Anyone see the Blade CX fly at the ihobby expo? - RC Groups
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Oct 24, 2005, 06:36 PM
Registered User

Anyone see the Blade CX fly at the ihobby expo?

Was it on display?

Did anyone from Horizon fly it?

What were your impressions?

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Oct 24, 2005, 06:52 PM
Registered User
video at the ihobby #12
Oct 24, 2005, 07:28 PM
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Nice, thanks! I had downloaded #'s 1-6 yesterday and figured that was it. That was a new one.
Oct 24, 2005, 08:20 PM
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Cranium's Avatar
I'm on my second one first would sometimes work intermittantly and then stopped working altogether.

I ordered two from RCHover and they both came in generic looking boxes. One had a red horn and the other had a black horn. There isn't any other difference between the two that I can tell. I opened one up to see if it had metal gears and it does. I was able to set the gain higher on this second one than the first. On the first servo, I had the gain at 60% and there was still a hint of tail wag. This one is at 80% gain and was solid. I did a bit of backwards flight on Saturday and the tail blew out a couple times. I had forgotten to turn down the delay from the HS-56 I had on there after the first failed though so I don't think it's a relevant test.

I'm hoping the first one I recieved from overseas (paid $50 for it) was just a bad one and that these two will be solid on a GY401.
Oct 24, 2005, 08:21 PM
34Ford's Avatar
Yea, Steph280 saw it fly!
Oct 24, 2005, 08:37 PM
1.21 Gigawatts!
Steph280's Avatar
I saw Ron Ozinski flying it at the afternoon demo. Too bad Mark Ryder didn't catch that on video.

He put it into hover, placed the transmitter on the floor, walk over and grabbed it out of air. Then he let go, walked back, pick up the TX, and proceed to land it. All these time the heli just sat there hovering!

Totally impressive. Good job Ron!
Oct 24, 2005, 08:53 PM
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Eeeeky's Avatar
thats a really cool looking heli!! i think i might get one someday!
Oct 24, 2005, 08:58 PM
34Ford's Avatar
Hey Steph280 I have been talking about you over on RR. And I cant find that video of the CX.
Oct 24, 2005, 10:56 PM
Registered User
34Ford over on RR I linked the video in a post at the top of that thread.
Oct 25, 2005, 01:33 PM
1.21 Gigawatts!
Steph280's Avatar
I am so afraid to post anything on RR now. Anything I said Mark would accuse me of advertisement for the company. Talk about censorship in the worse way.
Oct 25, 2005, 03:17 PM
72.450 mHz
spirko's Avatar
Yes, I saw the Blades fly. Even saw Jason from E-Flight whoís the Blade project manager and responds to these threads; heís a good pilot. The blades didnít have the power of the T-Rexes, but I was impressed by how well they flew in expert hands.

Picked up another Blade since Iím having 4-in-one problems and they were selling them at the show for $179, no tax.

Did anyone else have the same impression I did that the actual competition was lackluster in contrast to when the pilots were free-form flying during warm up and just letting loose? Could be my awe was worn off by the time the competition came around and I only saw the first hour on Sat.

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