"Wait and Wail... NEW Pike or Giant Wings, I just got some spares" - RC Groups
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Jan 10, 2006, 09:11 PM

"Wait and Wail... NEW Pike or Giant Wings, I just got some spares"

HI guys,
I had ordered two Pike wings for a guy who ended up out of work, so these
are available.

Both are the new light weight #68 full carbon layups.

The Giant wing isn't actually 'giant, but is the Brio slope racer airfoil
with a span extended to 130" and the surfaces cut a lot deeper than is used on
the race wing.

This is the wing that Jojo used so well during TD and I think F3J at the
Nats (although only at about 120") on his Pike fuse...and looking like the hot
wing for F3J this coming season.
Launches higher and gets around a lot more sky that the Superior wing, which
gets around pretty well as is :-)

I have one on my Pike and flew in Orlando, rainy foggy weather, and found it
to have superior hang time than the other planes (man on man).

How to decide? The Superior wing is a more comfortable fly, very reliable
in its performance and tendency...which has been proven all this past year
around the world. So if you want the wing that feels like a compulsion, the
Superior wing is the choice.

If you want a wing that takes more pilot action or for windier conditions,
and lands on rails, rips on a speed pass ,and launches a little higher, pulls a
lot harder for F3J, the Giant is the way to go. Its surfaces are GIANT!!!
Flaps are far deeper than the Superior. Foil is a lot thinner...(although
Micro Maxx, 368's fit both flap and ailerons, with only the slightest bump in the

Red bottoms, white tops, red tips.

Wings with joiners and hardware...
Superior $875
Giant $950

First YES takes them.
Split the shipping :-)
Michigan tonite