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Nov 03, 2005, 04:33 PM
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Beech 18 (twin) - Oi Squadron

Last Oct 23 we made a electric flight demonstration on an air show (Aviator Day in Brazil).

I recently made two multiple engine models (50in Canadair CL215, 120in MartinMars), but both are high wing bomber waterplanes.

One of the demonstrations of air show was "Oi squadron", a aerobatics squadron with three AT-6 Texan and on Beechcraft E-18. The Beech flies some basic aerobatics and deploy parachutes.

Some days ago a friend seeking for TwinStar info found a picture with cargo bay deployng parachutes and suggest me to make this mod on MartinMars, but it is not the rule of MartinMars.

So I remembered the Beech 18 from "Oi squadron" and decided to make it, 1/10 scale:

Some data about this model:

It will be:
Wingpan: 1.5m (60in)
Avg. chord: 22cm
Length: 1.04m (41in)
Wing area: 32.4

If final weight fits around 900g (32oz), it will have a 27g/sq dm of wing load, enough to make a scale flight, with stall speed of 13kts (without flaps), cruise speed at 21kts (10% of the full-size airplane, will give the same speed feeling when flying). The max speed with full power will be greater then the full scale top speed, but it is not trouble since I can decide what kind of flight I want.

With 2 GWS 400 motors geared 3:1 with 10x6 props the prop will be on scale too (no need to increase landing gear size) and with 3S LiPo thrust will be greater then weight with good pitch-speed, enough to carry 300g (11oz) of payload without trouble.

Estimated weights:
Wing: 250g
Fuselage: 250g
Motors: 180g
Battery: 150g
Receiver: 10g
ESC: 10g
3 servos: 30g
Linkings: 20g
Total: 900g

In fact this airplane is great for a R/C model.

The fuselage is almost a box, only rounded on nose and top, very easy to make.

Stab area is excelent (25% of wing area) with 40% of elevator.

Dual vertical fin has a good area too and good deflection of rudder.

The Aileron and flaps are on a line, so I can make a full-wing aileron without going out of scale.

Landing gear is short and near leading edge of wing, same place I usually place my landing gears.

Wing has a good area, low aspect ratio and a good dihedral, perfect for R/C. Newer versions (E18 and later) have an extension of leading edge on tips for washout.

The only not perfect part is the low wing, where I will need to place the cargo bay, but with 12 inches of root chord and 6 inches of fuselage width, making a door big enough to deploy parachites will not make it weak.

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Nov 03, 2005, 04:55 PM
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More pictures:

Nov 03, 2005, 09:35 PM
GREAT looking airplane with that more pointed nose, and Super paint job!

Nov 04, 2005, 06:20 AM
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Thanks. I hope the foam model can look close to this painting, but will not be perfect, of course.

Yesterday I printed the side and top view and used as template to cut side walls on 13mm (1/2 in) inexpensive white EPS foam, I will try to cut top panel and mount the fuselage tonight.

I forgot to say before, but this projects have some goals:

- Must be cheap (less then $10 of foam)
- Must be fast to build
- Must carry payload
Jan 22, 2006, 02:16 PM
Looking Good!

Jan 22, 2006, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Terry
Looking Good!


Test flight will be on next saturday.

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