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Oct 21, 2005, 06:57 AM
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Canterbury Sailplanes Arrow Build thread.

Hi guys ,

Its been a while since i have been posting due to moving house and the wait on the arrival of my second child {Tba}, and now that i am back online and the shed is all wired and ready to burn the midnight oil, I found myself wondering about all the new building teqnuiqes i could learn because of the improved space I had just now gained , for some time i had been wanting to try using goop and ultracote , but with my previous facilities this was probably not in the best interests of my family due to the toxicity of some of the chemicials used to thin goop {aka . shoo goo} , so now i had the facilities I decided that this was a great time to start. i ordered my ultracoat and goop before the move all i needed now was a plane to try it out on.

a few weeks ago when I was recently looking for an epp model for frontside aerobatics with the possibility of dynamic soaring , one that caught my eye was the new design called the “Arrow” from Canterbury Sailplanes in new zealand, It has a streamlined fuselage followed by a swept wing that looks like it had come from the jet age, and had fast lines from head to toe, its whole aesthetics had me literally hooked wanting to see it action, as it was not only easy to build, but was stylish, with a brand new set of Karbonite servos and a hitec q-pcm receiver awaiting service from my optic kit, I got in contact with Carey Burr that recently took over operations of the business from Dave griffins via e-mail , and emphasised my interest in his design , which I must admit is a very smart concept as the servos and receiver are located inside the body rather than the wing , therefore making the installation a breeze compared to conventional flying wings as this takes the weight out of the wings making it more axial when rolled , I also anticipated that this model having the same spar layout as my old jazz 60" wing would definitely be a winner in the ds groove and halfpipe like a pro due to its single fin configuration.

Within the next week or so the colourful box arrived at my parents place and i couldnt wait to get into it , but having to move the same week , things were held off a little until my new workshop was set up {minus the new baby room and getting things connected}

Apon opening the kit, I was greeted with a well packaged set of wings, fuselage, control horns, strapping tape, colour tape and even gorilla glue {polyurethane} to glue in the spars, meaning that without having to purchase any other components except radio gear a beginner/expert could complete the model and have plenty of glue left for repairs or other projects , a bonus living in austrailia because polyurethane glues here are quite hard to find normally and that gets a thumbs up in my books .

The instructions are very straight forward, and for anyone who has built a flying wing before the model will come together easily with minimal work. They explain certain steps in clear detail and give a comprehensive overview of how things work. For a beginner these instructions are a great reference to keep if they have just entered the hobby.

here are some box shots to get the mental juices flowing , next onto the build..excuse me for the poor picture qaulity of these , that camera has now been put in the bin for future airial photography lessons and i am using my new nokia camera phone. its better by far

Now before that little guy me and my wife are expecting comes into my hanger , i better get building those wings...

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Oct 21, 2005, 04:39 PM
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/pulls up a chair
Oct 21, 2005, 07:37 PM
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Building the wing..and glorifying the goop gods.

Building the wing: -

If you have built many flying wings of the jazz type in the past you will notice many similarities in the platform of the wing, it is a gradually swept wing with four carbon spars and very easily built.

The first step in the construction was to shape the wingtips to a 100mm radius, what I did is marked 100mm from the tip to the centre, then 100mm from the leading edge, and then drawn a line with a sharpie {permanent maker pen} from each mark, getting the right curve, then I got my flat sander with some 40 grit sandpaper and shape to the airfoil profile rather than having flat tips. I then installed the fibreglass spars into the alloy joiner rods using 5 minute epoxy ,i let these cure overnight to make sure that the were solid , i then cut the wing cores to fit the spar joiner.

The next job was to install the spars, what I found useful here is that the kit comes with the right glue for the job {polyurethane} and this is a godsend to foam models as it makes installing spars a breeze, I simply just dampened the carbon rods with a cloth and place some pu-glue in the spar channel, then I placed the spars into their cavity and taped over them to ensure the glue did not stick to the core beds or foam up too much , what i found great to use here was cheapie fabric tape as the fabric stops the glue from expanding too much, the cores were now placed in the bottom beds with some paint cans as weights on top and left overnight , the next day I was greeted with a solid feeling set of wings which once the tape was removed required only little sanding of the spar channel with some fine paper to match the wings profile.

