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Sep 14, 2012, 04:08 PM
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I bought the Lipo battery available in US warehouse only with 30 days warranty. It was the Turnigy 30C rating 3S, blue cover. I had my bad experience with GEN ACE lipo that wont hold much charge after 1 winter storage but I was from HOBBYPARTZ. I didn't get any bad lipo packs yet from Hobbyking (knocks on wood), It was my 2nd time of purchasing lipo battery from them.
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Sep 14, 2012, 04:34 PM
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You do storage charge to 50% of full right? That is the way to put them over the winter without damage.
I have heard the turnigy are getting better. You will have to let me know how it holds out.
Sep 17, 2012, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Shadrack
You do storage charge to 50% of full right? That is the way to put them over the winter without damage.
I have heard the turnigy are getting better. You will have to let me know how it holds out.
Well I guess it was my mistake when I first stored my GEN ACE's, I stored it at more than 50%. I was using a cheap IMAX charger that time without indicators. Now I have Turnigy ACCUCEL 6. I just tested my 2 TURNIGY 4000 mAH on weekends. I've flown my 1400 grams quadcopter and the battery didn't feel warm after 10 mins of flight. I checked the voltages and it reads 3.7V each cells. Flight time could have been about 11-12 mins but I don't want to risk damaging the cells. So far it's a good pack and seems build with quality. I've read good things about this pack. I just hate the bullet connectors. lol!
Sep 17, 2012, 10:27 AM
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Yes, you have to get a better charger to do storage charge. I just found out a year ago! Makes the difference, all batteries survived last winter.
Oct 26, 2012, 11:45 AM
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Winnipeg isn't a good place to live if you are just getting into the hobby. Only 2 players in the game. One has no inventory, the other poor service.

I'm just getting back into the game now, after purchasing an HPI Baja 5T from Eliminator a couple of years back. I don't spend the time around the others that made the same purchases, so the Baja wound up on the shelf for a while.

Long story short, I've had to get into doing some work on the Baja as well as a Hellfire that I recently was given. Steering servo on the Baja. Eliminator told me that no other servo than the HPI one they sold for $130 would work. The next day, that was $160.

We went ahead with it, as I wanted the Baja running again ASAP. There were issues with putting it in, as there appears to have been an upgrade. End result was that a bracket had to be purchased to fit the new server. Unfortunately, I didn't learn until latter that that bracket would allow the installation of an aftermarket $80 servo that would have been just as good as the HPI unit.

Throughout trying to get the new servo in, it was clear to me that the staff (owners included) had little knowledge of *my* product. I donít expect they to know intimately every item they sell, but when the instructions say that a part is included in the kit, and it isnít, you try to rectify that with the manufacturer, not sell them a whole OTHER kit just to get that part. They didnít try to contact HPI for clarification. So in the end, what I could have done (had I known better) for under $100 by waiting for the mail cost close to $200 by the time all parts and taxes were in.

In addition to the Baja issues, I was given a used Hellfire that had not been well cared for, and was not currently running. Trying to ask questions at Eliminator, itís clear they want you to book it in for service. They really donít want to answer technical questions. In fact, Mike had led me to believe that it was a hard job doing the steering servo on the Baja, quoting ďat least $45Ē, and that there was a ďwhole bunch of stuff you have to take offĒ. Well, with no experience, I had that radio/servo out of there in well under 10 minutes. So while I wonít ever deny anyone their right to set a shop rate, I donít like it when the job is exaggerated. That just makes it seem like a rip-off, even if he was $90/hr, and was estimating half an hour.

So while I purchased parts from Eliminator to try to get the Hellfire operational, they were only really good at telling me what I needed to buy. Nothing else. In fact, I was sold a small bottle of fuel for $19 without them telling me I could buy a whole gallon for $22 (found that out later). They have really left me with the impression that they just want your money.

Because of that less than desirable experience, I drove the extra distance to Cellar Dweller. There, I got much better customer service, despite not being in the market for bigger ticket items. While there was nothing ďwrongĒ with their service, I do think they could spend a little more time with the customer when the store is empty like it was when I was there. But I did get all the information I needed, and they did help me. They also appeared to be more knowledgeable than Eliminator.

