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Jul 06, 2006, 05:01 AM
No Guts No Glory
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Did not get very far...

My high hopes of getting the C-class build have been disappointed even with the great help of the other members on this thread. I was overrun with work and just did not find the time and state of mind to get the plane started. Other projects creep up (like studying, helping my Girlfriend moving into her new apartment, being a scientific assistant at the university) So that I can still get some experience in flying boats I bought a HVP Hu-16 Albatross ARF that I will finish in 2 weeks. The C.class will have to wait till it starts getting colder. Late but not forgotten! Many thanks for all the input.
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Jul 06, 2006, 07:26 AM
Registerd Beaver
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There's a chap named Peter Angus in the UK, he's either here or at the Wattflyer site.
He's done a few seaplanes.

Jul 06, 2006, 11:23 AM
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hi Kestrel ..I think you meant to say you've been studying and helping your Girl friend...its terrible language English for accidental double meanings

In my info thread there's a link to a comparison of the Cat and the 5 pages of chat should find something there ..the other thread to look at for comparison is the one on the Multiplex TS2 or the ones on the Broncos................

I also have a magazine articles on both I can send them if I can find your Email address?
Jul 06, 2006, 12:57 PM
No Guts No Glory
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Improved the english in my earlier post!

It helps taking the time to reread what one wrote! I have improved the english in my earlier post

Cheers Mv
Jul 06, 2006, 02:00 PM

I had an HVP Albatros...and know several others who have had them. Christian Ramoser (the VarioProp man) had one, too...he extended the nose to make it more scale; also added flaps.

I used 480 class motors and a 3000 mah 'round-cell" battery and used VarioProps on it, dialed to the lowest pitch they go to (3.2 inches pitch) and to fly scale, never went over 1/2 throttle.

Model is a challenge to get to take off from water - I flew most flights by throwing it gently (with full throttles); landing on land or water was no problem. I took off the tip floats when landing on land.

Be sure to get it balanced - I had to use a heavy battery, even with the heavy motors ahead of the Balance Point, to get it to balance. I don't think it will balance with lipo's and brushless motors, unless you use a Huge combination of lipo's!

Nov 23, 2007, 09:30 AM
Bernoulli Sucks
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Kestrel, are you still out there? Did anything come of your preparations? This is an old thread, but I happen to be undertaking the same project and found a link here. I'm at the part of the endeavour that the thread left off at, researching and preparing plans. I have the same free pics from the aforementioned websites, and know of 3 that will sell 1/24 plans:

These all are in Britain if I remember correctly, and the cost to me will be around $50 US to obtain plans. I'd rather not cough up the money if a reasonable means exists of obtaining a true scale pattern, but I will if I can be sure the ones for sale are what I require. Just a guess but somehow they all seem to be the same drawings, but from different vendors.

My intention is to do something like a 1/18 scale (76 inch span) model with differential speed for water steering and as much detail as I can handle. Will be adding working lights, all wires and aerials, windows, maybe some openable hatches, and true dual-horn aileron control and working flaps. Making a scale interior is going a bit too far I think, but there will be a full cockpit mockup. Removable wings are a must, and probably plug-in wingtips, however all joints, screws, and r/c gear will be hidden. Also beaching gear for static display. This project will require a large portion of my cunning and all of my skill to achieve a true scale appearance. In other words, if you had a picture of the model, you would have to look very closely to be sure it wasn't the real plane. Oh, and it will definitely be electric, too many drawbacks to gas (pity, that multi-engened drone is a big part of the allure of a large flying boat). Probably looking at a multi-year project here, as I will need more tools, skills, and time than I have now, but the payoff will be something I have dreamed of since childhood, a flying mini-replica of an incredible plane. Some of the 'boats being made here get my vote for the best r/c projects going. My motivation is to return to the air a beautiful and important part of aviation history, a work of art in it's own right which has not been seen in full-scale in over five decades. R/C brings the past alive. If you don't have vintage flying-boat fever, get it; I have it and I love it.

