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Dec 20, 2005, 11:35 AM
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Clean lines when painting in the mold?

I'm having a hard time getting consistently perfect paint edges when using masking tape in the molds... As I remove the masking tape, the paint wants to lift from the mold or tear in an uneven way. I realize that the angle of the pull of the masking tape definitely has an effect... Even if I pull away from the paint and at 180 degrees to the mold surface, the paint tends to tear slightly unevenly.

Usually, I remove the tape after the paint is completely dry. I tried doing it when it was still a little wet and didn't get the lifting issue but still got an uneven line...

I'm using Frekote 700, a really slippery release agent, instead of wax or PVA. Is is possible that this release agent just doesn't allow enough adhesion to get a clean line?

I'm using simple Krylon spraypaints... Any ideas?


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Dec 20, 2005, 04:33 PM
Remove the tape right after painting when still wet.
You could also paint the mould without your tape and do the epoxy layup. After opening the mould just "clean" the joining.
Dec 20, 2005, 06:01 PM
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The trouble I'm having is not the edges of the wing but when I use masking tape to create patterns on the main surfaces such as tip color accents, etc...

Also, assuming that the painting requires multiple coats, are you removing the tape while the first coat is still wet then reapplying the mask for the subsequent coats?

Dec 20, 2005, 10:34 PM
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I understand that if you paint a clear coat on first that will help keep the paint in place better.

Dec 20, 2005, 11:51 PM
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If your using regular masking tape you might want to try the blue painters tape from Scotch.
Check out and click on the orange Delicate Surfaces tab. This tape is smooth unlike regular masking tape so paint cant get under it.
You do need to remove the tape before the paint is dry to stop it from lifting. If that means you need to do one color then let it dry then thats what you need to do.

I'm painting some mylars for an Apogee wing and it's three colors. I sprayed the blue and white stars and am drying it before the red and white stripes. It kind of looks like this except smaller.
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Dec 21, 2005, 01:25 AM
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I'll try the clearcoat approach tomorrow. Guess I'll just have to be careful that I don't lift the clearcoat too. I'll get some of that Scotch 2090 too, I imagine that'll help.

Thanks Guys
Dec 21, 2005, 07:03 AM
My other TX is a P4000.
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That is a wonderful painting scheme.

Dec 21, 2005, 10:46 AM
You can get a special masking tape for airbrushing. It`s not so adhesive like ordinary tape.
I know it exists but I`ve never try it.
The blue tape from scotch is very flexible- good for masking curves but still adhesive. Maybe you should try the yellow one?
I can see your problem, but the good thing is that your release agent is working
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