Can i use an FMA Direct mini 30 esc with an 0.5, 7.2V, 3:0:1 ???... - RC Groups
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Jun 04, 2002, 02:40 PM
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Can i use an FMA Direct mini 30 esc with an 0.5, 7.2V, 3:0:1 ???...

Hi guys.

I don't have any experience with this and i would like to know if some one can help me to se if the esc i'm "planning" to install in my 2M Spirit can handle all the electricity for a Master airscrew 0.5, 7.2V motor with a 3:0:1 gear. The power (Not sure yet) is an AA 8 cel pack. I don't know the amps of the cells because i don't have volt/amp meter :-(...(Soon) The esc is an FMA Direct SC30 Mini 30. In the spects sheet i so is rated for; 5-10 cells. Down to 20 turns. I think this is the number of wire turns in the motor(?. I'm not sure)...

2 Hitec 55 servos and a Micro Hitec 555 receiver.

I had to cut and crave part of the nose to fit the spinner and the gear box. I'm not complete satisfied with the result. The motor is like resting on a pice of plywood. I cover the gear box with reynols plastic and injected some silicone arround the gear and in the fuselage tip. Messsssss...
I was thinking in take the gear/silicone off and try to se if i can use the motor as direct drive, but maybe this can be to hard for the motor right ?. And with this configuration the fuselage has to be resheeted on the walls.
Also the idea for 2 air inlets directed to the esc is flying arround...

Well. That is all... Thanks guys.

ermit :-)...
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Jun 04, 2002, 03:32 PM
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The ESC should be alright, because I use a GP 30 amp ESC on my Spirit with 05 direct drive on 7 or 8 x 1600 mAh packs, and it gets just a little warm after a full-throttle run. (It will burn a 25 amp fuse, however.)

Also, in my opinion, sub-micro servos like HS-55 do not have enough torque for a 2M; you might want to try micro-servos like HS-81.

Jun 04, 2002, 06:27 PM
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Thank you Chung, :-)...

What do you think. Should i use the same foldable prop for the direct drive?. I don't have the size now, untill tomorow. But is the one with the kit. Any way. I'll tell you... And thanks again for the tip about the servos ...