what i was left with was very stiff flat set of wings , the only issue that i did have was that i used a little too much pu near the alloy joiners , but since these were eventually going to be covered with the fuselage i just left them as is . next time , i will probably use a little less Pu glue in this area...but i am quite impressed with the ease of installing the spars and no further stiffening was required.. i then sprayed with some spray adhesive and let this dry for about two hours.

while this was drying i cut the elevons to the desired angles , which in the instructions states 25mm fom the centre , and then cut to angle of the wingtip , then duplicated on each to have the exact same angles , which worked well i chose not to attach these yet as i am going to monokote them later for a neat finish.

then it was time to apply the strapping tape , Since i was going to be using the gooping method on the wing and the fuselage , i chose to alter the strapping tape pattern slightly from the one in the manual , which is adequate if you wish to use the supplied tape to cover . i used the manual method on the bottom of the wing with the tape on the top going in a criss cross pattern , i also bought some more tape , as i used slightly more than usual. i then ironed the wing on low temperature to remove any wrinkles in the airfoil surface , I sanded the tape to get rid of any join lines, as i wanted the smoothest finish possible as i was using monokote to cover the model.

I then used a mixture of mineral turps and shoo goo, which to my surprise worked a charm. No toluene and it works, also it doesnt eat the foam as i tested a few samples beforehand with great success. So now there is a cheap way to thin the goo...bonus, a bottle of turps is only 2 bucks here, and im very impressed with the quality of the thinned goop. Just dont use a plastic cup to mix as it can make a mess "definitely not required in new workshop.

then i applied a light coat to the bottom surface of the wing as i gather i wont be intending to land on the top of the wing and let this dry overnight , the next day i applied another coat , and as you can see the surface shine in the last picture how smooth it is , i was quite impressed with my first turn at gooping, one word of warning though is , make sure you are well ventilated as this stuff has an overpowering smell , and if not well enough ventilated it can make you sick.. both shed doors open..

i also cut the wing where it will meet the fuselage and put a little goop on this area to make sure it had some elasticity incase of a bounce , as i dont usually crash..but just incase i wanted some protection here..

next on the list is the fun part! thats not in the instructions, shaping the fuselage , installing the radio gear ,strapping it up , sanding the tape a little mixing some polyerethane and spackle , and gooping.... this is going to be fun "note this is not a standard build"...but if you do wish to build a standard model , it will perform great , i just prefer to have a smooth model to put into my hanger , untill tomorrow...or tonight with some updates ill catch ya , looks like it might be a busy day..

on a small note , my wife is expecting to have our second child soon , so keep an eye out for a very important announcement...

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Oct 21, 2005, 09:52 PM
Hello Moto
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Hey flybaby200-

Looks like a reat build thread is progressing.

Thanks for all the info along the way

Why dont you post an adjacent build thread of you arrow on its local forums at
All the guys would love to see it come along over there....

Looking good...
Oct 23, 2005, 06:41 AM
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Thread OP

sanding the fuselage , covering and the general rant...

Sand it round...

as the intro note says , its time to sand the fuselage round , if you have never done this before then i can only give a few words of advice , use 40-80 grit sandpaper and a sharp utility knife , as any paper higher than 80 grit can rip the foam up , so you do need to be very gingerly whilst sanding , the instructions say to take a 25mm radius from the top and 5mm from the bottom , i decided to go a little more on top as i wanted to make her smooth as silk.. the whole carving and sanding process took abot an hour , but the results were worth it , i then installed the servos with white elctricial tape over them to make sure they didnt show up through the covering and the results were excellent..

i then applied the strapping tape to the fuselase , being ever so carefull not to get too many overlaying layers as i wanted to get the best possible finish for the model using thinned goop .

i then applied some thinned goop to the fuselage and i let this dry , when the goop was dry I applied a liberal ammount of gorilla glue and spackle mix , which looked like i was icing a cake rather than building a model , once this was dry i sanded the fuselage down with the lightest grade paper i could find and got ready to cover the wing.

already i could feel that this was going to be a smooth as silk model , and with the few coats of goop on the surface of the epp , i felt that it would be best to apply some spray adhesive for good measure to help the covering stay stuck..

