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Nov 24, 2005, 05:20 PM
sloping addict
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Charger Pulsar 2 and cells permormance report

Hi all, I have just received my new Elprog Pulsar2 charger.
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Although it looks very small, guess which charger is the big one compared to my other charger Ultra Duo Profi

The main + of this charger are the 250W / 10A charge rate which, coupled with thermal probe and inflex (+deltapeak) charge termination modes, allow to charge just about any performance cell @ 10A without heating much at all.
Add to that discharge up to 250W also feeding the energy back to car batt, a Ri meter function, PC SW, Lipo support with settable end voltage by 0.01V steps, fast charge Lipo capability, reflex capability (can be disactivated) and very compact design (heatsink is inside the charger with airflow going through it from right to left), and price lower than an orbit Microlader pro and you've got a nice little package. Oh, and it is quite silent with the fan on.

I tried on GP3300 & RC2400 and these cells did not reach even close to 30C at the end of the charge at 8 to 10A charge rates (from almost empty) !
Then I tried old Sanyo FAUP 1950 Nimh from completely discharged state: for no identified reason (yet) the FAUP pack stopped charging after 5 min @ 27C, 20.5V and flat charging curve (no delta peak or inflexion point reached...). I restarted it and it finished charging allright, current was getting limited by the charger though (@ 9.6A ). Charge terminated @ 53.4C (perfect for sport flying !), 20.9V, 2000 mAh, just after the voltage inflexion point, preventing overcharging / overheating and the pressure to build up in the cells. This is the key point. This inflex mode is what will give the cells long lifetime by avoiding pressure to build up even when charged at 3-5C
That was my first attempt to charge cells @ 5C and it looks successful. Now the problem is with IB3800 10A will not heat them up much at all. We now need 20A / 500W chargers mister manufacturers

Below with my new assembled 16cells IB3800 packs !
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Nov 24, 2005, 05:41 PM
sloping addict
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So now about the cells performance. I used the (limited) Ri measurement function of the charger.
The cells were cold but when warm the difference was not significant.

It could only measure 16 cells packs @ 1.3Amps so I adjusted all packs at this value - Do not consider these measurement in an absolute way, they are only valid for cell to cell comparisons.
Also note my Intellect 3800 & GP1100 packs are brand new, GP3300 and RC 2400 are ~2 years old (but not used very much), FAUP 1950 and Sanyo 3000 almost 3 years (not used too much either).

16 cells IB3800 pack #1: 21.351V 0.023 ohms cold
16 cells IB3800 pack #2: 21.372V 0.022 ohms cold
10 cells GP3300 pack: 14.067V 0.018 ohms (avg) 25C
10 cells RC2400 Nicad: 13.655V 0.017 ohms cold (0.022 when measured in Nimh mode)
14 cells FAUP 1950 Nimh: 19.362V 0.047 ohms 24C
4 cells pack GP1100: 5.125V 0.022 ohms cold
TX pack 6 cells Sanyo 3000 NimH: 7.649V - 0.035 ohms cold

Per cell this gives roughly in mOhms:
IB 3800: 1.4
GP 3300: 1.8
RC 2400: 1.7 - 2.2
FAUP 1950: 3.4
GP 1100: 5.5
Sanyo 3000: 5.8

Again these are measured at very low discharge rate and may only be considered as an indication of wether cells will be good or bad. eg I can confirm you the Sanyo 3000 indeed perform very bad even at 20A, they are only good for my TX set... Looks promising (as expected) for the IB cells, especially these were just slow charged once and that was a week ago.

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