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Jun 02, 2002, 04:11 PM
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Could someone help me find a plane that fits these specifications?

This is my first time ever purchasing a plane (Or else I wouldn't be posting here!), and as far as I know, there aren't any Hobby Shops in my area. That means no Instructors to help me fly, so I need your help in choosing a plane!

1) Durability. I need a plane that can take loads of pounding. I live in the country, so the terrrain around me isn't very forgiving (Barely any asphalt, it's all fields, so even though it provides great flying area, I have no space to take off or land). Also, since there aren't any instructors to help me out, so I'm probably going to screw up a few times. I want a plane that can last, because since there are no Hobby Shops here, if it breaks, I'll be lost on what to do.

2) ARF. I don't have much free time (Not even an hour an evening) because of school and volleyball, so I need a plane that I can spend more time flying than assembling! Also, seeing something that I've worked on for 8+ hours breaking on my first few flights would probably crush this hobby in my mind, forever.

3) Soaring. I'd like a plane that has a very long fly time, and soars (Probably a glider), but most soaring planes can't perform tricks. Now, I know I'm new, and I shouldn't expect to be able to perform figure 8 barrel rolls (Or whatever the complicated aerobatics are called ), but a few loops would be helpful.

So, any suggestions? Money isn't an object here, I've been saving for this for a while, so suggest whatever you think would be best! Thanks.
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Jun 02, 2002, 04:40 PM
Balsa Builder
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Check out the T-52 from JK Aerotech. Its cheap, durable, and goes together quickly. Do a search for it here on Ezone and you'll find various upgrades people have do to make them fly better. Its foam and packing tape, so it isn't the most pretty, but it serves its purpose.

If all you have are fields around you, tall grass is better than asphalt any day for survivability.

Just offhand, where are you located, there might be people in your area you don't know about. There are Ezoners from all over the world here so we could probably place one pretty close to you.

Oh and welcome to Ezone.

Jun 02, 2002, 04:53 PM
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I live in Hershey, PA.

Good looking plane, and it's cheap! I'll keep that in mind when I make a purchase, thanks. Any others? I want to explore my options.
Jun 02, 2002, 05:10 PM
Dead stick!!
Peter Young's Avatar
Combat Wing - a ready to fly Zagi type plane. I suspect you will find it frustrating initially as I don't think these are easy to fly for absolute beginners, but if you stick at it you wont outgrow this one:

A much cheaper option is a Hitec Sky Scooter. With a Nimh battery pack and the mods that are described on the web site (change the prop etc) these are good fun, very durable, easy to repair, relatively cheap, and great to learn on.

Another great beginners plane is the Firebird XL (don't have a web site - sorry). These are very easy to fly, very little work to put together (as with the other 2), come standard with a Nimh battery which means you get long flight times. Downsides are that you MUST fly in very light conditions (especially when learning) - i.e. not suitable on windy or even breezy days. This is also a very cheap option - great value for money if you just want to try out RC flying before commiting. Also this would be the best option if you are teaching yourself (even comes with a video to help you with the first flight).

Hope this helps
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Jun 02, 2002, 05:15 PM
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The XR Combat seems appealing...

And $240 doesn't seem like a whole lot of money to dish out for one. I'd probably get the RTF version, but what's "Ultracote"? From the sound, it seems like a coating put on the wings, but could someone please explain?
Jun 02, 2002, 05:26 PM
high-speed freak
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get yourself one of the rtf combat wings. it's a pain to learn, but they'll last. and, if you're not willing to put in time due to other commitments, you'll have to make do with this kind of plane... rc is a time-intensive hobby (building), even with arf's.
Jun 02, 2002, 05:57 PM
Dead stick!!
Peter Young's Avatar
Ultracote is a plastic film or tape covering the EPP foam wing. These planes are very durable - the Combat Wing seems to overcome the Zagi weak-spot which is the light plastic battery canopy.

A Firebird XL is about $100 ready to fly including radio. Don't forget with the Combat Wing you are looking at battery ($25), charger ($30-40), speed controller ($40), radio ($100 to $200) on top of the plane cost. Depends on whether you are sure you want to commit to RC flying.
Jun 02, 2002, 06:07 PM
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Ouch! Now it doesn't seem so appealing...

I've found a local hobbystore, purely dedicated to RC Airplanes, great! Thanks for your help guys, but now that I found an instructor, I'm sure I can deal with an ARF or even a kit.
Jun 02, 2002, 11:53 PM
Balsa Builder
Paul Susbauer's Avatar
Good luck with learning. Oh, let us all know what you end up getting.