So what it comes down to is the fact that in Winnipeg, there is a limited market because of population base. This has resulted in there being only 2 real stores. One has the inventory, so youíre stuck with them if you need parts now. The other is much better with customer service, but limited inventory. Catch 22. As for the profit margin on complete RC vehicles, itís probably higher here because it has to be. If your volume is lower, you need to make more money per unit to keep the doors open. Going online shows you that itís rare that you canít save a good portion on a big-ticket purchase by ordering from a larger city and having it shipped.

Will I return to Eliminator? Yes. Absolutely. If I need something right now that I canít wait for, I will. I will try to give Cellar Dweller as much of my business as I possibly can. But I will also be using online resources as well. My experiences have made it clear to me why so many people here get into the hobby and donít last. What Winnipeg needs is somewhere with the inventory of Eliminator and the customer service of Cellar Dweller. I doubt thatís going to happen unless we get a half-million surge in population.

Thatís my experience with the RC hobby in Winnipeg, your mileage may differÖ.
Oct 27, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Cellar has plans. Stay tuned. They know that their weakness is inventory and space, and that they excel in the service area.
Both are fixable problems...one needs an attitude change, the other is space and money.
Have heard word of a third group that are looking at a property to jump into the game as well.
If done right, there is room for a third.
Aug 13, 2013, 01:19 PM
knight hauler modified
I went to eliminator rc with my wife once when i was looking to get my first high tech rc we asked lots of question including if it doesnt work if we can exchange it a young lady working there said they do exchanges and store credit only so yes. i ended up buying the king hauler and i was missing 2 tires i called them they said i had to call their supplier so i did the supplier was not happy as he said that eliminator is suppose to do the exchange then send the defect to their supplier

i also bought some lights to make my own light system and asked the owners wife if i can return them if they are still in package again i was told returns and store credit olnly (again my wife was with me) about a few months ago i bought the mfu system for the king hauler and went home and before i installed it i tried it out the it including hooking up motor iut seem to work just(keep in mind i DIDNT hook up the support legs to the mfu system as i forgot to) so i installed it and when i went ot drive i discovered the speed control wasnt working properly i was able to get first gear thats it

later i hooked up the support legs to the mfu system and it constantly shut off the system i tried other servos nothing changed every time i hooked a servo to the support legs spot on the mfu i woudl turn it on and it would shut off right away even with full charge in batteries i called rc a few days later to explain and i reminded them that they told me and my wife we can exchange and store credit only who the lady was on the other end of the phone said no we dont i actually recorded them saying it but if you look very closely on the reciept it sayd in small letters no refunds or exchang (yes the "E" isnt at eh end of exchange on the reset so know im stuck with a mfu system that isnt working properly and they wont give me the number to call the manufacture to get it delt with

at celler dweller my wife ordered a drive shaft they got the wrong one and gladdly refunded my money at Jenzens paint and hobby on main street in Steinbach Manitoba they have the same supplier as rc eliminator thats where ive been going as they treat your purches as if they are the ones who bought it for themselves the VERY friendly service and help is just like celer dweller im in the proccess of trying to find the recording as i have it on a disk somewhere to post on youtube people should not be lied to when spending that much money

its one thing if the customer caused the damage another if its bought like that

at the hobby shop in steinbach i bought a few items and they werent what i needed and one didnt work they didnt hessitate to return my money actually if you ned someone to build a smoke system for you go to jenzens paint and hobby in steinback Mb ask for kyle he built a great one for my semi fits nicely in there (will post video on youtube and will let know where to find it) and since steinbach hobby shop has the same supplier why not go for a drive its a small shop like celler dweller but he can order anything you want and is extremely friendly service jsut like celler dweller
Aug 13, 2013, 01:20 PM
knight hauler modified
it would be nice to to have somewhere to play with the rc semi's anyone know of a place?
Aug 13, 2013, 01:50 PM
knight hauler modified
Originally Posted by k_d_ventures

