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May 20, 2002, 01:33 PM
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Where Do Babies Come From?

>Where Do Babies Come From? As told by the younger generation
>Clinton Staley, age 5: "Mommies go and buy babies at the stores. Boys
>cost $5.00 and the girls cost 50 cents. The baby store is easy to find
>because you can hear all the babies crying when you come in the door."
>Leigh Moore, age 6: "From God and Jesus. They put them in bags in their
>mommy's belly. The babies know they are in a stomach because they see all
>the food floating around."
>Michael Sale, age 5: "I'm not real sure, but I know Moms have to do it.
>If you're kind of handsome, it means you are a boy, and if you wear
>lipstick, you're a girl. The lipstick is in case you want to be a clown."
>Mike Deuel, age 5: "They come from trees, like apples and oranges. You
>have to be careful, though, because if you wait too long to pick them they
>can fall to the ground and hurt themselves."
>Alicia Crews, age 5: " From fairy Godmothers. They make them out of yarn
>and crayons and then weight them with their magic wands. The heavist ones
>turn into little girls and the skinny ones.....they're boys."
>Kelly Sweat, age 6: "They come from the frozen food counter in the
>supermarket, just like tv dinners. All the mommies have to do is warm them
>up when they want them."
>Trey Ewell, age 8: "God makes them. He's made lots and lots of babies. I
>think HE did o.k. with me- except that everybody calls me 'Shorty', but I
>guess that is all right."
>Ellen McCollum, age 7: " God puts them in their mother's stomach. They
>listen to what's outside by putting their ear to their mom's belly button.
>They really laugh when some one tells a joke."
>Amy Allen, age 5: "Babies come from heaven. God sends them down to the
>hospital on an airplane. He drives the airplane and the babysitters make
>sure the babies don't cry."
>David Joyner, 6: " My Momma told me storks bring them, but I know that
>isn't true because we have lots of babies around here but no storks. I
>think they come parcel post."