiting for me, so it's going to take a bit of time on the first run through, but we tackle them as they come. I'm fixing molds that need fixing, or at least putting their faults on a list for future improvements. As of now, we have produced all the guns, and all of the pilots, many of the cylinders, and some of the wheels. We're still in the start up mode, and there is more to go, and it gets rough when machines go down, and etc, but I'm determined to make this thing go. I didn't think it'd be a turn key project, and I was right, it's not. But, so far, it's going pretty well, and I have been able to satisfy most of the customers with parts. The only bad issue thus far is the 1/8 Wright J-5 cylinder mold is broken, but I have it at a mold maker's to be fixed. No official advertising has gone out yet, as I do not like to advertise when I don't feel effective in backing it up with inventory. My current projection is that ads might start in May issues. I have told distributors that I would not be ready to really supply them until May. There are 227 molds to go through, and it's going to take time the first round. And some are ok, some have issues in running, some need rework, some need adapters to fit the machines I have, etc. So, the mold set is like a box of chocolates.. if you know what I mean. But, we have been shipping orders, and doing direct sales, and sales to one distributor, sales to OEM makers of aircraft, and some dealers- usually special order for their customers. We've shipped overseas quite a bit now, and are in discussions with distributors in the UK and Australia. So, it's a slow process, but sometime during 2006, you should see the products starting to return to the local hobby shops. Wheels are the tough ones as they take additional assembly, but we are workng on those now. Most of the popular sizes and types have been made, but it's still a fraction of the whole line. The current web site is www.williamsbrothersmodelproducts.com and I am stepping very slowly into the world of web store! So that will also be coming in the future. A fresh new site is also in the works- Lots and lots to do, but it's on it's way, and we hope to see Williams Brothers' effort come back into existance in the hobby world- and stay 100% made in USA, which is the way they, and their heirs, wanted it. I thank you for your patience in this endeavour! Daniel Brett, President, Williams Brothers Model Products
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Jan 17, 2006, 11:53 PM
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Good luck in this endeavor!
Jan 18, 2006, 07:41 PM
hole digger
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I see you found e-zone OK. Thanks for the Lewis guns and good luck!

Jan 19, 2006, 09:29 AM
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Best of luck!
Jan 19, 2006, 09:03 PM
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Yeah, I couldn't see how all those expensive plastic injection molds could go to waste. The product is not a high dollar product, but has a niche. Nobody else seems to have decent, inexpensive pilots, which you can detail yourself. I was hoping this would happen.
Jan 21, 2006, 12:32 AM
I promise, just ONE more order
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I am so glad you took it upon yourself to make this work. I sure miss the Williams Brothers products and you are my hero!
I am specially fond of the 1/12 scale pilot busts that fit the GWS warbirds so well. I have never found another pilot that would fit. They were the best and just made the models. I need another supply of them now!
I wish you all the success with your endeavor and please try to be a regular here on RCG. You can really get a good feel for the hobby community here.
Best regards ,

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