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Apr 04, 2009, 06:07 PM
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Wow blew the dust off this thread! Has anyone built one of these recently? Took mine out for maiden last weekend took a radio hit and took off across the parking lot hit curb full throttle. Both intakes were totaled I had landing gear on it but they were toast. I rebuilt the intakes without cheater holes swithed it over to spektrum. One of my friends tossed it and it flew great!!! Thing is faster than my GWS 15 ,I used a flaperon set up and had cg at 4". The reason I blew the dust off this one was because BP hobbies hed these on closeout and sold out them? Someone besides me and TIK bought them, just wondering.
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May 29, 2009, 04:50 PM
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I bought one of these a year ago with the brushed motors. I built it right by the book (the poor intructions enclosed with the plane) using a two servo setup on the wings and did the mixing in my radio. Instead of the Nimh acc that was included I used a 3 cells lipo, 2300 mAh.
I only flew it a couple of tomes and it flew pretty poorly. I tried to move the battery as far in the front I could but no improvment, it still flew bad. And it also felt like it was way to little trust in it.

During the winter I've been thinking of different modifications and I first decided to put rudders on the rear wing using two servos.
I also started thinking about getting two brushless motors instead. I had a bunch laying around but not two identical but when my dad upgraded his T-REX 450 I suddenly had two Align 430L (3550 KV) brushless motors. That's basically where I am right now, I have started to install these together with two 18 A controllers (hope that will be enough...). I will also move the motor/fans approx 50 mm forward which looks like it will give me the CG 100 mm behind where the wing starts which was recomended in this thread.

Perhaps I will decrease the outlets as well while I'm at it.

I still have some work left on it, for instance I messed up when I was increasing the hole in the aluminium that is holding the fans (the axel of the 430 motors are 3 mm instead of the brushed that was 2 or 2.5 mm). I tried to drill that using my Black and decker hand drill but it didn't become straight.... So now I need to make new ones

I will get back when I have the results of the test run!

Thanks everyone who has contributed to this thread with all their experience!
May 29, 2009, 06:42 PM
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Mine's still flying, about 4 years old! Original Walkera 380M 3100 KV motors and 76mm fans.

I cut the wings roots down at the trailing edge, to have more realistic sweep. Also added rear "radar" and extended "afterburners". Still ends up being "cartoon scale" LOL!

Still flies fine on 4S2P 2200 packs, with about 1200 watts. Radared at over 90MPH.

Wish they made these still, especially the F-16 - They are pretty bullet proof (but not idiot proof, LOL!).

This really belongs in the foamy EDF thread ----
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Jun 06, 2009, 04:45 PM
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Today was the big day, it was ready to be airborne!

I have moved the motors even further now, about 75 mm forward from the original position. I also didnít glue the parts I cut away to get to the motors. I only used pins which turned out really great. Now I can quite easily open it again if I need to.

I also replaced the ESC with two 30A:s instead. When I measured the current it was about 30A so I didnít dare to use the 18A ESC. I think the current will go down when itís in the air so my 30A ESC would be enough I think.

My dad took it up the first since he is the most experience of us (heís been flying RC since 1973Ö). It flew really well but suddenly the radio stopped responding! It went down in wheat field with the nose first! When got there I saw that it was in three piecesÖ It had broken where the wings starts and just in front of the compartment where the battery is.
But an hour and some epoxy glue later it was ready again! The radio problems turned out to be the receiver. Luckily my dad has enough receivers to decorate a Christmas tree so we just replaced it.

Again we headed for the airfield, which is just outside house lot at my dads place. I threw it and my dad flew. I took over after short while and I must say that itís one of the best flying airplanes I have ever flown! It was so easy to fly, and it handles really great at low speed as well. Landing was a piece of cake!
It was really fast also, hard to say how fast it was because I havenít got anything to measure with.

I think I did about 5-6 starts, using mostly 3S 2750 mAh, 35C battery packs. I also used 2200 mAh but I prefer the large ones because the CG gets better and the flying time too. I have already ordered a 3700 mAh pack which I think will be perfect.

I really love this plane!
Jul 31, 2009, 09:37 PM
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Made few mods on mine. Converted it to a brushless pusher to save weight, modified the wing to increase sweep, full flying stabs, re-desined vertical stabs, new longer nose, new paint, carbon fiber re-enforcement 2 in the wings and 2 along the fuselage and a 4 cell lipo. It looks very scale now. I will post pictures soon. It's a good base plane to modify. It flies great. Much better than anything they make now. very exciting!
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Jul 31, 2009, 09:46 PM
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shouldn't this thread be in the foamy ducted fans?
Jan 05, 2020, 11:18 PM
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Mine’s still in the attic in the box

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