Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor
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Old Jan 05, 2010, 07:57 PM
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SARG5 from Kansas here.

I am new to e-flite. Hung all the nitro up. Have two new e-planes in the hanger. One not quite ready.

I need help, and Please keep it simple. I assume that someplace in all of this reading the information I am looking for is there. Just have not found it.
With all the concern on batteries on fire, etc. etc. I need a info. chart that is layed out so a dumb, dumb can understand it.
As an example: My new out of the box Magister by multiplex. Came with two RED BATTERIES. Yep!! Not a word written on them. After some time and emails, found out was a NiMh , 8s, 3000.
With my EasyStar, I have purchased LiPo 2100 3s.

BUT NO PLACE DOES anything tell me
What is the [Capacity in mAh]? Heck, I do not even know what this means
How do I know when a batterie is full charged,
How do I know when it is down to 80%, and needs recharged.
I did not even know [by reading the manual on my charger] that you pluged the Charger and the Balance in at the same time.
I have a Hyperion AC/DC EOSO606iAD-C.

Is there not a manual, or something out there that will list all [or most all] is the information that a new to e-flite needs to know. Believe me, I HAVE BEEN READING, READING AND MORE. You experts in the game, talk about all of the watts, volts, balance, power, props, ESC, . I need for it to be kept simple. I am almost sure that someplace in all of these threds some has put something together for folks like me.

PS/ Like right now. I do not know
1. When the NiMh batterie will be full charged.
2. I am not confortable that my charger will stop, or end when this batterie is at full charge.
3. I have been told to set my charger for NiCd to charge the NiMh, because if I have it set on NiMh, it may not go to a full charge. [what ever full charge is.??]

Enough for now
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Old Jan 07, 2010, 07:38 PM
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Welcome to a non-boring type of flying.

Ounces per square foot of wing loading calculator..................A motor calculator that also gives WOT flight time.

Those 2 are to me, the most important pieces of information.

On a keyboard you can zero right in to a VERY GOOD selection.

Old Jan 07, 2010, 07:47 PM
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Battery charger?

I wisely got lucky with a FMA Cell Pro 4.
It is a connect the pack and it balances, charges, tops off to 100% & then SHUTS OFF ALL charging. Safe.
Mine is only used for the very safe batteries, LIFEPO4. They do not burst into flames when over or under charged. They simply open a pressure valve and die with no heat.
I know that is true because I have over charged several of them on a NICAD / NIMH charger at a field. Stupid. Yes. Truthfull. Yes.

Old Nov 08, 2014, 03:32 AM
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Thanks for the good information.
These data can be useful.

Old Nov 27, 2014, 01:21 AM
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Thanks for the good information.
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Thank you for information


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