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Jul 05, 2007, 02:15 PM
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Thank you for that useless piece of information. I suppose what you meant was that since I only joined the other day that my opinion does not count. Instead of replying to the topic at hand you instead question my credibility. With people like you on these threads who needs to post anything in regards to the topics when you can just flame newbies. For all the other people that are forced to read the response from a newbie you have my apologies.
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Sep 24, 2007, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by buda2006

You for got to mention you tried to fly it can't fly crashed it and then wanted it to be in working condition there is a difference. You seem to think we flew it crased it and then sold it to you. Wrong!

Ya know you need to get a life unfortunatly some people are honest out there and good down to earth people /customers like LHTrucker who Don,t try to bend the rules to cheat small buisness people. Like you get away with at the wallmarts out there. When you don't get your way stamp your feet and slander other people !
GET A LIFE MAN not only do you complain about that we would not play your GAME now you attack honest people and acuse them of things!! petty if you ask me ......

By the way any body see our NEW RC facility at 172 sutherland we gave to the rc community it has 4 different rc tracks and indoor rc car and heli all year around 43000sq feet for all ELIMINATOR -rc/members to enjoy .....

check out our forms and track


hey man im my name is scott AKA scooter 16 years old kinda of a noob to the sport and i cant dicieid witch store to go to like after what that guy was saying about your servies im leary if i should go there, not say that you have bad servies cause i have only bin there once in my life so my opion is bais or if there just some friction with that customer, working at canadain tire i deal with alot of customers and i kinda gotta feel were your coming from, i hope eather of you take this the rong way casse i dont need an enemy just starting out just trying to get info im going to roll a savage r/c truck soon so are you better at rc trucks? hit me back with something gladdly apreasated
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Sep 24, 2007, 03:56 AM
most exalted one
Hitech(sic) Eclipse 7 and Spectra at Eliminater $320.05 on their web site.
Hitec Eclipse 7 and Spectra on GH web site $187.

Sup II flight pack Gh 89.29 Elim 164.85
And no PST!

I can't be bothered reading the whole thread but I'm on my way to Winnipeg Tuesday and I won't be shopping with that spread!
I must be reading something wrong
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Mar 11, 2008, 01:28 AM
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Sorry guys, this is off topic but...
I have a chance to move to Winnipeg. Being as objective as you can be, what's it like there? I would be commuting downtown. How's traffic? Are the winters really as bad as people say? I'm originally from Regina, and have lived in Calgary the past 15 years.
I see that there are some issues with the local hobby shops, but that happens everywhere. I'm glad that there are a few.
Do you guys get together to "bash" outside of organized racing?
Mar 11, 2008, 02:04 AM
most exalted one
I've lived in Regina, Calgary and now small commmunity BC and spent my first 30 years in Winnipeg. Mosquitos, -40, West Nile, but you have experienced that type of thing already. Just remember you are a few minutes from the Rockies and north west of WPG is Stony Mountain which is about 200-300 ft higher than surrounding terrain and the average slope around WPG is 1 foot in a mile or some such thing.
Much "older" population than Calgary.
An aunt of mine just moved back after living in San Diego for about 40 years, so it has something going for it.
Seriously it's not that bad and I personally would move there over Regina(just to provide a comparison).
Just remember it's a "dry cold" and the sun is shining..as my brother tells me all the time. I tell him it's 9C here and he says "plus?"!

Sep 23, 2009, 10:22 PM
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HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!! ELIMINATOR STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! Once you buy it they don't EVER care to see you again. KING OF THE ONE TIME SALE!!!! They would sell a 10 year old a nitro car. VERY poor attitudes and policies, you buy it you own it. Even if they say it will work and it doesn't, NO RETURNS!!! They follow you around the store like you will steal them blind, after all they just did it to YOU!!!!! Fuhk them.
Sep 24, 2009, 09:03 AM
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WOW eliminator rc welcome to the best to avoid list thanks and good bye please hang up and never come again ROFLMFAO
Sep 24, 2009, 09:27 AM
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Feel sorry for your yackymon.
Surprise surprise.
I have never been back to the store since they ripped me off.
Have told a lot, and I mean a lot of people about what happened to me.
Cellar Dweller gets easily one or two customers a month because of me. Anytime I take my trucks out, or fly a plane, and people come around and ask where to go, I always tell them CD.
Yeah, I remember that too. Being followed around a store like you were going to steal something.
And that Mike guy. Almost waiting for him to pull a banjo out and play the theme from Deliverance before he asks you to "squeal like a piggy".
Heard one of their staff quit because they accused him of stealing.
Just don't go there. That is how you show people.
Dec 02, 2009, 02:23 PM
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I have mixed feelings about Eliminator RC too. I've been there numerous times for getting parts. I mostly dealt with the floor staff and they seem to know their stuff. But you guys are right...once you buy it there is no going back. They don't give any explanation or anything. I bought Axial set screws for my truck last month and asked if they don't fit can I get a refund. They kindly said no. Really? It's friggin' screws!? Yeah the plastic package might be torn but how hard is it to put into a new plastic bag and re staple the package board to the bag? They could exchange it for a right part and send a happy customer home. I don't agree with that practice. Obviously they are not in the business of on the spot customer satisfaction. But hey, that's business right?

