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Dec 29, 2005, 06:56 PM
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My mini foam electric- converting 2 glow! help

hi -
after previous trials at making a little plastic body foam wing/tail low wing plane called the challenger = it not working

well not being powerful enough to go anywhere with a 480

i decided to convert to glow
no going bk as allready started
i need to know what i need to do to make it work

i think some people build the frame up with balsa wood but its small and fiddly

and the plastic body is quite strong anyway

so heres what ive done and some picts----

- removed plastic 'firewall' with metal round mount on
- removed rubbish sticky decals from design saying 'electric powered'
- tested an os .10 really old but works great enough power
- oh yer wingspan about 88cm)
-removed ESC and motor cables and receiver temporarily
-(has a little 4 chann micro receiver in - range shud be good enough)
-(ignore my typing im 15 )
- replaced foam wheels with a bit bigger rubber air filled tires
- removed plastic cowling
- disables rudder and removed rod
- threaded metal rod through ridder fin and rudder to keep rudder straight
- disables steerable wheel and made into skid so wont catch on grass
- switched servos round so control for elevator and throttle in plane bay
- so elevator / throttle / aileron controls overall - dont need rudder
-placed rod in plastic tube for throttle to engine
- made a thick balsa firewall to epoxy in and rivet in
(- ///what shud i paint firewall with to stop oil/fuel soaking in?)(+black)
- drilled holes in firewall
got a small 4x AAA receiver rechargeable pack for electrics /servos
(!!!!more than half the weight of standard battery!)
will foam pack the receiver and nicad
and ive got a 2 oz fuel tankto fit in the front just right size
will make template to hold in place + foam

what else ?
i also want to make better wing mounting and will replace naff plastic holding points in wing with twin balsa dowel rods epoxied into wing to slot into two holes in wing mount on the bosy of it so it will not move in flight!

have two wings

its on 35.20 or 020 frequency ? ?thpkmjsg

what else see picts thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my os .10 i got for a tenner!


these are a little old - ive done more will update wen i get help?

diddy 4.8v rx nicad

why did i put this here - my lovely tutor never crashed flown 1nce

well i look forward to ure comments and help!
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Dec 29, 2005, 07:03 PM
Thread OP
oh yer and where on my balsa mount shud i bolt the engine + diddy os .10 mount too ?where abouts shoud the shaft be the middle of the body? so centered prop around body ?
this is a great old os .10 you wont beleive me but - i know i shudnt have - i bolted this oS .10 to a box and made an rc box!!!!!!!!!
i call it : THE BOX!!!

with KNEX wheels and steerable rear wheel trike!
and drove it down the road under full control ! went really fast - had toow weigh the back down so it didnt nose forward - see rc box with puller fan prop on front os .10
so i stuck a big 20 ounce or so tank full on the back and it still went really fast!

no enough of my crazy ideas!

HELP PLEASE WITH the PLANE!!!!!!!! converting to glow

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