I would like to hear some peoples input on opening a new hobby shop in Wpg. I have been in CD and Eliminator R/C. CD seem to have a lot more bussiness that day and I was the only on in eliminator. Never did make it to Project R/C. I have nothing bad to say about the two I visited...But, I think there could be a market for one more store in WPG...Let me know what you think, location, manufactures you would like to see,...ect...
ive been considering that alot if i had the means i would open another one with an area for rc semi's and excavators (ya i cant spell lol) for people to come and play (rent rc instore only) to c how fun it is and to buy kind of what you seen on youtube with rc semi's this way groups can come weither school youth groups bdays and play and even like us men with a serious child side lol and im sure that would bring bussiness and sell lots of product cause when im going for a walk with my family my daughter loves sitting on my semi trailer and we just go for a walk and people see it and just love it and start asking so many questions like where i got it how much so on and so on and i tell them even how much fun it is to build them it would be nice to have somewhere to bring my rc semi to drive around a small "town"
Aug 13, 2013, 02:04 PM
knight hauler modified
they are friendly so you will buy once yo u buy they dont care
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Mar 28, 2014, 01:55 PM
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Just like each person can have a different experience, vendors can also change.
I have noticed a significant upgrade in the customer support at Eliminator in the last few years. They have some guys such as Mike, and Dylan, that know their stuff, and actually make concerted efforts to help people out.
It isn't even close when you look at stocking levels, their place is huge, and they usually have what you are looking for in stock.
Lori, the owner, has done a good job of working with her staff and I find that they are more than willing to help you out and find a solution.
Are there things that I wish they would fix? Sure. There are things I wish every store would fix, but this is a work in progress.
I would love to see a return policy of some type for unopened products. Even if it was just for credit towards something else. This is something that their competition is very good at doing, and since they deal with the same suppliers, I am surprised that Eliminator doesn't have something like this.
It is by far the best stocked RC store in the province, and I suggest you check pricing before you go as they are more than willing to help out there if they are not competitively priced.
Definitely they have stepped up their game, and I have noticed the difference.
Great job Lori, Mike, Dylan, and Laura, on improving the customer experience at your store.
It has been noticed and appreciated.
Apr 19, 2015, 04:59 PM
knight hauler modified
about 3 years ago i bought my first high end rc i bought the king hauler and i was missing two tires they refused to deal with it after my wife and i asked if there is a problem if they do exchanges they told us they do exchange and store credit only a about a year after that i bought the mfc-01 system for my king hauler which cost me $410 and the speed control didnt work i went back 2 days later they said not their problem my wife and i told them that the older lady(im assuming owners wife) said they do exchange or store credit the said they dont and not their problem i then had to spend more money to get another speed control by now i had moved out of town so this was bs as i had to drive an hour to go see them. i found out later about jansens paint and hobby in steinbach and the guy there who does the rc stuff modified my new speed control so i would also still get the sound affects (jansens is a small shop so had to go to rc to get what i wanted as jansens doesnt have semis) i have talked to the big guy whos on their commercials about things regarding upgrades and what not each time giving me terrible advice and promising store credit if it wasnt the item i needed and not following through last year sold the king hauler and trailer and bought a knight hauler alsop bought trailer motorized support legs and mfc-01 system the support legs didnt work went back quite pissed they again told me to call their supplier (by this time their supplier was pissed cause he said they are under contract to replace defective product and they no longer supplied them so i found out who their new supplier is and called them it took about 6 months before i got my support legs replaced
jansens paint and hobby (steinbach and winkler) and celler dweller have always stood by their word i go to steinbach jansens hobby cause they have replaced a battery for me they knew they sold me that wasnt holding charge he has for a great price tought me more about the elctronics so i could do alot of modifications without payhing through the ass i go their so much i get great deals cellar dweller also refunded my money when they realized they ordered the wrong product for me a couple years ago. funny thing is on the rc eliminator comercials the big guy (who doesnt have a clue what he is talking about) says on the commercial they stand by their product all i can say to that after years of being lied to and sold product that doesnt work is that ppeople need to go with me and stand infront of their store with signs and go to the better bussiness bureau protesting infront of their store with enought people would get serious mediaa attention and would make people see what they are really like and probably shut them down it sure would make people think twice before going their
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Apr 19, 2015, 05:09 PM
knight hauler modified
if the third does at the least exchange or store credit rc eliminator will be gone soon lets keep our fingures cross and get rid of rc eliminator so karma will kick them in the butt hard
Apr 20, 2015, 10:59 AM
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That is really strange that you had that experience.
I will ask Lori about it when I am around there.
If that is the way it happened, not great service at all.
Apr 22, 2015, 08:20 PM
Crash and learn
Originally Posted by lycanman1979
knight hauler
First I had to find out what a Lycan is. Then after reading your posts had to see for myself what you were talking about. No smoke out of the exhausts, still interesting hobby that I never heard of before.

tamiya knight hauler rc truck 1/14
tamiya knight hauler rc truck 1/14 (5 min 36 sec)

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