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May 28, 2002, 12:20 PM
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The T-Hawk 3CH RTF

HEY! i just baught the t-hawk and i want to know what people think of it from reading the page;
This is my second plane and i want to know what other people used as there second or even first plane.. anyway, thanks!
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May 28, 2002, 03:57 PM
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emarkay's Avatar
An excellent flyer - see my new post for question about adding a throttle! Loose the wheels and this thing flies GREAT! - but watch out for that prop, it will amputate!
May 28, 2002, 04:21 PM
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Have you guys tried it's smaller cousin - the E-Gull? If yes, how does it compare?
May 28, 2002, 06:17 PM
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T-Hawk vs. E-Gull

See post here for some E-Gull comments.

I also discard the wheels, and trim a bit off the tail surfaces (less tendancy to weathervane in crosswinds), and adjust the v-tail not with the screws, but have added small 'trim tabs" of tape. At hi speeds they have LESS effect (due to airflow) and so I adjust for a perfect power OFF glide with them.

Those props break real easy, so make sure you have spares, and the tail boom is a bit more fragile than it needs to be, so I reinforced it with aluminum tape. Paint the underside of the wings with stripes or whatever, because at altitude it is hard to see if it is inverted or not!

A great value for under a hundred bucks and I have 2 of them! Love them.

The T-Hawk is more powerful, heaver and has NO THROTTLE (on/off only - BUT THERE IS A MOD FOR THAT....), but is infinitely more controlable due to the 2 axis control of rudder and elevator.

An also awesome flyer and worth every penny...

They compliment each other and while I think the E-Gull is actually more difficult to fly and a bit more unstable(relatively) than the T-Hawk, they are both great novice as well as expert planes.

May 28, 2002, 09:18 PM
Prop Bitten.....
emberstar's Avatar
I bought the T-Hawk as a way to get back into the hobby (after a six year retirement) I flew it last week for the first time. I have to admit that am very pleased with it. Even with my "rusty fingers", I have logged 12 flights; so far no major damage. I even blew a landing and flew it into a cinderblock wall - and I only managed to scrape the nose up. It is responsive and will even do a bit of thermalling. I might do the speed controller mod, but right now its perfect for some low stress lunch break flying.
May 28, 2002, 10:19 PM
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zagisrule!'s Avatar
Is the radio in a standard configuration, ie elevator & rudder on same stick?
May 29, 2002, 11:13 AM
Prop Bitten.....
emberstar's Avatar
No, the provided control has the standard 2 channel set up, right stick for rudder, left for elevator, and a seperate on/off motor switch. It wasn't hard for me to get used to it, but I've flown a lot of 2 channel gliders using that set up. I got a nice e-mail from Rom Caroselli of Toytronix - he suggested replacing the receiver/speed control with a Hitec/JR/AirtronicsZ compatable one for full control and longer flight times. I'm not sure if I will convert since it's not a big deal to me as it is. Maybe in the future I will, since this is really a fun little plane to fly, and I can see keeping it for quite a while.
May 29, 2002, 11:34 AM
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seanpr123's Avatar


thanks alot guy, i cant wait to get it, it should be here today!
May 29, 2002, 02:45 PM
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emarkay's Avatar
Here's an idea of the abuse it can take - powerline, than spin than crash. Some Elmer's wood glue and some book tape (thick clear) and a nail on to opposite side for balance and it's as good as new...
May 31, 2002, 06:04 PM
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T Hawk options

you can now order the T Hawk without transmitter, without receiver, or without both. I just got mine without either and mounted a JR 610M receiver for use with my JR 421 transmitter (5 ch) and now have proportional throttle as well as rudder and elevator control. Byron
Jun 02, 2002, 04:12 AM
Registered User

15 bucks cheaper ... lol !

I think I'm gonna pick one up ... but it cracks me up that they only knock off 15 bucks for the version without the transmitter and receiver. I guess the radio is cheap when bought in bulk ......

It should be a good replacement for my "knock around" e-plane ... a recently departed firebird II.

A few of questions for those that own one

(1) how roomy is it inside this thing ... can I fit a hitec 555 receiver? Or is it expecting something like a gws 4 series ...

(2) The ESC they provide ... is it proportional with my own trottle channel (from a JR radio/hitec receiver)?

(3) (most important). Once assembled, ... how hard is it to disassemble and fit back into that box? This plane would need to break back down ... so I can throw it in the car and have it bounce around a little ...


Senor Crasher.
Jun 02, 2002, 02:55 PM
Registered User

T Hawk

It's quite roomy inside--I had no problem at all putting my 610M receiver in.
With the 610 and JR 5 ch transmitter, I have full proportional throttle, rudder, and elevator control.
As for disassembly, the wing mounts with rubber bands, so no problem. Removing the tail assembly and pushrods would be something of a problem. I have a little pvc rack I made for the Firebird and the T Hawk fits in it perfectly and makes for nice portability and transport.
Flew mine for the first time yesterday and I'm really impressed with it--moved the pushrod for the rudder to the innermost hole for a little better response in turns. Oh, and one other thing, the ESC in it does not appear to have BEC, but that should pose no problem.
I think this airplane is far superior to the Firebird XL, or the Wingo. Byron
Jun 02, 2002, 10:20 PM
Prop Bitten.....
emberstar's Avatar
I've logged 21 flights on mine - right now it's my favorite thing to fly. I still haven't changed the tx/rx - all my better stuff is in my other planes. I use the landing gear, since I have a paved area at work to fly from, and it ROGs nicely. I did have to change over to the spare tail parts - but not due to any flying mishap. I left it in the back seat of my car Saturday and the high 90 degree temps we had here melted and warped the original parts! Geeze -gotta get used to this light foam!
Jul 07, 2002, 04:52 PM
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Hey emberstar,
I'm also in raleigh NC & just got a T-Hawk which I've flown successfully - no crashes - about 25 times.
Where do you fly?
Jul 07, 2002, 07:58 PM
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goofup's Avatar

(Crossing fingers)

Based on your (and others) comments (and a LOT of research on various planes) I just ordered a T-Hawk. Being totally new to RC I think, for me, this will be a great plane to learn on.

I'll let you know how it goes... but that's another thread.


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