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Oct 31, 2005, 10:20 PM
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Could I make a "sensible" plane out of an Ultrafly Outrage?

I really like the looks of this little plane, and the price is right. I haven't flown anything with ailerons yet, short of FMS.

So I don't really need a brushless motor, nor do I need the expense. Could I get by with a cheapo brushed motor and possibly a NiMH pack, then upgrade later as my skills get better? If the NiMH pack would make it too heavy, could I use a brushed motor with LiPos?

NESail Ultrafly Outrage

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Nov 01, 2005, 11:53 AM
Motor Maniac
I'd be more concerned with CG issues than AUW if you don't use a brushless setup with LiPo's. There's little room for moving the battery around to adjust the CG, so your build has to get the CG just right. I have the Furious, which is similar to the Outrage, powered with an Axi 2212/34 on 3S LiPo. Have also flown it with a PJS550R on 2S LiPo.

The lighter you make the plane the slower and more docile you can fly it. If you make it porky it will have to fly faster and will be a handful to fly, probably more than you would want for a first aileron plane.
Nov 01, 2005, 11:54 AM
3d and EDF, some scale
MustangAce17's Avatar
yes u can jeremy u can use a gws 350 with lipos i would use a 350c with 2 cell 1050-155o- Tanic batteries are the best imo and the 350 is the recommended brushed motor also this is a great flying stable plane and a 4 channel is easier to fly plus u have the convience for aerobatics once u progress
Nov 01, 2005, 07:56 PM
osmium_192's Avatar

The instructions say that the GWS 350 with a GWS 5:1 and a 10x4.7 prop off a 2 cell LiPo is the reccomemded brushed setup and draws around 9A at full throttle, 7A for hovering (not very powerful for full 3d stuff but still beats any normal park fly)

If set up correctly, this bipe is a dream to fly as it doesnt seem to really have any "scarry" parts to its flight, and if you do get it down pretty fast and damage any parts, if it happens within 3 months of purchace you can get replacements free of charge. (only the parts of the plane, not motor or radio equipment).

When you get better at flying this ship you can upgrade the motor to a brushless of a rating of about 1200 Kv and use your existing batteries, only costs will be a new motor and a new controller.

Personally if you will think that you will eventually go brushless, i would go that way first since it would save you having to buy a brushed motor, gearbox, brushed speed controller (only slightly cheaper then a brushed one now days) which would become obsolete after upgrading. The cost of a brushed system is about $45, while a brushless will be around $85 (not including batteries). A brushless will also give longer flights and more available power for climbs and manouvers and dont really wear out as brushed motors do.

Of course, the options are there, its just a matter of deciding which way to go.

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