It's true they follow you around like flies to poo. To be honest it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Oh this is a huge one that bothers me about Laurie the co-owner...when she's talking batteries to customers she says, "blah blah...Nickel metal hyDRATE...blah blah"! NiMH is pronounced "hi-D-RIDE". It drives me banana's because I'm a chemist. Hydrate in a chemical naming means that there is water in the compound. There is no water in NiMH batteries. Hydride means there is a presence of negatively charged hydrogen ions. It's funny because she says it with confidence yet not only is she pronouncing it wrong, she is giving wrong chemical properties of batteries at the time of sale. Again, it drives me bonkers!!!
I asked her about an RC Heli manufacturer Walkera and she kindly advised me not to buy from Walkera cuz it's crap and they don't carry or order parts for it. Well, the particular one I was looking at was the Walkera Lama 2-1 2.4 Ghz metal edition chopper online and it so happens to be that the Heli Max Novux CX is a carbon copy of the Lama but all plastic and more expensive. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to buy the Lama anyways because I know the LHS carries the Novus CX parts which are homologous to the Lama. Tee hee!

Have you guys been in the store lately? Their son has this rediculous hair cut. His CS skills are lacking. No smile, no "you're welcome" after I say thanks.

My brother in law bought a RTF beginner plane from Cellar Dwellar and tried to fly it numerous times (he was a beginner). The plane would gain altitude then nose dive...even on full throttle. To his frustration he decided to bring it back to Cellar Dwellar a week later with a cracked rudder. You know what Cellar Dwellar did? They took it back and gave him a full refund because he was not satisfied. But because they were so accomodating he walked out of there satisfied.

My personal experience with Cellar Dwellar is mixed also. I got the vibe that they were a bit snobby...Although I liked the fact that they didn't follow you around like flies to poo. Overall experience is okay.

Obviously I'm going to go with the cheaper dealer....usually online or Cellar Dwellar for service and customer satisfaction. One of the things that's going for Eliminator is that they have tons of stuff...cars, truggies, crawlers, accessories and spare parts. I'll probably still go to them for parts on my crawler for right away parts but if I can wait and I know exactly what I'm getting, I'll go online...for sure.
Dec 06, 2009, 11:50 AM
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Eliminator....... Return policy? Customer support? They love ya when you walk in with your wallet. Will tell you stuff that isn't even true. A few years ago I heard them telling a guy that a truck would do over 60 mph out of the box....the box was marked "35 mph". They will lie to get a sale and if the motor is missing from the ready to run vehicle, they will make you deal with the manufacturer.
I haven't been in there in years ever since they gave me the shaft but I talk to one of their ex employees who is bitter and he tells me the stuff that they did that made him sick.
Now they are moving to a new store with more space.
More stuff to rip people off with.
Cellar Dweller all the way. Kerri and the gang there will really take care of you and if you have problems they will take things back, help you with warranty, and especially if it is with planes or helis, they have staff that actually know what the heck they are doing. Eliminator has nobody. Just cars and trucks.
Feb 25, 2010, 11:09 PM
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Meh.... the old guy at Cellar Dwellar treated me like crap when i wanted to buy some Heli stuff.... he didnt help me AT ALL!!!! ill never go there again....

and its not like i got ripped off, or mislead, he just plain was an ass.....

and this is a shame for him, as i have 20K plus in heli's and keep stuff at the bleeding edge of perfect. his loss.
Feb 25, 2010, 11:11 PM
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Honestly, if you have a credit card. Heliproz is awesome.
Feb 26, 2010, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Popsflyer
I feel your pain, but their explanation of the problem is correct. On a Fixed Pitch Helicopter to avoid what is commonly called the "Death Wobble" two things need to be done.

1) You MUST advance the main blades slightly in the direction of rotation, about 1/2"-3/4".

2) The main Blades MUST be kept equally tight or drag will cause one or both to trail back, causing the wobble again.

As to for every single Heli being test flown, come on you didn't REALLY believe that did you?
Exactly. I put no faith in assurances like that. Manufacturers try to avoid final test time, and some can justify it with good manufacturing procedures. iI doubt retailers test fly as they sometimes claim also.
I can even say that if Hitec tests their car transmitters, it is at the board level, and not after final assm. It's difficult to test a transmitter, when the positive battery lead is soldered, but not soldered to the battery compartment terminal itself. Did not come loose either, as it was literally not soldered to it.

In a like issue to the one here, I had to argue with the LHS to swap. I now understand that they really don't have an obligation to handle the warranties (technically we do) and also have many people bringing things back with "questionable" user caused defects. After they agreed to a swap on the phone, I then took the case apart for a quick look, and found/fixed the problem. They had more faith in me after hearing that, as they said they assumed I smoked it by reverse polarity connecting, as would be the norm.
Feb 26, 2010, 05:46 PM
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Thing is that by law, you can take things back to the reseller and they are required to handle the shipping, etc for you.
Difference here is that if you bought something that didn't work out of the box from Mike and the motley crew from eliminated, then they leave you hanging to deal with the mfc yourself.
You deal with Cellar Dweller, and they swap it on the spot for a replacement. In most cases Cellar Dweller is also cheaper, and if you mention eliminateds price, Cellar will ALWAYS beat it.
Feb 26, 2010, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by CypherSamurai
Thank you for that useless piece of information. I suppose what you meant was that since I only joined the other day that my opinion does not count. Instead of replying to the topic at hand you instead question my credibility. With people like you on these threads who needs to post anything in regards to the topics when you can just flame newbies. For all the other people that are forced to read the response from a newbie you have my apologies.
I don't think it was about you being new, or meant to insult you. Some folks find it questionable that a new member defends a vendor. In other words, they may think you are the vendor appearing anonymously, a friend, employee, or relative of the vendor. I don't think you are, but it is something that happens, and becomes obvious, if you follow vendor threads here long enough.

Oops, double post. Not intended.

Shadrack has a point, as the vendor with the best support for the buck should win. As for the LHS that I got the defective trans from, it was my first rc purchase. They are really lucky that they offered to replace it after a bit of persuading, although I repaired it anyways. I have spent literally thousands with them since, and they would not have got it otherwise.
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