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Nov 08, 2005, 05:59 PM
(AKA) Boomerwankanobi
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Honey Bee Mark 2 Review needs experienced micro pilot input

Hey guy,s my first post here so, bear with me.
I am in dire need of a experienced micro heli pilots opinion of the Honey Bee Mark2 fixed pitch heli by e-sky.

I ask as I am doing a review for R/C Groups and giving the begginers review of the heli but would like to add the opinions of a pilot who can compare the heli with other micro heli's and give some flight opinions also.

I will gladly give the credit for your experienced opinion in the artical.
It just needs your input to make it great.

If you can write me a quick comparison and flight opinion of the heli
I will thank you for ever:-)
Please e-mail me at mbaker57@tampabay.rr.com if you can help.
I will put your name in lights:-)

Thank You,
Mike Baker
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Nov 08, 2005, 06:39 PM
(AKA) Boomerwankanobi
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Please ,please please, guys I would like to round this artical out with your expert opinion of the HB mark 2 fixed pich by E-sky.

Nov 09, 2005, 09:41 AM
Fun Manager
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Hi, guys! AMC -- your fun manager aka webzine editor -- here.

Mike's done a superb job of a beginner's view on this cool little heli. What I need, though, is the input of one or several of you more experienced heli pilots to round out the review...how does it compare to its predecessor? what are its strengths and weaknesses compared to other micro helis you've flown, etc...

also, if you have cool flight video of your Honey Bee 2 in an experineced pilots hands, we'd be interested in including that as well. of course, full credit will be given to those who choose to help us round out this article!!

thanks, AMC
Nov 09, 2005, 05:58 PM
Registered User
How about this?

I'm an experienced 3d plane guy.

I've just been getting really into these micro heli's.

I have an Esky FP, the first version HL used to carry.

I've flown the pants off of it, have good insights to share.

I've just recently added a head stiffener and the ball-in swash that comes with the new FP Mark 2 version, so I can compare old FP to new FP pretty closely (I believe these two upgrades in the new kit are the most essential and are the big "difference" between Mark I and Mark II).

Want a write-up? I can cover what it was like to be a total noob, originally try to wing it on my own (and ended up boxing up the FP for 6 months), then going online, compiling the "secrets" to flying these little fp's, then progressing to FFF, fig 8's, all orientation hovers, etc.

Let me know--pm or comment to thread here.
Nov 10, 2005, 08:55 AM
Fun Manager
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Hi, Johnny! Thanks for the offer!

I was hoping for someone actually flying a complete HB2. you'd be a great fit if that's what you had! i'm really loooking for a direct comparison of it to its predecessor, how the new upgrades work, etc.

we already have the newbies look with mike's write-up. all i'm looking to add is a more experienced pilots view of the model.
Nov 10, 2005, 02:45 PM
Registered User
I don't think you really understand what you're asking.

The HBM2 is basically a clone or derivative of the Feda Dragonfly. The Feda Dragonfly has been around for about three years, and there's a bunch of clones/derivatives:

GWS Dragonfly
Century Hummingbird v2
Night Ranger Venom
Walkera #4
etc etc etc.

It's also a fixed pitch helicopter, which is mostly for beginners, and also RTF - another beginner characteristic.

So you're asking if any EXPERIENCED heli pilots have bothered to buy the newest minor variation of a 3-year old Chinese RTF helicopter design and can contribute their opinions to the review.

Nov 10, 2005, 03:11 PM
Registered User
These two helis reviewed previously are basically the same model as the HBM2.
The only difference appears to be the HBM2 has the ball-in-swash mod and the head stiffener mode, both of which are available as aftermarket parts.

It would probably be better from a user's perspective to post a review of a new model rather than keep posting reviews of the same model under different names and/or with minor variations.


Global Evoflight Sabre:


Honey Bee:

Nov 10, 2005, 03:16 PM
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Nov 10, 2005, 03:18 PM
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additional info, the stock tail motor of the HBM2 is having the carbon brush. different from the mark 1.

