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Dec 02, 2005, 11:44 AM
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A list of things that can go wrong

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Dec 02, 2005, 04:26 PM
Good Better Best quest.
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Nice job I only found 2 errors but they dont alter the intent
item 9 for sailing read ''flying.''
item 15 the saying is '' life is tough.''
another nice reference to the list.
Dec 02, 2005, 04:38 PM
Flying motor mount master
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I'd say in number 19)
Do the noload test with a 2S to start with. No need to smoke the motor right away if you don't have to... remember this is the first time you start the motor!!!

One other one you can add to winding:
After winding each phase take a continuity tester and check to see if there are no shorts. If there is one, start over, if not move on to winding the next phase!!

Keep up the good work!
Dec 03, 2005, 07:51 AM
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Dec 03, 2005, 10:41 AM
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Looks very helpful. Here are a bunch of suggestions:

4: Is it worth mentioning that 100% is slightly greater than what is optimum? It is good to have gaps between magnets and this should be greater than the gap to the stator to help prevent flux leakage (ie: flux simply flowing between magnets instead of interacting with the stator).

5: Are you sure about 9T/6P motors being noisy? Mine have never been. I find that the AAABBBCCC winding is noisy (8 and 10P).

7a: I'm not sure the I agree with (or perhaps misunderstand) this section. Magnets only repel when in side-by-side cascade (NN). They attract when cascaded to increase thickness. I can suggest new wording if you wish.

14. Most of my shorts occur where the wire goes around the corners of the head of the tooth (because they are pointed and sharp). Its easy to press these wires away from the head with a fingernail and usually saves a rewind.

15. Another implication of untidy winding is that 'inside' head can foul the rotor. It is good to apply epoxy to the wires on this head so they cannot drift. Press and hold it flat while the epoxy cures.

I would add to 25:
Do not grind down the tooth heads (or skim in a lathe) to reduce the stator diameter. This creates short circuits between the stator laminates at a critical position (where the flux is flowing between the stator and the magnets).

8. It can be inevitable that you have to file down a tooth but perhaps point out the negative implications (25 above).

Do you cover mounting the motor anywhere? With outrunners it is easy for the rotor to cut the 3 wires coming out of it. Also, nothing must touch the rotor while it is running (eg the side of the fuz or loose things in the fuz).
Dec 03, 2005, 01:33 PM
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