i chose to cover my model in monokote for good measure , as i wanted to compliment the model with the best possible finish , i used solarspan for the main colour and sig supercoat for the canopy so far , and i was very impressed with the way that it held to the corners nicely after the wing was covered i installed the fuselage with pu glue and covered in about four peices i had cut from the fuselage profile earlier , which turned out really well

after I am finished decaling the remainer of the model with a schem i hope you all know well i am planning to put a few coats of goop onto the bottom of the wing the nose area and the bottom of the fuselage . the ailerons have not yet been attached but these will be fitted once the model is near complete , i plan to install these with monokote hinges..

hopefully i get some time this week to complete the model , but so far i am studying a small buisness course as i plan to run an at home hobby shop and im going to be dad again so , please do excuse me if it takes me time to update....but i promise it will be worth the wait.. this one is going to blow your socks off. and i promise a video and flying shots galore..

btw , no goop was involved whilst my daughter was holding the fuselage or with me.. just thought i would verify that... we did play a game of ball and i taught her how to ride her bicycle a little ....."cant wait to be a dad again"

Oct 23, 2005, 11:27 AM
[QUOTE=flybaby2000]Sand it round...

( snip )


Looks similar to mine ! 8-)

A Mate ( Jason H ) and my son built ours and so far have not been dissappointed, just waiting for some stronger winds to put her through her paces...

What sort of wieght has yours come in at ? Ours came in at 830 grams..

We didn't use any filler, just reinforced tape and coloured tape for the finish.



P.S. The shot was taken at Kilkunda over a month and a half ago looking out
over Bass Straight. I can almost see your house ;-)
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Oct 23, 2005, 12:43 PM
Don't cut the Yellow Wire
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Does it use the same wing as the Jazz 60. If so, I'd like to retrofit mine with a fuselage
Oct 23, 2005, 06:30 PM
RC recluse
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Either set your camera focus to automatic, or put your glasses on when your looking through the viewfinder

All the pics looks blurry.

Try using the flash for everything, even when you think there is enough light, especially in your shed.
Oct 23, 2005, 07:56 PM
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Doug - plane looks great; nice and smooth. Interesting to hear that turps works as a solvent for goop.

Oct 23, 2005, 11:04 PM
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by nator_au

Either set your camera focus to automatic, or put your glasses on when your looking through the viewfinder

All the pics looks blurry.

Try using the flash for everything, even when you think there is enough light, especially in your shed.
Already tried that, in the process of buying a new camera, the one I am using is just about dead. Sorry for the photo quality until the new one comes in.
Oct 24, 2005, 06:41 AM
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Thread OP

anton the Turps works really well to thin the goop , i was surprised how easy it was done it only required a bit of mixing assistance and worked a charm , i havent yet completed the model , but another coat of this mixture will be added once everything is done in the way of covering decals etc. i also plan to make some servo covers for the sides where the servo rods exit that look like jet intakes... i got som more pictures of the model today after i got home from my small buisness course ..

hopefully too i will have a chubby bubby to post... here is some photos i got today i hope they work better for you..

Last edited by flybaby2000; Oct 24, 2005 at 06:42 AM. Reason: no worries using turps with goop.. it works..
Oct 24, 2005, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by dr.E
Does it use the same wing as the Jazz 60. If so, I'd like to retrofit mine with a fuselage
The info says the aerofoil is a " JW " dr.E


Oct 24, 2005, 12:34 PM
The Predator
The Predator's Avatar
I'd bet I could build one like that with out any fuse at all. Looks like enough sweep. I wonder if that would improve the performance any??? Any ideas as to which JW airfoil???
Oct 29, 2005, 09:34 AM
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Thread OP

Welcome to hazzard county....

Hi guys,

Sorry for the wait on the rest of the build thread as things have been super busy here, i have just started a small business course so i can get my own little slice of the epp market in aus, and i have been anticipating the arrival of my little guy anytime soon, which if he is not here on Thursday, he will be delivered with scissors "a c-section”, which sucks, as my wife was burnt badly as a young child and has plenty of them without adding any more to the equation, so i have been a little bit distracted but do not despair , i have been tinkering getting the arrow ready for its "big 'ol' Redneck Maiden" as the scheme i have chosen is a ripper..