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Nov 23, 2007, 01:50 PM
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I have just received the 1:24 GA drawings from Len Whalley (the third of the links that you posted) .These are a CAD version of Brian Cassidy’s drawings whose web page is the second of the links that you posted: hence these two drawings are one and the same. I have no knowledge of the first link.
You probably know that no complete original drawings exist; the factory having destroyed all of its drawings of the ‘C’ class ‘boats. On his web site and in his book ‘Flying Empires’ Brian Cassidy explains his interest and the personal efforts that have gone in to obtaining information enough to recreate GA drawings, over a period of many years. Where doubt exists this is stated, so that the accuracy and provenance of the drawing can be verified and of course added to. The drawings are extremely impressive and obviously a labour of love! Hope this is of some help. Are you designing your model in CAD or on paper?
Nov 23, 2007, 02:09 PM
No Guts No Glory
kestrel2003's Avatar

Not much further

But I got many other projects going, but this one is still on the list. Good luck on yours! It is true that the C-Class is very distinguished and an truly beautiful plane.
Nov 24, 2007, 09:21 AM
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My C-Class Project

hi guys,

here are some pics of my empire-project:
Nov 24, 2007, 10:01 PM
Bernoulli Sucks
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mawarn: Wow, that's a lot of foam! The profile is looking nice, good luck with her (don't forget to post some updates for us empire fans). Your plans look like Cassidy's drawings. Did you enlarge them or is that the size as ordered (1/24th I'm guessing)?

paulbw: Did you find the GA plans useful for creating r/c plans (fuselage cross sections in particular)? I am planning to use paper, as CAD is a project in itself. I'm pretty good at spatial reasoning, etc, so I'll only resort to CAD if the complexity is too much.

Kestrel: I'm wondering which projects you favor over the C-Class! Would you move it up the list if we all asked nicely?

What name is everyone planning to model? I think it would be cool if we all had different boats, a second worldwide fleet of Empires. Ted Russell's of course is Caledonia. I was considering Cambria, but will finish reading Flying Empires before I decide on my favorite.
Nov 25, 2007, 04:27 AM
Bernoulli Sucks
Iron Cross's Avatar
Kiwi, you wouldn't be biased now would you? That one is currently on my short list. I've always loved the name Aotearoa (Land of the long white cloud) and New Zealand in general. Plus, my name being Zack, the ZK registered boats catch my attention. I'm not crazy about the paint scheme, or using a name that doesn't start with C though. Decisions, decisions.
Nov 25, 2007, 06:35 AM
Registered User

I am currently building a 2m span Short solent.

Nov 26, 2007, 06:21 AM
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Kestrel 2003: hope you do not mind all this activity on your old thread?! There is a lot of interest in these ‘boats and it would be good to see a cluster of builds taking shape…!

Iron Cross: ‘Did you find the GA plans useful for creating r/c plans (fuselage cross sections in particular)? I am planning to use paper, as CAD is a project in itself. I'm pretty good at spatial reasoning, etc, so I'll only resort to CAD if the complexity is too much.’

Zack, I bought the GA drawings in order to short-cut the creation of fuselage cross sections and to try and use the most accurate information set that I could find. There is a wealth of clear detail on them. I am pretty capable of adding my own inaccuracies, so starting from these plans – which I have yet to do – seemed to be a good starting point. I too am not CAD based and I am still at the thinking/planning stage with this project. I tend to start with a spread sheet for a chosen scale and a GA blown up to the correct size – if possible! The reason I asked about your design intention is that if the drawings are already CAD based then it would be possible to take the short-cut of scaling the GA drawings to any reasonable size and kick-start the model design process (read save myself a lot of work!). Have you yet decided on a scale and a design weight and power system?

Kiwi: Thanks for egging us on! I will not have to arrive at a decision on which ‘boat I model for some time but the long-white-cloud does beckon – but so do all the others! I’m still sticking pins into numbers on paper to settle on some basic design decisions – scale, power, do-able weights etc.

Mawarn & Simhatus: You are in front of us at the planning stages, being well on with your builds; are you going to post threads here on RCG? What finished weights are you aiming at? Good luck with your projects and please start threads and tell us more, lots more!
Nov 26, 2007, 09:42 AM
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Go for it guys!
Mawarn that looks very very promising .............. !

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