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Nov 10, 2005, 03:55 PM
Fun Manager
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Thanks for your input. Actually, what I was hoping for is that one of the many very experienced and helpful pilots in this thread have helped a beginner with this upgrade release from Hobby Lobby, and so could comment on the bird and how it flew when compared to other beginner helis that the same helpful pilot has helped other beginners work with. Ideally, it'd be cool if it was someone whose trimmed out an HB and an HB 2 for different new students, such that they could comment on whether or not the new one really IS easier to setup, closer to properly setup and balanced out of the box, etc.

Our readers look to these discussion threads for points such as yours here, thank you. They also look to us for reviews of the various products out there, including items that ARE similar and those that are neat and unique, to help them decide what products to purchase along the way.

Hopefully at least some of our readership has noticed and likes the fact that I've been trying to broaden our reviews, to do things like include more than one viewpoint, to get a variety of modelers flying the same aircraft, to do things like put a trainer in a complete newbies hands, but with an experienced pilot at his/her side to provide guidance and a more experienced view of the final product.

For those who might be interested, btw, HL lists these as the key features/changes/upgrades creating HB2...

Key Features Include:

*The tail boom is about 1-1/2" longer for more stable control.
*The swashplate has a metal ball for reduced wear and more precise control
*The servos are screwed to the frame for solid response.
*Main rotor has a fiberglass plate that reduces blade coning and improves the helicopters forward flight characteristics.
*Main and tail rotors are fixed pitch and controlled by individual motors.
*The installed mixing board controls mixing of the main and tail rotors.
*The board also contains 2 speed controls, a peizo gyro for tail stabilizing and a BEC circuit that supplies power to the receiver and servos.
*A 7 cell 650 mAh NiMH battery and wall charger is included. Much longer flight times can be achieved with a 2 cell LiPoly battery (purchased separately).

Anyway, above is what I was hoping to locate. If there's anyone here who can offer that type of perspective, thank you, and I'd appreciate hearing from you. If not, not a problem. We'll stick with just a straightforward "newbie only" viewpoint.
Nov 10, 2005, 10:29 PM
(AKA) Boomerwankanobi
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AM, this seems to be the response I have gotten in e-mails thus far.
It seems that upon further investigation that many of the micro heli's out there are very close to the same ship.
Thought the metal ball for the swashplate and the fiberglass blade support may be the reason that the HBM2 would be the Micro Heli to by as it comes stock with what others are calling upgrades.
Any hoo, All I can say to you heli guy's is I am having one heck of a time flying this little baby, I think I am now hooked on heli's and this could cause me some problems with the wife:-).
I hope to spend a bit of time here and learn from the folks in this thread how to best fly,
and progress in my skills with these machines.
Oh yea and if you could help me with some pro-tips and comments for my review
I would be (Greatfull).

Mike Baker (Stocker)
Nov 11, 2005, 08:44 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Stocker
AM, this seems to be the response I have gotten in e-mails thus far.
It seems that upon further investigation that many of the micro heli's out there are very close to the same ship.
Mike Baker (Stocker)
They ARE the same heli. The Chinese company OEMs it for a bunch of hobby companies, and every time it's sent to RCgroups, it is reviewed again because none of the RCgroups review staff are familiar with helicopters.

Here's a few more names for the same helicopter:

Colco Thunderbird
Ohio Model Products Tornado

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Nov 11, 2005, 10:11 PM
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Nov 12, 2005, 08:10 AM
(AKA) Boomerwankanobi
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Guy,s, Guy,s!
I understand your feelings as those who have been into heli's for some time and understand your views.
the Case is that I am a begginer and chose to do the review as a begginer due to the fact that flying heli's has always been on my mind as somthing I had to try.
I have found this little heli to be one heck of a lot of fun and am able to hover it after only about an hour+ flight time. Anne Marie was very pleased with my review as a beginner and just wanted the input from one of you who are very experienced in the heli flight world...
On another topic.
Do you guys have a process that you go thru to achieve really good rotor balance on these micro chops. I am flying it ok but would like to learn to get this little guy flying as smooth and wobble free as possible. I also noticed that I split my tail boom after hitting a chair:-( who has the best prices on these parts?
As stated it is my hope theat with the help of the people here that I can progress to a collective unit and learn to be an actual heli pilot, not just a heli hoverer.


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