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Jun 08, 2002, 05:15 PM
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Just getting started in E Flight

I used to fly glow planes when I was younger but got away from it when my dad closed his shop. I am now a senior at Penn State earning a degree in Electrical Engineering. The idea of using my electical engineering background along with small scale planes seems like a great idea.

I have been looking at Herr Engineering kits. They are pretty small, they need to be since I live in an apartment. At first I really wanted to build a Gee Bee, but I thought I better start out easy. Easy = Piper Cub. Herr offers two versions, one with an 18 inch wing span, and one with a 35 1/2 inch wing span. Most of there other kits have 30 inch wing spans.

Question 1: Which should I build 18 or 35 1/2, remember I need to stay small.
Question 2: What should I put in the thing. Motor, servos, speed control, ect.
Question 3: How cheep can I do this, remember I'm in college, plus it's PSU, they love to take my money.
Question 4: Lets say I get the cub built and I'm happy with it, will a 25 inch wingspan Gee Bee be possible next?

Thanks for your time.

Rocky L. McCumbee

P.S. Is there a spell checker on this thing? I'm too lazy to proof read this.
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Jun 08, 2002, 05:59 PM
Been There! Done That!
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In my opinion you would be better off going with the Tiger Moth or GWS Cub as your small first plane and you can get in one cheap compared to your approach. Since you haven't been flying for awhile the foamies are a heck of a lot easier to repair and a lot of fun! If you have a local hobby shop that sells electric stuff go down and browse but don't get a firebird or such. Since you have flown before you want a rudder/elevator speed control ship.
Do a search on Tiger Moth or Cub
PS: Any GEE Bee I have ever seen or flown is a real handfull to fly!!!! Unless you have a lot of stick time it's crash city!!!
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Jun 08, 2002, 06:30 PM
Balsa Builder
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Hey Reap,
Welcome to Ezone, hope we can help you. Like Boomer said, the Tigermoth would be good. If you do buy one of Herr's Piper Cubs, I suggest getting their bigger RC Cub, I think the two you are looking at are both for rubber powered free flight. They have one that is a 48" wing, and one in their "breezy day parkflyer" series that has a 33" wing. Both of these would be good planes to fly. But I'd have to say getting back into the hobby that a foamie is a good way to go.