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Sylvan's Goliath Flying Wing ARF Review

Peter Sussman explores this highly portable, versatile, almost indestructable, maneuverable and fun to fly airplane!

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Kit Contents

Wing Area:85.4 sq. in.
Weight:3.7 oz.
Wing Loading:6.2 oz/sq. ft.
Servos:2 pico type
Transmitter:Futaba (with elevon mixing)
Receiver:GWS 4 Channel
Battery:(brushed) 450mah 2 cell LiPoly (brushless) 2s 400mah and 3s 730mah
Motor:GWS EDP 50 (incl!) (or) Feigao 3600-5400 KV motors
ESC:GWS ICS-100, 5A (not incl.) (or) Brushless 10A
Manuf./ Avail. from:Sylvan Aircraft

Kit Includes:

  • GWS EDP50 motor (included! in brushed version) & motor mount
  • qty 2 GWS 3x2 props (3x3 available upon request)
  • CNC precision-cut EPP foam wing cores
  • Coroplast winglets
  • Balsa elevons
  • micro control horns
  • Velcro for battery mounting
  • Fiberglass strapping
  • Covering tape -- order desired colors
  • sandpaper and other misc. items


  • 3M77 adhesive
  • Battery -- 2s 340-700mAh Lipoly pack

(brushless version up to 700 3s)

Epoxy, CA, and other hobby items

  • 3-ch Transmitter with elevon mixing
  • 1 micro receiver
  • 2 servos, 5-6g each
  • ESC, 5A

I have always been fasinated with small aircraft and flying wings, together I have found they make a very nice combination! Enter the Goliath by Sylvan aircraft.

When I first opened the box, I found a nicely packed kit with many protective foam noodles. Two pink foam inserts were glued into the box to prevent rocking of the kit’s contents. My kit came without any hint of shipping damage due to this effective packaging. After making sure all the parts of the Goliath were present, I was ready to begin the assembly process. Again, I was impressed with the overall quality and completeness of the hardware supplied in the kit.


Some Highlights:

  • The foam material was very porous which also made it very resilient. I used a higher grit sandpaper than I would on a less porous foam, as not to rip up the foam’s surface.
  • The supplied tape (select color when ordering) did not stick well to the bare surface. I was sure to use the recommended 3m 77 spray adhesive to close the extra pores in the foam. After this was done, the tape stuck well.
  • I was happy to find that the there were a lot of the included covering material left over for other projects (or repairs to the wing).


I decided to hold off on burying the battery until I found a CG that was right for my style of flying. I used some of the included Velcro and attained the recommended starting CG about 3 ˝ inches back from the nose. I decided to go with a 450Mah 2s LiPo as a battery. This gave a good balance between flight time and maneuverability. My final decision was to maintain the CG at 3-1/2".

Now it was time for the maiden flight!



I gave the wing a swift toss and applied power (as not to get nicked by the prop). The Goliath climbed out smoothly(and quickly!) on the included EDP-50 power system. After a few "gentle" laps around the field getting used to orientation and the Goliath's flying characteristics, the time came to test out some of the Goliath’s capabilities. Fast flight and slow flight were both in good compromise of each other and the wing was able to “float” in for landing with the best. I cut the power and glided in from about 20 feet and the Goliath came to a stop right in front of me.


The wing felt very solid when flying and tracked very straight through all maneuvers. Rolls were quick and pretty axial and loops from level flight were attained with full power applied. On the second flight I was daring enough to take it through all of these maneuvers and wasn't suprised by any bad tendencies. The Goliath is most fun at fast speeds and a quick fly by looks cool. I was very impressed with the all out maneuverability.

Possibly the best way to describe flying the Goliath, was like flying a radio controlled boomerang!

I have found the aerobatic capability of the Goliath is only limited by its power system. Altough it flys well on the included EDP-50 a brushless would really make this wing shine. You can order the Goliath without a power system and add your own.

As with any wing -- they are usually very sensitive in the axis of pitch -- I was careful not to stall the wing, as it easily could get into trouble quickly if close to the ground. When I did hit the ground (I have dumb thumbed the Goliath in on occasion), I was able to just relaunch, without any damage or repairs.


Take Off and Landings

Launch the same way as the brushed version. and watch the wing climb out after a few feet at a good 60 degree angle. Get ready for some high speed fun!


Wow is all I could say after my first brushless flights. The Goliath tears up the sky at ridiculous speeds. With my 5400kv feigao strapped in running on 2 cells, I was able to do nearly unlimited vertical climbouts and blistering fast passes. With the additional weight of components you have to keep the wing traveling a bit faster than the brushed version but nothing unmanagable. I was still able to feel the wing "floating" when power was reduced to near nothing. I was sure to dial in plenty of negative exponential before attempting the first flight which cured the common twitchyness problem at high speeds that many aircraft encounter. Loops can be completed at around half power and rolls are very very quick.

I left the Velcro on top to experiment with other batteries.

Flight Video:


Editor's Note: We were anxious to get this live in time for the last minute Holiday shoppers! Stop back soon for more extensive flight video and photos!


If you are looking for a highly portable, versatile, almost indestructable, maneuverable and fun to fly airplane, I highly recommend the Goliath. With quick assembly time and inexpensive radio setup, this truly is a good choice for someone looking to get into flying wings. The wing itself may not be a goliath, but its performance sure is! Sylvan aircraft has several other flying wing kits. I can't wait to try those and see what is available from them in the future!


  • Easy build
  • Small size
  • Fun to fly


  • Limited by power in some cases (with stock edp-50)

disregard for brushless version :)1013648

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Stop in soon for the brushless updated review!
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No sound on the 19 second video? Images that are no bigger than the thumbnail they represent? Are you aiming to please the people on 14.4 Kbps?
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pictures will be updated too as well as the video.
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maybe someone else can fly and you can video, see if you can do better at keeping her in frame, focused, centered and such?

if we can't get better, i think i will just re-publish it as it was, tell folks we werent able to get the new footage in place, and call it done.
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I still have to get inflight shots.. I guess I should have gotten the stuff done before we pulled it down so I had it all ready.. really sorry.. these are the things that I dont think about ahead of time sometimes. that video wasnt meant to be the video but was what I got so far. I am taking it out next weekend. I dont know who I could get to fly it but the thing is indestructable so maybe a capable club member can take it.

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