Onto the covering scheme and other details

Recently I went to see the new "Dukes of Hazzard" movie with Johnny Knoxville in it, Because My favourite American Muscle car of all time is the good old "charger 69" so named "the general Lee" if you have seen the series and the movie, it is a beast of a car with a 426 cubic inch motor that rips the turns like there is no tomorrow, jumps about two hundred foot in one jump, and just keeps going and is rock solid from head to toe.

The main colour scheme is orange and black with a big rebel flag adorning the roof, i chose to simulate this scheme as I anticipate similar performance from the arrow when it jumps halpipes and gets in the dynamic ringer to pull some speed and it is very easy to duplicate onto the orange covering using a dabble at computer graphics from my wife "what a gem" and some careful application of spray adhesive onto the lightweight printed paper.

The first step was to apply some alternating coloured tape stipes onto the bottom of the wing for orientation purposes as I gather that after a while flying the lee all you would see would be orange. Then i carefully cut out the 01 numbering and "General Lee" Lettering for the sides of the canopy, Followed by the flags. I then proceeded to put pin striping on the top of the ailerons with carefully cut HEMI 306 hp stickers put into place.

I then laid the printouts out onto the table print side down and sprayed them with a liberal amount of adhesive, but not to much as i did not want the ink to run off the paper "that’s why i have a brother printer anyways”, when the adhesive was ready i applied the two rebel flags to the wing, making sure they were at the exact same spot on each panel. The general lee logos were put next to the canopy and the 01 onto the fin, i then used some of the smallish hitec stickers on the wing bottom and canopy to give reference to the radio gear inside, which consists of 2 karbonite servos and a qpcm receiver.

With all this done it was onto programming the optic radio for the right travel, which did take me some time as i am only new to this radio, and it can be a learning curve each time depending on your setup, i set my rates for the mix at 80% each - or + and got i perfectly centred first try, my dual rates were set to 45% low and 85% high on aileron and 35% low and 60% high on elevator, which looked quite right for me, as if i need a bit more roll ability or step, i can mix the appropriate rate to suit flying styles , if im doing ds , i will be low elevator low aileron , if im doing aerobatic manoeuvres it will be aileron high , elevator low , and if im doing crazy looping rolls everything will be banged down high and yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!..

Im hoping that today-tomorrow, as its after midnight here the wind is blowin, an the wife aint goin, as i hope to try her on a nice soft slope as i haven’t gooped the covering yet and i dont want to abuse the privilege of duking it tomorrow with the forces of nature, as it would really suck to scuff a nice job up on landing. If i dont fly tomorrow i will be gettin her all gooped and shiny for ya all using thinned goop and some thinners to smooth her out, i also plan to install a ballast area on the cg, but it is 180mm from the Leading edge and im worried of changing the cg aft...Im also making servo covers that look like exhausts to cover the holes where the servo rods exit during this week to compliment the model.

I would like to thank personally carey and Diane burr at Canterbury sailplanes, For their outstanding service and Quality kits, even though they have just recently taken over operations of the business i can anticipate many new models of this quality to come out within the next couple years, and they are a total asset to our sport and hobby, and I guarantee that their kits are top notch. "Who else would include the right glue" and a model that will last every learning curve. So next time you are thinking of saving those big dollars for a foamy spend less on a Canterbury model and get more. You can find info here on their product range her at .

so there you have it everybody and here are some pictures of the "duke" not including a soapy chick for all you to check out "wife would not agree , and she is pregnant so it was out of the question." ...

also to mention I have got my brother signed onto do vid footage when the wind is right.. so keep eyes out for a Redneckish slope video soon...


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Oct 29, 2005, 10:03 AM
G'Day Mate

I'm sure you don't like hearing a Yank say that, must be annoying, but I chose those words intentionaly. Over on this side of the Great Ocean that color scheme, at least on the left coast could get you marked a racist. My planes are all yellow, red and black and I have been asked "Why the german colors are you a nazi?" really made me laugh.

I had to explain the I am partially color blind and this is the color grouping I can see the best.

Don't get me wrong NOT critisizing but the 1969 charger is in the top of amaerican muscle cars but not nearly as cool as a shelby 500, or a 63 corvette stingray

BUT THE ALTIME COOLEST CAR EVER is my 1964 Studebaker Champ pickup truck!

who still hasn't chopped the top or stretched it to a 4 door, or dropped the FORD 427 shelby in it yet.

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